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Wrestling Lockup with Brandon 10.26.16: Smackdown Live Recap

By Brandon Albright, @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE, is here with your Smackdown Live Recap Edition.  

This week's Smackdown Live took place in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Bray Wyatt battled Kane in a No DQ Match. Alexa Bliss confronts WWE Smackdown Live Women's Champion Becky Lynch two weeks before their title match. The Ascension battled The Hype Bros in a Survivor Series Qualifying Match. Nikki Bella battled Nattie Neidhart with the winner becoming team captain on the Women's Team at WWE Survivor Series. Heath Slater and Rhyno defended the WWE Smackdown Live World Tag Team Championship against The Spirit Squad. Dean Ambrose battled WWE World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles with a shot at becoming #1 contender on the line in the main event. 

** Smackdown Live **

- Backstage, James Ellsworth thanks Dean Ambrose for everything he's done for him and wants to be in Ambrose's corner tonight, when Ambrose faces AJ Styles. Ambrose tells Ellsworth to just hang out in the locker room instead and they'll catch up later.

- "No DQ Match": Kane vs. Bray Wyatt: Mid math, the lights go out and pop back on revealing Luke Harper, who attacks Kane outside of the ring. The match closes out with Randy Orton's music hitting and out comes Orton. Orton and Harper have a stare down until Harper backs off and retreats. Kane goes for the choke slam on Bray, however, Orton turns on Kane and drops Kane with an RKO. Everyone, including Bray, is shocked as Orton leaves the ring. Bray covers Kane and scores the pinfall.
Winner: Bray Wyatt, by pinfall.

- Backstage, AJ Styles says James Ellsworth would be nothing without Dean Ambrose. Styles says he's rearranging Ambrose's face tonight and Ambrose will have to be carried out of the arena. Styles also threatens to take out Ellsworth if he sees him tonight too.

- Becky Lynch Promo: Becky is welcomed back, but immediately gets interrupted by Alexa Bliss. Alexa calls Becky a world class con artist for fooling all these fans with a fake injury, but she didn't fool Alexa. Alexa orders Becky to hand over the WWE Smackdown Live Women's Championship and save herself from embarrassment. Becky says she'll be in Scotland in two weeks to defend her title against Alexa and will rip Alexa's arm out of its socket. Alexa tries to attack, but Becky takes control and they brawl on the floor. Alexa comes back, sends Becky into the ring post and then into the barricade. Back into the ring, Alexa plants Becky with a DDT and lays out the champ. Alexa takes a can of yellow spray paint and sprays a yellow streak (nWo Style) down Becky's back.

- "Survivor Series Qualifying Match": The Ascension vs. The Hype Bros: The match closes out with Mojo unloading on Viktor and then destroys Viktor with a pounce. Mojo hits a running corner splash on Viktor and then gets a near fall slam, as Konnar breaks things up. Mojo sends Konnar into the corner, but Viktor comes back and attacks Mojo from behind. Mojo counters Viktor and he and Zack Ryder hit the Hype Ryder to score the pinfall.
Winners: The Hype Bros, by pinfall. The Hype Bros will represent Team Smackdown in the Tag Team Match at WWE Survivor Series.

- Backstage. Randy Orton is asked about what he just did earlier turning on Kane. Orton says if you can't beat them, join them.

- Backstage, Nattie Neidhart tells Daniel Bryan that she wants to be the team captain of the Women's Team at WWE Survivor Series. Bryan announces Nattie vs. Nikki Bella with the winner becoming team captain.

- Nikki Bella vs. Nattie Neidhart: The match closes out with Nattie applying the Sharpshooter submission on Nikki. Nikki escapes, but is dropped with a snap suplex. Nikki hits an enziguri on Nattie for a near fall. Nattie hits a Michinoku Driver on Nikki for a near fall. Nattie has some words with the referee before locking in an inverted surfboard submission on Nikki. Nikki escapes and traps Nattie in her boyfriend John Cena's STF submission, forcing Nattie to tap out for the victory. After the match, Carmella attacks Nikki from behind and lays out Nikki with her own Bella Buster finisher. Carmella then mocks Nikki with a John Cena "You Can't See Me" hand jester before leaving.
Winner: Nikki Bella, by submission.

- Backstage, Dean Ambrose says tonight won't be fun and games against AJ Styles. Ambrose will earn another shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and says Karma has another name and it's named after a female dog.

- The Miz Promo: The Miz comes out with his wife Maryse and begins ranting about WWE Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler interrupts and he and Miz go back and forth with verbal shots. WWE Smackdown Live World Tag Team Champions Heath Slater, Rhyno and The Spirit Squad get involved next which leads to Slater and Rhyno defending their titles against The Spirit Squad next, after The Miz suggests it.

- "WWE Smackdown Live World Tag Team Championship Match: Heath Slater and Rhyno (c) vs. The Spirit Squad: Dolph Ziggler and The Miz stay at ringside for this match. The match closes out with Rhyno getting the hot tag, but almost gets pinned. Rhyno gets double teamed by The Spirit Squad until Slater comes in to help. Ziggler and Miz start arguing with each other at ringside, causing distraction. Slater shoves Kenny into The Miz and then Rhyno destroys Mikey with a Gore to score the pinfall.
Winners: Heath Slater and Rhyno, by pinfall, to retain the WWE Smackdown Live World Tag Team Championship.

- Backstage, Dean Ambrose tells James Ellsworth to quit sulking. Ellsworth says he just wants to repay Ambrose and be in his corner tonight. Ambrose finally agrees and tells Ellsworth to be careful out there.

- "#1 Contendership On The Line For Dean Ambrose": AJ Styles vs. Dean Ambrose: James Ellsworth comes out and is in Dean Ambrose's corner. The match closes out with Styles applying the Calf Crusher on Ambrose. Ambrose is able to escape the hold, as Styles turns his attention to Ellsworth and dropkicks him on the floor. Styles blocks Dirty Deeds, but Ambrose ends up getting a near fall rollup on Styles. Styles hits the Pele Kick, but Ambrose counters the Styles Clash and tosses Styles outside. Ellsworth hits the No Chin Music super kick on Styles right in front of the referee and accidentally gets Ambrose DQ'ed. Smackdown Live ends with Styles celebrating, Ambrose pissed and Ellsworth apologetic.
Winner: AJ Styles, by DQ.

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