Monday, October 10, 2016

On The Mark 10.10.16: New England Patriots @ Cleveland Browns Recap

Guess who's back?  The Patriots dismantle the Browns 33-13 as Tom Brady returns from suspension
By Mark West, @Markw2112

Today was the day many in the NFL waited for, the return of the New England Patriots Tom Brady from his 4 game suspension for his part in "Deflategate" 2 years ago with their Super Bowl win.  And, like clockwork, Brady stepped in like he never left, destroying the Cleveland Browns defense on it's way to a decisive 33-13 win.  The Browns were never any match for the Patriots either on offense or defense.

Brady finished the game 28-of-40 for 406 yards and 3 touchdowns.  He made it look effortless against a Browns defense that stood no chance.  He threw to 7 different receivers, including Martellus Bennett who caught all 3 of Brady's touchdowns.  Chris Hogan and Rob Gronkowski both had over 100 yards rushing with Gronk setting up the first touchdown of the day by shedding blockers like they were paper dolls.  

As for the Browns, it was a step backwards against the mighty Patriots.  Cody Kessler had a good start, going 5-of-8 for 62 yards with a touchdown to Andrew Hawkins.  However, Kessler would leave the game with neck and chest pain after a blown call led to a crushing sack, making Kessler lose the ball which then went out of bounds in the end zone for a safety.  Bring in Charlie Whitehurst, just signed a few weeks ago, who would lead the Browns to a late game touchdown but wasn't very effective.  He did go for 14-of-24 for 182 yards and that touchdown and an interception Near the end of the game, Whitehurst was hurt which led to Terrelle Pryor to be the third quarterback of the day for a series.

The run game, which had been so good the previous weeks, was shut to a stand still by the Patriots line.  Isaiah Crowell only rushed for 22 yards on 13 carries.

Thoughts: It was a step backwards for the Browns.  The worst part was having 3 quarterbacks in one game due to injuries. Injuries, bad luck and no respect from the referees can be blamed, but the biggest reason why the Browns are so bad is the lack of talent on the roster.  It's going to take years for the Browns to get any kind of respectability.  The long road keeps getting longer though.  

Player of the game: Tom Brady was unstoppable.  

Next up:  the Browns travel to Tennessee to play the Titans next week at 1 PM.

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