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Weekend 3 Count 10.23.16 #WWE #NXT #TNA #ROH #EVOLVE #Goldberg

By Brandon Albright, @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE brings you the Weekend 3 Count. W3C brings you wrestling news, rumors and recaps from around the wrestling world. You'll find news and recaps involving WWE, NXT, TNA, ROH, Lucha Underground, GFW, NJPW, House of Hardcore and any Indy promotion that I find an interesting story or a cool discovery in. Be sure to check out the W3C every Sunday at @TripleThreatCLE. 

*** WWE *** 

- Goldberg Returns!: This past Monday on RAW, Goldberg made his return for the first time in 12 years to the WWE. Goldberg accepted Paul Heyman's challenge to wrestle Brock Lesnar anytime, anyplace. The match is rumored to be taking place at WWE Survivor Series in November.

- Survivor Series Matches Set: This past Monday on RAW, Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley accepted Smackdown Live's challenge of three separate Survivor Series Elimination matches, with each one having the top superstars, ladies and tag teams. All three matches will take place at WWE Survivor Series.

- Could AJ Styles vs. Shawn Michaels Happen At Royal Rumble?: Earlier this week a wrestling fan made a fan made Royal Rumble poster which you can check out above, showing AJ Styles and Shawn Michaels meeting face to face. Styles shared the poster on social media and has been very open about wanting to fight Shawn Michaels. The 2017 Royal Rumble takes place in San Antonio, Texas, Shawn Michaels' hometown, which could make the match possible if both parties really agreed to it. Shawn Michaels, who is currently 51 years old and hasn't wrestled in seven years, has been firmly sticking by the fact that he lost his career to The Undertaker and wouldn't want to go back on his word of retiring and coming back. Michaels has yet to comment on the rumors, but Styles stated the following:

“I would love the opportunity to wrestle him. I’d love to learn from him, but who’s to say if that’s going to happen. Right now, it’s all speculation and rumors that I’m finding out like everyone else is, but man, what a match that would be.”

- The Boogeyman Returning: Sources are saying that there is a possibility that The Boogeyman may be returning to the WWE soon. The Boogeyman has been turning down independent wrestling show offers stating that he can't compete due to a future obligation to the WWE.

- Paige Proposes To Alberto Del Rio: It was reported that Paige asked Alberto Del Rio to marry her in the middle of the ring at a WWC show in Puerto Rico, where Del Rio said yes. Paige's father, UK wrestling star and promoter Ricky Knight, is said to be upset over the whole thing. Knight made is voice heard about it on Facebook, but deleted the post. Many are claiming that it's all a work to set up a match between Del Rio and Knight in Knight's UK wrestling promotion. Paige is currently serving a 60 day suspension from WWE after failing her second Wellness Policy. Del Rio, who was let go by WWE a month ago is taking independent wrestling bookings and is said to be interested in signing with TNA and ROH.

*** NXT ***

- Roderick Strong Debuts: Former ROH World Heavyweight Champion Roderick Strong made his official NXT debut this week, as he was Austin Aries' mystery partner in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Tournament Classic.

- Brennan Williams Debuts: Former NFL player Brennan Williams, who wrestled for Booker T's Reality of Wrestling promotion, made his in-ring singles debut for NXT on Thursday night in Lakeland, FL. Williams lost his debut to Lince Dorado.

- New NXT Recruits: WWE announced on Wednesday that new recruits Tommy End, Big Damo and “Crazy” Mary Dobson joined NXT at the WWENXT Performance Center. The trio are three internationally acclaimed Superstars that have made a name on the Independent wrestling scene.

- New NXT Announcer Signed: Former WESH 2 Orlando reporter Kayla Becker recently signed with the WWE and will be working for NXT as an announcer soon. According to Squared Circle Sirens she will be going by the name Kayla Braxton. Becker also recently announced it officially on her Facebook page on Friday.

