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By Brandon Albright, @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE brings you the Weekend 3 Count. W3C brings you wrestling news, rumors and recaps from around the wrestling world. You'll find news and recaps involving WWE, NXT, TNA, ROH, Lucha Underground, GFW, NJPW, House of Hardcore and any Indy promotion that I find an interesting story or a cool discovery in. Be sure to check out the W3C every Sunday at @TripleThreatCLE. 

*** WWE *** 

- New Champion Crowned: If you missed WWE Clash Of Champions last Sunday, Roman Reigns defeated Rusev to become the new WWE United States Champion.

- Seth Rollins Injury: WWE stated that Seth Rollins suffered a minor rib injury at WWE Clash Of Champions after catching a gut buster from Kevin Owens while attempting a top rope cross body block.

- Paige Surgery: Paige tweeted out this week that after getting tests done on her neck problems she's been having, Paige will have to take more time off from WWE to have neck surgery to repair her injuries. Paige recently just finished up her 30 day suspension for failing the WWE Wellness Policy.

- Jamie Noble Attacked: WWE recently stated that WWE Road Agent Jamie Noble was attacked outside of his trailer park home this week. According to the police report, Noble stated that he was followed home after accidentally cutting off another driver, Noble apologized to the driver, but a fight broke out and Noble ended up being stabbed twice in the back by the attackers two friends. Noble as of this writing is still in critical condition.

- Brock Lesnar vs. Randy Orton Rematch: Last Saturday night at a live house show in Chicago, Illinois, Lesnar battled Orton in a Summer Slam rematch. Orton attacked Lesnar after coming out of the crowd with a steel chair. Orton got a near fall on Lesnar after countering the F5 with an RKO on a steel chair. Lesnar would go on to destroy Orton, taking him to Suplex City and finally getting the pinfall with an F5 in under seven minutes.

- Chris Jericho Possibly Leaving WWE Soon: WWE recently stated that the time may be coming soon for Jericho to take another hiatus from the company. Jericho is said to have just finished up the recent new Fozzy album and will be focusing on taking Fozzy on tour again soon. There is no word as of yet to when Jericho is leaving and if and when he's returning to the WWE in 2017.

- Dolph Ziggler Possibly Leaving WWE: Sources are saying that Dolph Ziggler's current contract expires after WWE No Mercy, next Sunday. Sources are also saying that Ziggler has no interest in resigning with the company after his contract expires. Dolph Ziggler is scheduled to face The Miz at WWE No Mercy in a WWE Intercontinental Championship vs. Ziggler's career match, showing that these sources may be true to their words. WWE has also shown interest in wanting to keep Ziggler around to be a road agent with the company.

- Possible Bray Wyatt Push Coming: Rumors from many wrestling websites have said that Bray Wyatt may be do next for a nice push that will take him into a huge high profile match at Wrestlemania 33. Rumors are saying that the WWE have three possible opponents for Bray on the grandest stage of them all. First possibility is The Rock, who began a mini feud with Bray at Wrestlemania 32. The second possibility is former NXT World Champion and WWE Universal Champion Finn Balor. The third possibility that has been tossed around is the COO himself, Triple H.

- Kevin Owens Interview: WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens was the guest on the latest edition of the Off The Top Rope segment on ESPN SportsCenter with Jonathan Coachman. Owens talked about how he felt main evening his first WWE pay per view at Clash Of Champions, the backstage talents reactions to him winning the WWE Universal Championship, his wife and sons reaction to him winning the title, his son being named Owen because Kevin Owens grew up watching Owen Hart and heard all the stories about how kind hearted and a prankster he was his opinions on injuries and Finn Balor's current injury. 

- Royal Rumble 2017 Site: WWE recently announced that the first pay per view of 2017, The Royal Rumble will take place in San Antonio, Texas.

- RAW Guest Stars: WWE announced that the stars of the Netflix original series The Ranch, Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson will guest star on tomorrow's RAW from Los Angeles.

*** NXT ***

- Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Tournament Classic: This past Wednesday on NXT, NXT GM William Regal officially announced the second annual Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Tournament Classic.

- Elias Samson Returning: NXT announced that "The Drifter" Elias Samson will return from his ankle fracture, for live NXT house shows this week.

- Bin Wang Debut: NXT announced that their new recruit from China, Bin Wang, will make his official NXT debut at this Thursday's house show.

