Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Krunch Time With Katelin: Browns Fans Should Focus On The Bigger Picture

By Katelin Marshall, @KatelinKnowsCLE

We are heading into the seventh week of the season and the Cleveland Browns are still without a victory.  They've played really well at times and have also played like an inexperienced young team. Now dating back to the preseason we all knew that the Browns weren't destined for anything great this year, and that this was a "try-out" for many young guys on this roster. So to the vocal people Browns fans who are already calling for Hue Jackson's job, and the fans that get all frustrated when they lose every week...

You all need to REMAIN CALM!!!

*NOTE: I understand the irony of "remain calm" in caps

Yes, its difficult to do that and still watch every Sunday...I completely understand that and I'm with you, I won't even repeat some of the names I called Cody Parkey when he missed those kicks in Miami. But if we all as fans look at the bigger picture each week, instead of being so reactionary on each play I guarantee that Browns games on Sunday's will be a lot better. 

So what is "The Bigger Picture?" Well...its a few things:

First, its developing the young players on this team. Yes, I've said that a handful of times before but its the most important part of the rebuild. The Browns and fans are seeing guys like Terrelle Pryor, Cody Kessler, and Carl Nassib become solid NFL players. 

Pryor is the perfect example of the "try-out" year. Someone who only played in three games last season as a receiver and he cam into this year with an actual opportunity to show that he can play the position. Honestly did anyone expect him to rank ninth in targets with 58, 11th in catches with 33, and tied for 17th in yards with 413 with Emmanuel Sanders? No, of course not...but Pryor is must watch tv at this point. And the Browns need to consider re-signing him ASAP. 

Second, Hue Jackson needs to lay down the foundation. Its one of those things that some overlook, but Hue Jackson and company needs a year or so to build the type of program they think that can be successful. Now I know some will get upset that I used the term "program" especially since they have Former Baylor head coach Art Briles working as a consultant, but the really good team are successful because of their foundation. We can see the foundation building every week when the Browns take the field. The Browns seemed prepared every week they've played. And that doesn't mean they haven't been over matched, because they have (i.e. vs. New England). But it really is the small things at this point: Making sure everyone is prepared, embracing the "next-man-up" mentality, and finally/hopefully learning how to finish out games and win. 

Last, is to understand that we needed to be terrible (record wise) this year. This upcoming draft might be the most important draft for the Browns since...I don't know when. But if the Browns end up having the number one overall pick this year is a success by default. It doesn't become one of those years like 2011 where we win irrelevant games against the Colts and the Seahawks costing us the chance to draft a franchise quarterback. Even if we don't go with a quarterback number one overall, its all about the opportunity to have any one player in the draft. Not hoping one guy isn't taken or having to package picks to jump up a few spots. 

This year is a time to embrace 0-16 and embrace having a young team learning to fly.

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