- WWE Suspends NXT Talent Indefinitely: WWENXT developmental talent Terrance Jean-Jacques has been suspended indefinitely after being arrested on charges related to a domestic violence incident involving his pregnant ex-girlfriend. Jean-Jacques, 24, was charged Wednesday, three days after his arrest for assault and battery, kidnapping, witness intimidation, destruction of property and threatening to commit a crime in Haverhill District Court in Massachusetts. He's alleged to have pushed his ex-girlfriend, who is six months pregnant with his child, while attempting to prevent her from leaving. In a statement to ESPN, the WWE cited its domestic violence policy and stated the following:

"We have zero tolerance for matters involving domestic violence, and per our policy, Terrance Jean-Jacques has been suspended indefinitely following his arrest."

*** TNA ***
- TNA Recap:
-- Cody Rhodes cuts a promo: Cody tells a story about why he left WWE and what his father said to him when Cody told him he wanted to be a wrestler 15 years ago. Dusty Rhodes said it was fine, but only if he became the best. Cody says winning the World Title means he's the best. TNA World Heavyweight Champion Eddie Edwards interrupts. Edwards puts over the fans, Cody and TNA, but asks if Cody truly knows who he is. Cody says Edwards will learn tonight who he is when he wins his title. Edwards says he's beating Cody tonight to silence those that said he luckily beat Bobby Lashley. Lashley arrives and says he'll just destroy both Cody and Edwards because he's a real fighter. Moose arrives next and is ready for his #1 contenders match with Lashley.

-- "#1 Contenders Match": Bobby Lashley vs. Moose: The match closes out with Lashley getting a near fall spear on Moose. Moose counters a second spear and gets a near fall Game Breaker on Lashley. Moose goes for Go To Hell, but gets knocked off the ropes by Lashley. Lashley hits a Super Spear on Moose off the top rope and scores the pinfall, to become the #1 contender.
-- The Tribunal explains that they jumped The Hardy's last week to get TNA President Billy Corgan's attention and impress him. The video feed suddenly cuts out and we see another video play showing The DCC masked men sitting at a table. The DCC state that no one is safe and chaos will arrive in the Impact Zone tonight.
- Eli Drake's Fact Of Life: Drake's guest is TNA Grand Champion Aron Rex. Drake says he didn't like Rex at first, but now likes how he gets things done. Rex brags about injuring Drew Galloway and beating Eddie Edwards. Drake brags about his Bound For Gold win and says Ethan Carter is Bound For The Dumpster. Drake continues to mock EC3 until EC3 crashes the show. Security rushes EC3 and holds him back as the segment ends.
-- Ethan Carter Promo: EC3 says he's going to destroy Eli Drake's Fact Of Life set and take a EC2 on his desk. Drake orders Security to arrest EC3. Drake taunts EC3 until EC3 charges and pushes passed Security. Drake and EC3 begin to brawl and Aron Rex catches a punch during the fight. Rex joins Drake and beats down EC3. Jesse Godderez runs out and helps EC3 fight off Drake and Rex until Security finally separates all four men.
-- "TNA World Tag Team Championship Match": Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero Jeff Hardy (c) vs. The Tribunal: The match closes out with Matt hitting the Side Effect on Baraka for a near fall. The Tribunal double team Matt and hit a slam to the mat. Jeff comes in and hits the Twist of Fate on Dax. Matt and Jeff both hit Twists of Fate on Baraka leading to Matt covering Baraka and scoring the pinfall to retain the titles. After the match, The three masked DCC members arrive and attack The Tribunal. The DCC leave The Tribunal laid out and then stare down The Hardy's who are standing on the TNA stage. Reby and Jeff looked worried, but Matt laughs.
-- The show is interrupted by another DCC video. The DCC promise more chaos and no one will know when they're coming.
-- Maria Bennett Promo: Maria blames Allie for all of Maria's faults that have happened. Maria yells at Allie, who tries to defend herself. Laurel Van Ness tells Maria not to fire Allie because they need someone to carry their stuff. Maria and Laurel demand an apology from Allie, but Allie says no. Laurel attacks Allie and beats her down. Maria slaps Allie in the head and dares Allie to fight Laurel next week.
-- Mahabali Shera has bought the services of "The Fixer" Tyrus to help Shera become a champion. Tyrus has handpicked an opponent for Shera tonight to prove that he is taking in Tyrus' advice.
-- Mike Bennett vs. Mahabali Shera: The match closes out with Shera getting in some power slams and a bear hug on Bennett. Bennett rakes Shera's eyes and hits Miracle In Progress to score the pinfall.
-- "TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match": Eddie Edwards (c) vs. Cody Rhodes: The match closes out with Cody hitting a Muscle Buster on Edwards for a near fall. Cody goes to apply the American Nightmare submission, but Edwards escapes. Cody and Edwards both begin to trade punches with each other. Cody and Edwards end up on the top rope together and Cody goes for a super plex on Edwards. Cody hits the super plex, however, Edwards hooks Cody into a rollup on the landing and scores the pinfall to retain the championship. After the match, Cody and Edwards shake hands. After Edwards leaves, Maria Bennett hits the ring and sends Brandi Rhodes into the steel steps. Cody checks on Brandi as Maria and Mike Bennett laugh from the TNA stage to end the show.