- Bianca Blair Debuts: Bianca Blair who was named the WWE's Performance Center Breakout Star, made her NXT debut this week. Blair is a former All-American and All-SEC track & field star from the University of Tennessee.

- Scott Hall Interested In NXT: Scott Hall was recently interviewed and stated that right now his dream job would be to work with the up and coming talent in NXT. Hall said that he's in that stage of his life where he could be a great mentor to the younger talent.

*** TNA ***
- TNA Recap: This week Lethal Lockdown was upon us as Team Lashley faced Team Carter with the winning team getting to pick the stipulation for their match at Bound For Glory this Sunday.

-- Team Lashley and Team EC3 are decided and go as follows: Team Lashley - Bobby Lashley, Drew Galloway, Mike Bennett and Maria Bennett. Team EC3 - Ethan Carter, Aron Rex, Moose and Gail Kim. Lashley says he's ending EC3's career at Bound For Glory. EC3 says he's taking back the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Lashley and EC3 agree to both start off in Lethal Lockdown.
-- "TNA X Division Championship Match": DJ Z (c) vs. Eddie Edwards: The match closes out with Edwards going for the Boston Knee Party, but DJ Z counters, hits the ZDT and scores the pinfall to retain the title. After the match, Trevor Lee and Andrew Everett attack and beat down DJ Z and Edwards. DJ Z gets tossed shoulder first into the ring post and Edwards gets knocked out with a drop toe hold/knee to the head combo.
-- Mike Bennett and Moose are interviewed. Bennett says Moose had a job to do and failed. Moose tells a story about what they'd do to egotistical bastards like Bennett in the NFL. Bennett says Moose has always been jealous of Bennett. Moose promises Bennett a one way trip to hell at Bound For Glory.
-- Madison Rayne vs. Laurel Van Ness: Van Ness barks orders, mocks and bullies Allie throughout the match. The match closes out with Van Ness hitting a Curb Stomp on Madison to score the pinfall.
-- Bobby Lashley pep talks his team and promises a title shot to whoever takes out Ethan Carter.
-- Drew Galloway cuts a promo: Galloway calls out Aron Rex to talk about their TNA Grand Championship match at Bound For Glory. Galloway says he was TNA's hero and savior, won the championship and promoted the company. Galloway then mocks Rex's old Damien Sandow character by telling the TNA higher ups "You're Welcome". Rex says Galloway is delusional, tells him to get his own tag line and TNA was just fine with or without Galloway. Galloway demands respect from Rex. Galloway and Rex take verbal shots at each other that leads to TNA Security separating both men. Galloway breaks free and lays out Rex with a Piledriver.
-- Rosemary vs. Reby Hardy: The match closes out with Reby hitting the Twist Of Hate as Crazy Steve jumps on the apron. Rosemary spits mist in Reby's face and gets DQ'ed. After the match, Matt Hardy and Abyss brawl backstage, Jeff Hardy and Crazy Steve brawl in the crowd and Rosemary attacks Reby and hits a Side Effect on Reby through a table.
-- Team Lashley wins the coin toss and will have the advantage in Lethal Lockdown.
-- The Hardy's and The Decay continue to brawl. Crazy Steve and Jeff Hardy brawl to the roof of the Impact Zone where Steve gets the upper hand, unloads steel chair shots and then throws Jeff into a wall with a chair around his neck. Matt Hardy and Abyss brawl backstage where Abyss gets the upper hand and electrocutes Matt with power cables. All three members of The Decay chant "Decay" to end the segment.
-- Maria Bennett and Gail Kim are interviewed. Maria says she's the greatest TNA Knockouts Champion ever. Gail calls Maria evil and a manipulator. Gail says Bound For Glory will be special because she gets inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame and gets to finally get her hands on Maria. Maria says she's retaining her title and Gail will continue to only be second best.
-- Ethan Carter pep talks his team and thanks them all.
-- "Lethal Lockdown Match": Team Lashley vs. Team EC3: The match closes out with everyone getting laid out inside the cage. Lashley gets up and spears Rex. EC3 stops the pinfall and repeatedly tosses Lashley into the cage wall. EC3 drapes Lashley over the ropes and rains Singapore cane shots down on Lashley repeatedly. EC3 hits the TK3 on Lashley, but Lashley somehow gets back to his feet. Lashley hits a spear on EC3 and then applies a choke hold. EC3 tries to escape, but ends up getting choked out, giving Lashley's team the victory.
-- Bobby Lashley cuts a promo: Lashley announces that his TNA World Heavyweight Championship match against Ethan Carter at Bound For Glory will be a No Holds Barred match. Lashley celebrates his victory to end the show.

