Monday, October 10, 2016

WWE No Mercy Recap #WWENoMercy

By Brandon Albright, @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE, brings you the WWE No Mercy Recap!

WWE No Mercy was live in Sacramento, California at the Golden 1 Center. AJ Styles defended the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against John Cena and Dean Ambrose in a Triple Threat Match. The Miz defended the WWE Intercontinental Championship against Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler had chosen to put his career on the line in the match as well. Heath Slater and Rhyno defended the WWE Smackdown Live World Tag Team Championship against The Usos. Becky Lynch was scheduled to face Alexa Bliss with the WWE Smackdown Live Women's Championship on the line, however, due to injury it was postponed. Bray Wyatt battled Randy Orton, American Alpha and The Hype Bros battled The Vaudevillains and The Ascension in an Eight Man Tag Team Match, Jack Swagger battled Baron Corbin, Nikki Bella battled Carmella and Curt Hawkins made his debut. 

** WWE No Mercy Pre-Show **

- Curt Hawkins Arrives: Hawkins gets in the ring with a microphone and purposely calls the city of Sacramento, San Francisco. Hawkins then says that he's here and he did exactly what he promised....he stepped foot in a WWE ring. Hawkins thanks the fans and begins to leave. Hawkins stops and promises that his actual debut match will be this week on Smackdown Live.

- Backstage, Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan announce Becky Lynch's non physical medical condition and can't wrestle tonight. Alexa Bliss wants her title shot tonight. Bryan says she'll get it on November 8th, in Glasgow, Scotland.

- "Eight Man Tag Team Match": American Alpha and The Hype Bros vs. The Vaudevillains and The Ascension: The match closes out with The Ascension double teaming Ryder and then tags in English. Ryder hits a jaw breaker on English, but Gotch and Konnar share tags and continue to work over Ryder. Ryder finally fights back, tosses Viktor outside and then tosses Gotch to the floor. Ryder goes to tag Gable, but Viktor knocks Gable off the apron. Konnar charges Ryder, but Ryder dodges and Konnar hits the ring post. Ryder finally tags Jordan and Jordan unloads on everybody, which starts an eight man brawl. Jordan and Gable hit Grand Amplitude on English and score the pinfall.
Winners: American Alpha and The Hype Bros, by pinfall.

** WWE No Mercy **

- "WWE World Heavyweight Championship, Triple Threat Match": AJ Styles (c) vs. John Cena vs. Dean Ambrose: In a surprising move, WWE No Mercy kicks off with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match. The match closes out with Styles hitting a 450 on Ambrose for a near fall. Styles counters Dirty Deeds and hits the Styles Clash on Ambrose, but Cena stops the pinfall. Cena traps Styles in the STF submission, but Ambrose breaks the hold. Cena goes for a double AA, but Styles lands a kick on Cena and Ambrose clotheslines Styles. Ambrose goes for a Super Dirty Deeds, but Cena stops it and power bombs Ambrose for a near fall. Styles cross body blocks Cena, but Cena rolls through and places Styles on his shoulders. Styles escapes the AA and locks in the Calf Crusher submission on Cena. Ambrose breaks up the submission and eventually applies his own Calf Crusher submission on Styles.
Cena steps in and also applies the STF submission on Styles, putting Styles in double submissions. Styles taps out, but it's unknown as to who gets the win. The referee decides to restart the match as Cena and Ambrose argue. Ambrose counters the AA and hits Dirty Deeds on Cena. Styles pulls the referee out of the ring and then tosses Ambrose over the announcers table. Ambrose is back in, but takes a Super AA off the top rope from Cena. Styles hits Cena with a steel chair and scores the pinfall on Cena, to retain the title.
Winner: AJ Styles, by pinfall, to retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

- Nikki Bella vs. Carmella: The match closes out with Nikki taking control, hitting a drop kick. Nikki hits the Bella Buster on Carmella and gets a near fall. Carmella delivers a head scissors take down and follows that with a near fall super kick. Carmella locks in the Code Of Silence submission. Nikki escapes, hits a forearm and gets a near fall rollup on Carmella. Carmella reapplies the Code Of Silence submission, but Nikki reaches the ropes. Carmella gets frustrated that she can't put Nikki away and begins to slap and punch Nikki. Nikki returns fire and hits what they called Rack Attack 2.0 on Carmella. Nikki covers and scores the pinfall.
Winner: Nikki Bella, by pinfall.

- Backstage, WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz tells Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan that WWE No Mercy will be better when he retires Dolph Ziggler tonight. Miz cracks on Bryan's so called failed career and wants his contract renegotiated because there will be more money available without Ziggler on the roster.