- Bobby Lashley Bellator Bout: This past Friday, Bobby Lashley battled Josh Appelt at Bellator 162 and came out victorious in the match, after making Appelt tap out to a rear naked choke. Lashley now stands at 15-2 in his MMA career.

- More TNA Money Problems: Sources are saying that TNA currently owes Aroluxe Marketing and The Fight Network totals of $3.4 million. That total is said to not even include what TNA still owes TNA President Billy Corgan and some of the TNA talent. With TNA being several millions of dollars in debt, it will be tough for TNA to sell the company because that someone will not only buy TNA, but also have to take over the debt issues. TNA is covered for the rest of the year, except for the taping at Matt Hardy’s Estate. That taping takes place during the first week of November and it will cost TNA money because they need to pay for production costs and travel for the talent.

- Anthem Statement on Investment in TNA Impact Wrestling: Anthem Sports & Entertainment Corp. (“Anthem”), the parent company of Fight Network, confirmed on Wednesday that they recently made a working capital loan to fund the operations of TNA Impact Wrestling. Fight Network is a licensee of TNA programming for broadcast in the U.S., Canada and other international markets, and is also the exclusive licensee of TNA for streaming Internet-delivered TV. Fight Network also offered to provide TNA Impact Wrestling with funding to repay the loans made by TNA President Billy Corgan and is positioned to provide additional transitional assistance to the company.

CEO of Anthem, Leonard Asper stated the following:

“TNA is a strong property for Fight Network and as a licensee and global distribution partner we have a keen interest in seeing the company not only survive but continue to grow and thrive, alongside our own growth. We are hopeful that the company can soon get back to doing what it does best, which is to produce great wrestling content.”

- ROH TV Recap: This week was the first taped show that took place after ROH All Star Extravaganza a month ago.
-- The Bullet Club cut a promo: The Young Bucks state that they are the greatest tag team of all time after winning the ROH World Tag Team Championship. ROH World Champion Adam Cole states that The Bullet Club are planning to capture the ROH Six Man Tag Team Championship and that Hangman Adam Page will be the next ROH Television Champion.
-- War Machine vs. Keith Lee and Shane Taylor: All four men brawl all over the arena before order is finally restored. The match closes out with Rowe hitting the Destroyer on Lee and scored the pinfall. After the match, Taylor attacks both members of War Machine and lays them out with steel chair shots.
-- "ROH Six Man Tag Team Championship Tournament": Jason Kincaid, Leon St. Giovanni and Shaheem Ali vs. The Cabinet: The match closes out with Caprice Coleman hitting a flying leg drop on St. Giovanni and scores the pinfall. The Cabinet advance in the tournament.
-- Jay Lethal vs. Silas Young: Adam Cole was on commentary for this match. The match closes out with Cole getting up from the table and walking to ringside. Kyle O'Reilly appears and confronts Cole. O'Reilly and Cole begin to brawl around ringside, distracting Young. Young yells at them to stop and then gets rolled up for the pinfall by Lethal. The show closes out with all four men brawling.