- TNA In Huge Money Trouble: There is a possibility that next week TNA might not exist anymore. TNA needs the company to sell because right now they don't have enough funds to even show tonight's Bound For Glory pay per view and have begun to cancel flights and matches for next weeks Impact TV tapings. TNA President Billy Corgan stated that he's keeping a positive attitude and is still flying to Orlando, Florida on Sunday morning, where Bound For Glory takes place. Right now Billy Corgan, Sinclair Broadcast Group and the WWE are lead investors looking to buy TNA.

- Billy Corgan's Plans: TNA President Billy Corgan was interviewed this week and he was asked what's the first thing he'd do if he is able to purchase TNA. Corgan stated that the first thing he'd do is drop the TNA and Impact names all together and start over with a new name to get a newer fresher product out there in wrestling.

- Dixie Carter Promises Big News: Former TNA President Dixie Carter announced on Friday night that Bound For Glory will go on and there is big news ahead for TNA. Stay tuned......

- Bobby Lashley Wants Brock Lesnar: Bobby Lashley was recently on Jim Ross' podcast and Ross brought up Brock Lesnar. Lashley stated that he has shown serious interest in wanting to fight Lesnar at Wrestlemania. Lashley stated the following:

“You know, I hear that all the time, and J.R., you know as well as I do, it’s not in my hands. If you ask me, I would say absolutely, but it’s the powers that be. I think that there’s enough fans who would love to see it. They’ve been saying it from day one. And you know what the funny thing about it is? I’ve never met Brock in person. Never crossed paths with Brock anywhere. So we don’t even know each other at all, whatsoever.

And I’ve always been compared to Brock, and they say ‘Are you and Brock gonna fight? Are you and Brock gonna wrestle? I don’t know if the fighting is still an opportunity with me being in Bellator and him kind of being with the UFC; or I don’t know what the situation is right now. So I don’t know if the fight thing is possible, but to see me as Brock’s destroying everyone and save the day, or vice versa, whatever the case is, have us stand face to face? I think the crowd would go insane. And there’s a tremendous amount of money in it. If it were to happen, then I’m open for it.”

** Bound For Glory Card **
Friday night it was announced that an unknown third party supplied TNA with enough money to have Bound For Glory. Be sure to check out Weekend 3 Count next week with the Bound For Glory recap and hopefully news on who the third party was that supplied TNA money.

- "TNA World Heavyweight Championship, No Holds Barred Match": Bobby Lashley (c) vs. Ethan Carter
- "TNA World Tag Team Championship, The Great War Match": The Decay (c) vs. Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero Jeff Hardy
- "TNA Grand Championship Finals Match": Aron Rex vs. ????
- "TNA Knockouts Championship Match": Maria (c) vs. Gail Kim
- "Bound For Gold, #1 Contenders Match For The TNA World Heavyweight Championship": The winner of the battle royal becomes a future #1 contender
- Mike Bennett vs. Moose
- Gail Kim Gets Inducted Into The TNA Hall Of Fame
- The Debut Of Cody Rhodes

- Drew Galloway Dropped From Bound For Glory: TNA announced that due to injury, Drew Galloway will not be competing at Bound for Glory tonight. Galloway was originally supposed to face Aron Rex in the finals of the TNA Grand Championship Tournament. TNA has yet to announce Galloway's replacement for the championship match.

