Monday, October 31, 2016

Browns Recap 10.31.16: New York Jets @ Cleveland Browns

By Katelin Marshall, @KatelinKnowsCLE

The Browns fall to 0-8 this year after losing 31-28 against the New York Jets. This game was a tale of two halves.The first where the Browns play really well and look to have the game in control somewhat. And the second half, where they play like a third strings in the preseason. But that's the story of the 2016 Cleveland Browns.

First Half

The Browns played an extremely well-rounded first half leading 20-7.

Offensively the Browns were really good in the passing game. Josh McCown was 16/27 for 228 yards and a touchdown. Terrelle Pryor had six catches for 101 yards and Andrew Hawkins had four catches and one of them was a touchdown. The only down side of the passing game in the first half was Ricardo Lewis who dropped two passes. The offensive line was solid, only allowing one sack and four QB hits. Surprisingly the Browns struggled in the run game. Isaiah Crowell has six carries for only nine yards but did run in a touchdown. Duke Johnson has been a real threat in all areas, he has three catches for 38 yards and three rushes for 29 yards while also returning punts.

Defensively they've had a few problems. Tackling was the main one. They allowed Jets running back Bilal Powell to score a 35 yard touchdown on third and long. Powell broke a few tackles to get into the endzone. Fitzpatrick and the passing game was terrible. He was 3/14 for only 30 yards. A combination of deflected passes by Carl Nassib, dropped passes by Jets wide-outs, and Fitzpatrick being Fitzpatrick is the reason for that. Again it wasn't because the Browns secondary was balling out it was because the Jets couldn't capitalize on the Browns' mistakes.

Second Half

The Browns showed why they are 0-7, getting completely out played in the second half.

Offensively the Browns could only mustard up a touchdown with 12 seconds left in the game. McCown was 9/22 for only 113 yards two interceptions and a touchdown.The first int was a deep shot to Terrelle Pryor where is seemed like they a communication problem. The second was a horrible check down to Duke Johnson, who got his bell rung and the ball popped up for an int inside the Jets 20. The Browns again, couldn't get a consistent running game and were forced to throw because of it and because they fell behind with only a quarter left.

The Browns Defense in the second half was straight trash. They gave up three straight touchdown drives, and 4/5 drives scored points. The first drive was a 12 play for 78 yard drive that ended in an 24 yard catch by Quincy Enunwa. The Second, eight plays for 84 yards that was capped off by a four yard run by Matt Forte on 4th and inches. And then then third was a 13 plays for 81 yards which was again capped off by a Matt Forte touchdown run. The Browns couldn't get pressure on Fitzpatrick so he basically sat in the pocket and picked the Browns secondary apart.

Other Stuff

Statistically, the Browns and Jets were almost identical. But the Jets won two key areas of the game...turnovers & time of possession. The Browns had the two picks and only had the ball for 26:19. The Browns also gave up a few first downs on third and area where they've had success.

Team Stats

MV(Brown) of the Game: Terrelle Pryor

Its sad that the MVB of the game was a non-factor in the second half. Yes, he did catch the 2-point conversion. But he did ball out in the first half against Revis who is still a top cover corner in the league.

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