*** Lucha Underground ***

- Lucha Underground TV Recap:
-- Vampiro offers his services to Prince Puma in his match against Mil Muertes tonight. Puma says he'd rather die fighting Muertes than ever accept Vampiro's services.
-- Dario Cueto spins his Dial of Doom wheel and it lands on Killshot.
-- "Lucha Underground Championship Match": Matanza Cueto (c) vs. Killshot: The match closes out with Killshot countering a super tombstone and unloads a series of kicks on Matanza. Killshot goes to the top rope, leaps at Matanza, but misses and crashes on the mat. Matanza hits Wrath Of The Gods on Killshot and scores the pinfall to retain the title.
-- A mystery man appears in the ring with Killshot. Killshot hugs the mystery man, but the mystery man shoves Killshot away and lands a kick on Killshot. The mystery man then ground and pounds Killshot and then hits a brain buster. The mystery man stands over Killshot and says "You Left Me For Dead".
-- Dario Cueto announces that there has been no real challenge for his brother Matanza Cueto since winning the Lucha Underground Championship. Cueto announces that Matanza will defend his Lucha Underground Championship in a 20 Man Aztec Warfare Match in four weeks. Matanza will also enter the Warfare at #1. Cueto then tells Fenix that he has to face his Trios partners in a triple threat match. The winner enters at #20, the two losers are out of the match.
-- "Triple Threat Match, For Spot #20 In The Aztec Warfare Match": Fenix vs. Drago vs. Aerostar: The match closes out with Fenix taking a hard kick to the face, busting open his nose. All three men are down, slowly rise up and trade punches with each other. All three men hit their finishers, but can't win the match. Fenix applies a leg bar submission on Drago as Aerostar applies a scissors choke on Fenix. Drago takes out Fenix with a hurricanrana into a pile driver. Drago hits a running blockbuster on Aerostar and scores the pinfall.
-- Drago sees a vision of Kobra Moon and she says Drago must win Aztec Warfare for their tribe. Drago yells that he's no longer in their tribe. Moon disappears and a hobo is standing there.
-- Johnny Mundo wants to prove to Dario Cueto that he's the greatest and feels it isn't fair everyone but Mundo is getting title shots. Mundo offers up the $100,000 in a briefcase that Mundo took from Cueto, which now only has $94,373 left. Mundo wants a match against Sexy Star. Cueto accepts the offer and gives Mundo a Gift Of The Gods Championship Match against Sexy Star.
-- Mil Muertes vs. Prince Puma: The match closes out with Muertes getting a near fall on Puma with a twisting choke slam. Puma counters The Flatliner, but gets tossed into the corner. Muertes unloads on Puma, but misses a corner charge. Puma hits the 630 splash on Muertes and scores the pinfall.
-- Rey Mysterio meets with Chavo Guerrero Sr. and says that The Temple isn't big enough for him and Chavo Jr., one of them has to leave. Chavo Sr. appears to agree with what ever Rey has planned to end the show.


- Michael Elgin Surgery: NJPW wrestler Michael Elgin had surgery this past Thursday to repair a fractured orbital bone. Elgin suffered the injury last Sunday at NJPW's King of Pro Wrestling. Elgin is expected to miss NJPW's next event, NJPW Power Struggle, and will be replaced by ROH's Jay Lethal.