- ROH TV Recap: This week's ROH presented the go home show to Friday night's ROH All Star Extravaganza.
-- Silas Young vs. Toru Yano: The match closes out with Young landing a low blow and then tossing Yano into an exposed turnbuckle. Young rolls up Yano with a handful of tights for the pinfall. After the match, Young beats down Yano some more until The Briscoes hit the ring and make the save.
-- "Triple Threat Match": Damian Martinez vs. BJ Whitmer vs. Cheeseburger: The match closes out with Martinez planting Cheeseburger with a jumping choke slam for the pinfall. After the match, Whitmer and Martinez double team and beat down Cheeseburger. Will Ferrera hits the ring to help, but gets laid out by a Martinez jumping choke slam.
-- During the triple threat match Kevin Sullivan and Steve Corino argue with each other on commentary. Corino questions Sullivan about choosing Whitmer over him. Sullivan says Corino has never accepted evil that's why he's chosen Whitmer. Sullivan dared Corino to help Cheeseburger during the after match beat down but Corino didn't.
-- BJ Whitmer gives Steve Corino the golden spike he used to defeat Corino the last time they met. Whitmer tells Corino to forgo his name and become the evil spirit that he is intended to be. That they are Corino's salvation and that he could be theirs as well.
-- Adam Cole and Hangman Adam Page vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi and Michael Elgin: Kyle O'Reilly was on commentary and told not to get involved and attack Cole because it may lead to a suspension. O'Reilly says he's rooting for Cole on Friday because O'Reilly wants to be the one to take Cole's title. The match closes out with Elgin taking out Cole, buckle bombs Page and then hits a sit down power bomb on Page for the pinfall.

** ROH All Star Extravaganza 2016 **
All Star Extravaganza was live in Lowell, Massachusetts at the Lowell Memorial Auditorium.
-- "ROH Television Championship Match": Bobby Fish (c) vs. Donovan Dijak: The match closes out with Dijak nailing Feast Your Eyes, but Fish gets his foot on the rope before three. Fish applies a knee bar submission, but Prince Nana helps Dijak grab the ropes for the break. Fish counters a back breaker and traps Dijak in a rear naked choke submission. Dijak taps out and Fish retains his championship.
-- "Four Corner Survival Match, For #1 Contendership To The ROH World Tag Team Championship": Kenny King and Rhett Titus vs. Dalton Castle and Colt Cabana vs. War Machine vs. Shane Taylor and Keith Lee: The match closes out with all eight men brawling. Castle gets tossed onto a pile up of wrestlers at ringside. Keith Lee hits a suicide dive over the ropes and hits the pile of wrestlers outside. Hanson takes flight next and suicide dives into the pile outside. Titus and Castle trade shots in the ring alone. Castle connects with Bang A Rang on Titus and scores the pinfall, making Castle and Cabana #1 contenders.
-- Dragon Lee vs. Kamaitachi: The match closes out with Kamaitachi countering a Lee power bomb and hits one of his own for a near fall. Lee and Kamaitachi trade stiff shots with each other. Lee finally hits a Phoenix Plex on Kamaitachi and scores the pinfall.
-- Kyle O'Reilly vs. Hangman Adam Page: The match closes out with Page getting a near fall lariat on O'Reilly. O'Reilly unloads knee strikes to Page and busts Page's mouth open. O'Reilly locks in the arm bar submission, but Page fights it. O'Reilly finally applies the pressure and forces Page to tap out. After the match, Page tosses O'Reilly shoulder first into the barricade. Page then wraps a steel chair around O'Reilly's shoulder and tosses him into the ring post. Bobby Fish hits the ring and makes the save, chasing off Page.
- "ROH Six Man Tag Team Championship Tournament Match": The Briscoe Brothers and Toru Yano vs. ACH, KUSHIDA and Jay White: The match closes out with White hitting a drop kick on Yano and tags in KUSHIDA. KUSHIDA back flips off the top rope and onto The Briscoes outside. ACH takes out Yano and then hits the Midnight Star 450 Splash for the pinfall. ACH, KUSHIDA and Jay White advances to the Semi-Finals. After the match, both teams show respect to each other.
-- A graphic shows the tournament brackets. Future matches will be:
* Kincaid, LSG and Ali vs. The Cabinet
* The Addiction and Kamaitachi vs. Team CMLL
* The Kingdom vs. The Bullet Club
-- Jay Lethal vs. Tetsuya Naito: The match closes out with Lethal locking Naito in a cross face submission, but EVIL pulls the referee out of the ring. EVIL and Naito double team Lethal, but Lethal tosses EVIL outside and then hits Lethal Injection on Naito. The referee crawls back in to count, but Naito kicks out at two and a half. Lethal counters a Naito power bomb off the top rope and hits a hurricanrana. Lethal hits the Lethal Injection on Naito again and scores the pinfall.
-- "ROH World Heavyweight Championship Match": Adam Cole (c) vs. Micheal Elgin: The match closes out with Cole locking in a figure four leg lock submission, but Elgin escapes. Elgin goes to swing at Cole, but Cole uses the referee as a shield. Elgin avoids hitting the referee, but gets hit by a Cole shining wizard. Cole plants a running knee on Elgin and then hits The Last Shot to score the pinfall and retain the championship.
-- "Ladder War 6, For The ROH World Tag Team Championship": The Addiction (c) vs. The Young Bucks vs. The Motor City Machine Guns: The match closes out with Daniels hitting a Best Moonsault Ever on Matt Jackson. Nick Jackson back body drops Daniels right through a ladder. Matt and Kaz trade shots on the top rope, after Kaz kicks Nick down. Matt sets Kaz up for a tombstone piledriver while on the ropes as Nick climbs a ladder. Nick leaps off the ladder and hits a Super Meltzer Driver on Kaz right through a table below. Both Nick and Matt climb the ladder, grab the titles and leave the new ROH World Tag Team Champions.