- "WWE Smackdown World Tag Team Championship Match": Heath Slater and Rhyno (c) vs. The Usos: The match closes out with Rhyno getting laid out on the floor. Slater power slams Jey Uso off the top rope and gets a near fall. Jimmy Uso comes in and plants an Uso Kick on Slater. The Usos start double teaming Slater and work on Slater's leg. Rhyno finally gets back in the ring, charges and hits the Gore on Jimmy. Jey locks in a leg submission on Slater, but Rhyno is able to break up the submission, by plowing over Jey. Rhyno gets tagged in, charges and destroys Jey with the Gore. Rhyno covers and scores the pinfall to retain the tag titles.
Winners: Heath Slater and Rhyno, by pinfall, to retain the WWE Smackdown Live World Tag Team Championship.

- Jack Swagger vs. Baron Corbin: The match closes out with Corbin in control, but Swagger fires back. Swagger drops Corbin to the mat and hits the Swagger Bomb for a near fall. Corbin counters the Patriot Lock submission and starts to work over Swagger's hand. Corbin plants Swagger with Deep Six and gets a near fall. Corbin thinks it's a three count and starts arguing with the referee. Corbin goes back to work on Swagger, but Swagger comes back and traps Corbin in the Patriot Lock submission. Corbin gets the referee to get closer where Corbin is out of his sight. Corbin pokes Swagger in the eye and forces Swagger to release the submission. Corbin hits the End Of Days on Swagger and scores the pinfall.
Winner: Baron Corbin, by pinfall.

- "WWE Intercontinental Championship Match, With Ziggler's Career On The Line": The Miz (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler: The match closes out with Ziggler applying the sleeper hold, but Miz reaches the ropes. Miz distracts the referee long enough for Maryse to spray Ziggler in the face with hair spray. Miz tries to steal the pinfall, but Ziggler gets his foot on the ropes. Miz pounds on Ziggler and then goes for the Figure Four submission. As Miz goes to turn it, Ziggler's boot comes off and Miz releases the hold. Ziggler hits the super kick on Miz and goes for the pinfall. Kenny and Mikey of The Spirit Squad hit the ring and distract the referee.
Ziggler plants a super kick on Mikey, sending him flying off the apron. Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale on Ziggler, but Ziggler kicks out at two and a half. Kenny gets back on the apron and the referee has finally had enough, as he ejects Mikey, Kenny and Maryse from ringside. Miz argues with the referee for ejecting everyone and ends up eating a Ziggler super kick. Ziggler covers, scores the pinfall, saves his career and wins the WWE Intercontinental Championship.
Winner: Dolph Ziggler, by pinfall, to win the WWE Intercontinental Championship and save his career.

- Alexa Bliss Promo: Alexa instantly bad mouths Becky Lynch for not being able to defend her WWE Women's Championship against Alexa like originally promised tonight. Alexa says Becky isn't injured, she's just afraid of losing her title to Alexa because she knew it was going to happen. Naomi's music hits and she interrupts the #1 contender.

- Alexa Bliss vs. Naomi: With Becky Lynch being unable to defend her WWE Smackdown Live Women's Championship tonight, Alexa Bliss was put in a match against Naomi by Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan. The match closes out with Naomi landing a kick to Alexa and then hits a split legged moonsault on Alexa for a near fall. Alexa lands a vicious forearm on Naomi and then plants Naomi face first into the mat, after grabbing her hair. Naomi takes over on offense and plants a drop kick on Alexa. Naomi next hits the Rear View on Alexa, but Alexa kicks out at two and a half. Alexa counters Naomi and traps her in the cross arm breaker submission. Naomi counters out of the submission and scores a surprise rollup pinfall on Alexa, defeating the #1 contender.
Winner: Naomi, by pinfall.

- Bray Wyatt vs. Randy Orton: The match closes out with both Bray and Orton countering each others finisher. Bray catches Orton and hits a uranage for a near fall. Bray tosses Orton outside to the floor and follows after. Bray charges at Orton and goes for a senton splash on top of the steel steps. Orton moves out of the way and Bray crashes back first into the steel steps. Orton unloads on Bray on top of the announcers table. Orton hits a back body drop on Bray, dropping him right on top of the barricade. Back into the ring and Orton plants Bray with the rope draping DDT. Orton gets pumped up and measures up Bray, looking for the RKO. The lights suddenly go out in the arena and the Wyatt Family graphic flashes on the TitonTron. The lights pop back on and Orton is face to face with the returning Luke Harper. Bray catches Orton on the distraction, plants Orton with Sister Abigail and scores the pinfall. After the match, Bray laughs hysterically as Harper raises his hands. Bray and Harper leave together with all three original members of the Wyatt Family now on Smackdown Live.
Winner: Bray Wyatt, by pinfall.

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