*** EVOLVE ***

** EVOLVE 70 Recap **
-- Darby Allin vs. Anthony Henry: The match closes out with Henry hitting a german suplex, followed by a power bomb, then traps Allin in a Texas Cloverleaf submission. Allin escapes, but gets placed in the tree of woe and kicked repeatedly in his injured arm. Allin some how fights back, plants Henry and then hits the Nestea Plunge off the top rope to score the pinfall.
-- Nathan Cruz vs. Jason Kincaid: The match closes out with Kincaid hitting a slingshot cutter on Cruz for a near fall. Kincaid climbed onto the ring post, leaped off, but missed a double stomp. Kincaid appears to have injured his knee as Cruz attacks it. Cruz hits a Michinoku Driver and then locks in a reverse cloverleaf submission. Kincaid has no choice but to tap out.
-- Fred Yehi vs. DUSTIN: The match closes out with DUSTIN hitting a belly to belly suplex off the top rope on Yehi. DUSTIN and Yehi trade forearms back and forth. Yehi unloads chops and stomps, but gets planted with a toss up power bomb. DUSTIN goes for the Awful Waffle, but Yehi counters, traps DUSTIN in a Koji Clutch submission and makes DUSTIN tap out.
-- Bunk and Funk vs. The Gatekeepers: The match closes out quickly in under two minutes, as The Gatekeepers attack and destroy Bunk and Funk. The Gatekeepers hit a Doomsday Device and score the pinfall.
-- "EVOLVE World Heavyweight Championship Match": Timothy Thatcher (c) vs. Ethan Page: The match closes out with Thatcher countering a package pile driver by Page and the referee goes down. The Gatekeepers hit the ring, but Thatcher tosses them out. Page hits Thatcher with the EVOLVE title, but Thatcher kicks out at two, as a second referee arrives. The second referee goes down as Page tries to choke out Thatcher with a string. Thatcher escapes, traps Page in an arm bar submission and makes Page tap out to retain the title.
-- Stokely Hathaway tries to recruit Timothy Thatcher, but Thatcher ignores him and leaves the ring.
-- Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Tracy Williams: The match closes out with Williams escaping a triangle submission and planting Sabre with a power bomb for a near fall. Williams hits a pile driver on Sabre and gets another near fall. Sabre traps Williams in a double arm bar submission and forces Williams to tap out.
-- Chris Hero vs. Drew Gulak: The match closes out with Gulak trapping Hero in a dragon sleeper submission, but Hero reaches the ropes for the break. Hero counters a pile driver and gets a near fall rollup on Gulak. Hero hits a stuff pile driver and then a Gotch pile driver, but Gulak kicks out at two and a half. Hero unloads a series of forearms and finishes off Gulak for the pinfall with a rolling elbow.
-- Drew Galloway cuts a promo. Galloway congratulates Hero on the win, blames Matt Riddle for being the reason Galloway has been injured and brings in AR Fox to fight Riddle and teach Riddle a lesson tonight.
-- Matt Riddle vs. AR Fox: The match closes out with Fox unloading punches, a kick and then hits Bro To Sleep for a near fall. Riddle hits a series of knees, a gut wrench suplex and gets a near fall bridging german suplex. Riddle unloads more knees and kicks on Fox. Riddle countered Sliced Bread, but gets dropped by Fox with a cutter. Fox gets a near fall swanton, but misses an attempted 450 splash. Riddle unloads elbows and then traps Fox in the Bromission submission, forcing Fox to tap out. After the match, DUSTIN hits the ring and helps Fox beat down Riddle. Catch Point hits the ring and helps Riddle clear the ring to close the show.