- Women's Division News: ROH recently announced that they will be filming an entire TV episode honoring the Women Of Honor in the near future. ROH also announced that there are definite plans moving forward in creating a Women Of Honor Division and the reveal of an ROH Women Of Honor Championship.

*** Lucha Underground ***

- Lucha Underground TV Recap: Tonight's show saw El Dragon Azteca Jr. battle Chavo Guererro one on one, with Rey Mysterio serving as special guest referee to determine which wrestler would finally get their revenge match against Pentagon Dark.
-- Dario Cueto tells Sexy Star that she either continues to defend her Gift Of The Gods Championship or she must fight his brother Matanza Cueto soon for the Lucha Underground Championship. Cueto pressures Sexy asking if she fears his brother, which she says she fears no man. Johnny Mundo arrives and introduces himself to Sexy Star as the next Gift Of The Gods Champion. Sexy kicks her locker in anger.
-- Sinestro De La Muerte vs. Prince Puma: The match closes out with Mil Muertes hitting the ring and goes after Puma. Puma sends Muertes to the floor and then hits De Le Muerte with Muertes own Flatliner finisher for the pinfall. After the match, Puma and Muertes stare each other down until Puma suicide dives onto Muertes and then ground and pounds him. Muertes finally escapes and retreats to the back.
-- Dario Cueto agrees to help Cortez Castro find the man that killed Francisco. Cueto also promises Castro the match of his career tonight.
-- Pentagon Dark vs. Cortez Castro: The match closes out with Pentagon making quick work of Castro, hitting the package piledriver for the pinfall. After the match, Pentagon stares down his former master Vampiro and then breaks Castro's arm.
-- Pentagon Dark cuts a promo: Pentagon says that it doesn't matter who wins between Chavo Guererro or Dragon Azteca because they will suffer the same fate of broken bones and in this ring Pentagon doesn't even respect his own mother because he has zero fear.
-- "Eight Person Tag Team Match": Aerostar, Fenix, Drago and Sexy Star vs. Johnny Mundo, Jack Evans, PJ Black and Taya: The match closes out with all eight brawling with Taya possibly injuring her leg. Jack Evans counters Sexy Star and scores the pinfall with a back slide. After the match, Taya is still in pain and is carried backstage by her partners.
-- Catrina says Sinestro De La Muerte has failed them for the last time and electrocutes him. Catrina inhales his soul and sends it to Mil Muertes. Catrina says Prince Puma is next.
-- El Dragon Azteca vs. Chavo Guererro, with Rey Mysterio as Special Guest Referee: Chavo traps Azteca in an arm breaker submission and argues with Rey, claiming Azteca tapped out. Chavo shoves Rey and Rey threatens to DQ Chavo. Chavo lands a cheap shot on Rey, but Rey fires back and nails Chavo. Azteca hits a hurricanrana on Chavo and scores the pinfall. After the match, an irate Chavo tries to attack Rey, but Chavo gets laid out with the 619.
-- Black Lotus says she is summoning the Black Lotus Triad to finally destroy Pentagon Dark. Black hooded men appear and stand beside Black Lotus to end the show.


