Monday, April 25, 2016

Krunch Time With Katelin 4.25.16: Trading Down Again, Who are the Options?

By Katelin Marshall, @KatelinKnowsCLE

As we all know the Browns traded the number 2 overall pick in the 2016 to the Eagles for five picks. But it seems like the Browns are poised to trade down again, this time to the teens, Which got me wondering who are some potential picks if the Browns trade back down again.

Here is a short list of five guys the Browns could potentially go after if they trade down.

1. Quarterback Paxton Lynch - Memphis

The Browns have been linked to Lynch after a picture was posted of Hue Jackson, Dee Haslam, and Paxton Lynch at Leigh Steinberg's super bowl party. But digging much deeper you can see why Jackson might like Lynch. Lynch is 6'7" 245 lbs and is very mobile. Last season at Memphis Lynch threw for 3778 yards, 28 touchdowns, 4 Ints, and had a completion percentage  of 66.8%. Yes, he did only average 7.4 yards per attempt in his career. And yes he will likely have to sit out next year and 2017, but many scouts and draft "goo roos" believe that Lynch could be the best quarterback to come out of this entire draft.

2. Offensive Lineman Jack Conklin - Michigan State

Of all the weaknesses the Browns currently have offensive lineman might be at the top off the list. After loosing out on Alex Mack and letting Mitchell Schwartz go the Browns have some alarming question marks on their right side of the line. Drafting Conklin could set up a couple of options. One, Conklin is the Browns future left tackle but starts out his career at right tackle, filling a hole for the next few seasons. Two, with the drafting of Conklin the Browns trade Joe Thomas, get future picks, but play next year with an inexperienced offensively line.

3. Pass rusher Shaq Lawson - Clemson

I already know what most of you reading this are asking..."Does he play 4-3 defensive end or 3-4 outside linebacker?" He does play 4-3 defensive end but he is one of the best pass rushers in this draft. The Browns are going back the the Ray Horton style of defense which is attack the quarterback at all angles. Lawson, along with Mingo, Kruger, and Nate Orchard could bring some heat. Also Mingo and Kruger are in the last year of their contracts and if the Browns aren't willing to spend to re-sign them (Kruger who is 30 going into this season, and Mingo who will be 26 in October). Shaq Lawson if he drops to the middle teens could be a great value pick for the Browns and also set in stone the future pass rushers for the Browns.

4. Cornerback Eli Apple - The Ohio State University

Again I already know what most of you readers are thinking, "Cornerback?? Again? Don't you remember Justin Gilbert?" Yes I remember Gilbert. But don't you remember watching Tramon Williams and Charles Gaines when Joe Haden was out. The Browns' secondary was hot garbage last year and with Williams and Haden being question marks Apple could become a solid Corner in the NFL. He is an extremely raw talent and may take a year or two to develop but if he does, in three or four year when the Browns are trying to make a play off push Apple could be the cornerstone of the secondary. And oh yeah he's from tOSU...HE GETS US.

5. Defensive Lineman Jarran Reed - Alabama

If the Browns don't end up taking DeForest Buckner, Jarran Reed could be. Reed is one of the best d-lineman rush stoppers in the draft. He along side of Danny Shelton, and John Hughes would help the Browns rush defense immensely. Reed at 6'3 311 could eat up blocks at the end in a 3-4 defense. His only weakness is that he hasn't developed a pass rush so he might only be a two down lineman.

These are just five names I came up with IF the Browns trade back again, which I am already bracing for. Lets just hope now they don't trade back to the 20's because I don't think any of these players will be there.

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