** EVOLVE 71 Recap **
-- "Non-Title Fight To The Finish Match": Timothy Thatcher vs. Drew Gulak: Thatcher and Gulak spent a lot of time brawling throughout the arena. The match closes out with Thatcher and Gulak trading face slaps with each other. Thatcher and Gulak then traded German suplexes with each other. Gulak traps Thatcher in a Dragon Sleeper submission and makes the champ tap out. After the match, Stokley Hathaway tries to get Thatcher to join him again. Thatcher shakes Hathaway's hand and it appears that he accepted the offer.
-- Tracy Williams vs. Jason Kincaid: The match closes out with Williams ground and pounding Kincaid. Williams tosses Kincaid outside and misses an attempted suicide dive. Kincaid gets a near fall with a springboard leg drop on Williams. Williams and Kincaid traded counters with each other until Williams is able to plant Kincaid with a pile driver to score the pinfall.
-- The Gatekeepers vs. Joe Coleman and Eric Locker: The Gatekeepers squashed another team and picked up the easy pinfall.
-- Ethan Page cuts a promo: Says he lost both nights pay for hitting the referee at EVOLVE 70 and promises to now bring chaos to EVOLVE.
-- Ethan Page vs. Sami Callihan: The match closes out with Callihan countering the package pile driver into a modified ankle lock submission. Page escapes, leading to Callihan countering another package pile driver attempt and gets a near fall on Page with a Tombstone. Callihan unloads a series of forearms on Page. Page counters back and nails a running boot on Callihan. Page finally hits the package pile driver and scores the pinfall. 
-- DUSTIN vs. Darby Allin: Drew Galloway was on commentary. The match closes out with Allin sending DUSTIN into the ring post. Allin climbed the ring post and leaped on to DUSTIN with the Coffin Drop. Back in the ring, Allin goes for another Coffin Drop, but misses. DUSTIN hits the Awful Waffle and scores the pinfall.
-- Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Fred Yehi: The match closes out with Sabre locking Yehi in an arm bar submission and gets a near fall with a roll through. Sabre and Yehi trade punches until Yehi hits an STO on Sabre. Yehi traps Sabre in the Koji Clutch submission and Sabre tries to escape. Yehi blocks the escape and gets a near fall cradle on Sabre. Sabre traps Yehi in the arm bar submission again and hooks both arms in the submission, forcing Yehi to tap out.
-- Zack Sabre Jr. cuts a promo. Sabre says he and Yehi should fight again in the future, but as of now Sabre wants a title shot. Ethan Page and The Gatekeepers hit the ring and attack Sabre. Darby Allin hits the ring to try to make the save, but gets tossed to the floor by the Gatekeepers. Page grabs a steel chair and destroys Sabre's arm with chair shots, leaving Sabre injured.
-- Chris Hero vs. Matt Riddle: The match closes out with Hero hitting three rolling elbows on Riddle. Hero missed a fourth and Riddle unloaded on Hero with punches. Hero counters a Tombstone and hits one of his own on Riddle and then follows with a stuff pile driver. Hero goes for the Gotch pile driver, but Gotch counters and locks in a Triangle submission. Hero escapes and gets a near fall pile driver on Riddle. Hero finally hits the rolling elbow to the back of Riddle's head and scores the pinfall.
- Tracy Williams challenges Chris Hero to a match. Hero drops Williams, as Drew Galloway and DUSTIN attack Matt Riddle outside. Galloway praises Hero and DUSTIN for their wins tonight and tells Hero to attack Riddle some more. Hero refuses and leaves. DUSTIN tries to attack Hero, but Drew Gulak and Fred Yehi made the save. Gulak promises that Catch Point will end Drew Galloway and his crew as the show ends.

*** W3C Wrestler Of The Week ***

This week's Weekend 3 Count Wrestler Of The Week goes to the man who made his return to the WWE this past Monday and is a big name in the sport, Goldberg. Goldberg, a former pro football player, got his start in WCW and was trained at the WCW Power Plant. Goldberg became WCW's answer to the WWE's Steve Austin, with both men resembling the same in ring personality. Goldberg went on to win both the WCW United States Championship and the WCW World Heavyweight Championship at the same time, while being undefeated in WCW. Goldberg had a short one year run in the WWE before retiring permanently from the wrestling business. Goldberg returned to the WWE this past Monday to set up one last match against Brock Lesnar for WWE Survivor Series in November.

- WWE World Heavyweight Champion (1 time)
- WCW World Heavyweight Champion (1 Time)
- WCW United States Champion (2 times)
- WCW World Tag Team Champion (1 time) - with Bret Hart

- "WCW United States Championship Match": Raven (c) vs. Goldberg:

- "WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match": Hulk Hogan (c) vs. Goldberg:

- WCW World Tag Team Championship Match": Creative Control (c) vs. Bret Hart and Goldberg:

And that's this week's W3C! Join me every Sunday afternoon as I bring you news, recaps and rumors all around the wrestling world!

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