** Destruction In Kobe Recap **
NJPW closed out its Destruction triple pay per view event this week with the final Destruction event taking place in Kobe, Japan.
-- "Six Man Tag Team Match": Tiger Mask, Ryusuke Taguchi and Henare vs. Will Ospreay, Rocky Romero and Barreta: Taguchi traps Romero in an ankle lock submission and forces Romero to tap out.
-- The Bullet Club (Yujiro Takahashi and Chase Owens) vs. Yoshitatsu and Captain New Japan: After weeks of taking verbal abuse from Yoshitatsu, Captain New Japan finally snaps, joins The Bullet Club and they 3 on 1 beat down Yoshitatsu allowing The Bullet Club to win by pinfall in a squash match.
-- Togi Makabe and Tomoaki Honma vs. Hiroyoshi Tenzan and Teruaki Kanemitsu: Honma lands a Kokeshi on Kanemitsu and then traps Kanemitsu in a leg crab, forcing Kanemitsu to tap out.
-- ReDRagon vs. Manabu Nakanishi and Yuji Nagata: Bobby Fish unloaded a series of kicks and Kyle O'Reilly trapped Nakanishi in an arm bar. Nagata tried to make the save, but gets taken out by Fish. Nakanishi ends up tapping out.
-- "NEVER 6-Man Tag Team Championship Match": The Bullet Club (Adam Cole and The Young Bucks) (c) vs. Satoshi Kojima, David Finlay and Ricochet: The Club unloaded super kicks and a six man brawl breaks out. Ricochet stops the Meltzer Driver and hits a springboard cutter on Nick Jackson. Finlay hits a Finlay Roll and Ricochet hits a Shooting Star Press for the pinfall to win the titles. After the match, Finlay and Ricochet challenge The Young Bucks for their IWGP Junior Tag Team Championship.
-- "Eight Man Tag Team Match": The Bullet Club (Kenny Omega, Bad Luck Fale, Tama Tonga and Tonga Roa) vs. Hirooki Goto, Tomohiro Ishii and The Briscoe Brothers: An eight man brawl breaks out that ends with Tonga and Toa hitting Guerilla Warfare on Mark Briscoe for the pinfall.
-- "Six Man Tag Team Match": SANADA, EVIL and BUSHI vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi, KUSHIDA and Juice Robinson: A six man brawl breaks out that ends with SANADA forcing Juice to tap out to the Dragon Sleeper.
-- "Eight Man Tag Team Match": Kazuchika Okada, YOSHI-HASHI, Jado and Gedo vs. Naomichi Marufuji, Toru Yano, Atsushi Kotoge and Daisuke: Harada trades blows with HASHI until finally hitting Karma to score the pinfall.
-- "IWGP Intercontinental Championship Match": Michael Elgin (c) vs. Tetsuya Naito: The referee goes down, allowing EVIL and BUSHI to attack Elgin. KUSHIDA and Tanahashi hit the ring to make the save and even the playing field. SANADA hits the ring and gives Naito the 4-3 advantage as they beat down Elgin and company. Elgin slams SANADA and EVIL and then power bombs BUSHI on top of them. Elgin with the Buckle Bomb on Naito and then goes for the Elgin Bomb. Naito counters and hits two Destino's on Elgin to score the pinfall and win the championship.

*** W3C Wrestler Of The Week ***

This week's Wrestler Of The Week goes to tonight's inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame, Gail Kim. Gail was trained by Ron Hutchinson and Dave "Fit" Finley. Gail has made a name for herself in TNA wrestling and also had a short run in the WWE. Along with Trish Stratus and Lita, Gail Kim is considered one of the greatest female wrestlers of the 21st century. Gail Kim also spent some time managing Jeff Jarrett's faction called Planet Jarrett in TNA, which consisted of Jeff Jarrett, America's Most Wanted, Monty Brown, Scott Steiner and Abyss.

- TNA Knockouts Champion (5 times)
- TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champion (1 time) – with Madison Rayne
- Knockout of the Year (2007)
- Gauntlet for the Gold Winner (2007, 2016 – Knockouts)
- Queen of the Knockouts (2013)
- TNA World Cup of Wrestling (2015) – with Jeff Hardy, Gunner, Rockstar Spud, Davey Richards and Crazy Steve
- TNA Hall of Fame Inductee (Class of 2016)
- WWE Women's Champion (1 time)

- "WWE Women's Championship Battle Royal" Gail Kim wins the WWE Women's Championship in her WWE Debut:

- "Six Sides Of Steel Cage Match": Gail Kim vs. Jacqueline:

- "TNA Knockouts Championship Match": Gail Kim (c) vs. Awesome Kong:

And that's this week's W3C! Join me every Sunday afternoon as I bring you news, recaps and rumors all around the wrestling world!

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