Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon: TNA Sacrifice #Sacrifice

By Brandon Albright, @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE, has returned with your TNA Impact Recap Edition.

TNA Impact took place at the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida. This week TNA brought you TNA Sacrifice, their made for TV pay per view. TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Drew Galloway, defended the title against Tyrus, who had cashed in his #1 Contenders contract. Former friends and now enemies, Eric Young and Bram, go one on one with the TNA King Of The Mountain Championship on the line in a "Falls Count Anywhere Match". The Decay were successful in their kidnapping of Gail Kim last week, as it earned them a shot at Beer Money and the TNA World Tag Team Championship, in a "Valley Of The Shadows Match". Ethan Carter and Mike Bennett will try to settle their hatred for each other in a "No DQ Match". Speaking of The Bennett's, what role will Maria Bennett play in the Knockouts Division, now that she won the right to control them? Gail Kim battled Rosemary of The Decay in women's division action.

*** TNA Sacrifice ***

- Tyrus Promo: Tyrus says Drew Galloway's time is up, Galloway has no more excuses or doctor notes and it's time for Galloway to be the hero that he thinks he is. It's time for Tyrus to get his title shot right now.

- "TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match": Drew Galloway (c) vs. Tyrus: The match closes out with Rockstar Spud trying to get involved, but gets laid out with a Galloway belly to belly. Galloway hits Tyrus with the Claymore and gets a near fall. Tyrus goes to the top rope, but gets crotched on the ropes by Galloway and super plexed off the ropes for another near fall. Galloway and Tyrus exchange punches until Galloway takes control with a series of forearms on Tyrus. Galloway hooks and plants Tyrus with the Future Shock DDT, covers, scores the pinfall and retains the championship.
Winner: Drew Galloway, by pinfall, to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

- Backstage, Beer Money talk about The Decay and try to figure out what exactly a "Valley Of Shadows Match" is. Storm says they're going to call it the "Ass Whipping In The Impact Zone Match". 

- Maria Bennett Promo: Maria says no one believed her when she said she'd gain all the power, she's going to eliminate all the trolls, make a change for the better and shape things up in the Knockouts Division. Gail Kim interrupts and says the division is about pride and now Maria is the boss that'll ruin it. Maria calls Gail delusional. Gail knows Maria was behind The Decay kidnapping and torturing her last week. Maria says there's no evidence of that and she should punish Gail for blaming her. Maria decides against that and instead announces Gail Kim vs. Rosemary right now.

- Gail Kim vs. Rosemary: Maria Bennett watches from ringside and distracts Gail during the match. The match closes out with Gail landing a crossbody on Rosemary for a near fall. Rosemary dodges Eat Defeat, but gets dropped by Gail with an inverted DDT. Crazy Steve grabs Gail, but gets slapped in the face by Gail. Maria jumps on the apron and argues with Gail and distracts the referee. Rosemary spits mist at Gail and plants Gail with an F-5 to score the pinfall.
Winner: Rosemary, by pinfall.

- Eli Drake's It's A Fact Of Life, With Special Guests The BroMans: Drake introduces the newest and greatest talk show in wrestling. Drake says the world is full of dummies. Drake calls Jeff Hardy a dummy for his stunts, Drew Galloway a dummy for wrestling with taped ribs and then introduces his guests The BroMans. The BroMans figure Drake is working in a way to call them dummies. Drake says Jesse Godderz rode Drake's coat tails when they were a team, they could of been tag team champs, but Godderz is a dummy. Godderz calls Drake a douchebag. Drake says he's moving on from the past, patiently waiting to cash in his briefcase for the TNA King of the Mountain Championship, again calls Godderz a dummy and then slaps Godderz. The BroMans seen and heard enough and beat down Drake. Drake escapes and Robbie E says Drake is the only dummy in the Impact Zone.

- "TNA World Tag Team Championship, Valley Of The Shadows Match": Beer Money (c) vs. The Decay: The Valley Of The Shadows Match turns out to be a "No DQ Match". The match closes out with Storm hitting Abyss with Last Call. Storm and Roode hit the Beer Money suplex on Steve right on a barbwire board. Abyss dumps out his thumb tacks and then hits a Black Hole Slam for a near fall. Rosemary spits her mist, but hits Abyss on accident. Storm busts a beer bottle over Abyss' head, but Abyss kicks out at two. Storm goes to the top rope, but gets shoved off by Steve and crashes through a table on the floor. Roode goes for the Roode Bomb, but gets low blowed by Rosemary. Abyss choke slams Roode onto the thumb tacks and scores the pinfall, to win the titles.
Winners: The Decay, by pinfall, to win the TNA World Tag Team Championship.

- "TNA King Of The Mountain Championship, Falls Count Anywhere Match": Eric Young (c) vs. Bram: The match closes out with Bram unloading punches on EY and then smacks EY with a trash can lid. Bram power bombs EY for a near fall. Bram places EY on the top rope, but gets bit in the face by EY. EY hits a flying elbow drop on Bram for a near fall. EY goes to spike pile drive Bram on the apron, but Bram counters and lands a low blow on EY. Bram hits EY with the Brighter Side Of Suffering off the apron and through a table on the floor. Bram covers EY on the floor, scores the pinfall and wins the title.
Winner: Bram, by pinfall, to win the TNA King Of The Mountain Championship.

- Jeff Hardy Promo: Jeff still can't get over how much his brother, Matt Hardy, changed after winning the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. He hopes he Swanton Bombed the arrogance and big ego out of Matt and brought him back to reality. Reby Hardy and Rockstar Spud interrupt. Reby says she hates Jeff's guts for what he did. Spud calls Jeff selfish and he's going to pay. Reby says seeing Jeff makes her sick and Matt made Jeff a star. Reby says that after what Jeff did Matt won't even talk to her right now. Reby says Jeff will deal with Matt when he returns and then slaps Jeff in the face. Spud goes after Jeff's surgically repaired leg, but Spud eats a Twist Of Fate.

- "No DQ Match": Ethan Carter vs. Mike Bennett: The match closes out with EC3 going for the One Percenter, but Bennett counters with a forearm. Bennett gets a near fall spine buster on EC3. EC3 hits the TKO on Bennett. EC3 hits a crossbody on Bennett for a near fall. EC3 hits another TKO, but Bennett counters the One Percenter with the Ace Crusher on EC3 for a near fall. Maria tosses in a steel chair, which Bennett uses on EC3. EC3 counters the Miracle In Progress and hits the One Percenter on Bennett. Maria breaks up the pinfall, forcing EC3 to grab the steel chair and unload on Bennett. EC3 locks in the Cobra Clutch submission on Bennett. Bennett escapes, hits Slice Bread on EC3, falls on top of EC3 and scores the pinfall. EC3 suffers his first ever loss by pinfall in TNA.
Winner: Mike Bennett, by pinfall.

- This closed out TNA Sacrifice.

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