Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, 4.20.16: TNA Impact

By Brandon Albright, @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE, has returned with your TNA Impact Recap Edition.

TNA Impact took place at the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida. The TNA Knockouts went toe to toe in a ladder match, with the winner gaining control of the Knockouts Division. Trevor Lee defended the TNA X-Division Championship in a triple threat match against DJ Zema Ion and Eddie Edwards. Al Snow battled Mahabali Shera one on one. Main event time saw Matt Hardy battle Jeff Hardy in an I Quit Match.

*** TNA Impact ***

- "Ladder Match, For Control Of The Knockouts Division": Jade vs. Gail Kim vs. Maria Bennett vs. Rebel vs. Marti Bell vs. Madison Rayne vs. Velvet Sky: Gail chases Maria around ringside and up the ramp. Rosemary of The Decay comes out of nowhere and attacks Gail with kendo stick shots. Abyss and Crazy Steve come out, scoop up Gail and carry her away as a hostage. The match closes out with The Beautiful People irish whipping Jade into a ladder in the corner, which also sandwiches Rebel and Marti. Jade recoups, climbs the ladder, but gets power bombed off by Marti. Velvet climbs the ladder, but takes kendo stick shots to the back by Maria, knocking Velvet off the ladder. Maria climbs the ladder, grabs the contract and takes over control of the TNA Knockouts Division.
Winner: Maria Bennett, by contract retrieval.

- Backstage, Maria Bennett says she now has all the power and things will begin to change in the Knockouts Division.

- Backstage, The Decay are shown still carrying Gail Kim and holding her hostage.

- Drew Galloway Promo: The TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Drew Galloway is in the ring. Galloway says he's not medically cleared after taking three Bobby Lashley spears last week. Galloway says it's not stopping him and calls out Lashley. Rockstar Spud and Tyrus interrupt. Spud says he could easily kick Galloway's ass and take his title right now if he wanted to. Galloway tells Spud to prove it. Spud changes the subject and states that after tonight, Jeff Hardy will be no more. Tyrus then mentions that Galloway has a target on him because Tyrus still has his championship match contract to cash in whenever he wants. Galloway says he'll give Tyrus his shot next week and is tired of talking. The three begin brawling and Tyrus lands a shot on Galloway's injured ribs. Tyrus hits a series of Tyrus splashes on Galloway. Tyrus then hits a Vader Bomb on Galloway, with a chair placed across Galloway's rib cage by Spud.

- Backstage, Matt Hardy prepares for his match as Reby Hardy talks down on Jeff Hardy. Matt says his brother Jeff is a quitter and will quit existing after tonight.

- "TNA X-Division Championship, Triple Threat Match": Trevor Lee (c) w/Shane Helms vs. DJ Zema Ion vs. Eddie Edwards: The match closes out with Helms getting involved and clotheslining DJZ. Edwards hits a series of headbutts, knocking Lee off the top rope. Andrew Everett hits the ring and attacks Edwards from behind. Lee hits a flying double knee stomp on Edwards to score the pinfall. After the match, Lee hits the flying double knee stomp to DJZ and Everett hits a 630 Senton on Edwards.
Winner: Trevor Lee, by pinfall, to retain the TNA X-Division Championship.

- Backstage, Shane Helms says TNA tried to stack the deck against Trevor Lee, but you can't outsmart Helms and now by adding Andrew Everett to their group, the Helms Dynasty will run things in the X Division.

- Eric Young and Bram Promo: EY says he hates everyone, is the most dangerous man in TNA, has the most dangerous finisher, is the TNA King Of The Mountain Champion, thinks it's funny that TNA caters to the up and comers like Ethan Carter and Drew Galloway and the has been's like Jeff Hardy. EY says he's taking his championship and he and Bram are quitting TNA. Bram says he's not going anywhere cause he's tired of EY. EY understands that Bram doesn't want to be associated with the greatest wrestler in wrestling and calls Bram a loser. Bram says EY doesn't have the balls to put his championship on the line. EY lands a low blow on Bram and plants Bram with the piledriver. EY cuts Bram's beard off because EY feels he should be the only one allowed to have a beard and is a god.

- Backstage, Jeff Hardy says he's the complete opposite of Matt Hardy, but that's what made them great. Jeff says Matt has changed, is mentally tired of Matt's games, he doesn't want to fight Matt, but Jeff will lay it all down tonight and will never quit.

- Mike Bennett Promo: Mike Bennett tells a fairy tale story about a prince named Ethan Carter, who loses everything after the white knight Mike Bennett rode into town. The white knight took all of the prince's powers and the prince was soon unknown. EC3 interrupts and mocks Bennett’s taste in women, fashion and his work ethic. Bennett says that EC3 is a pathetic little boy who blames all of his issues on him. EC3 says that for over 30 months he’s never been defeated. EC3 challenges Bennett to a match next week and dares Bennett to make a name for himself. 

- Al Snow Promo: Snow says he's sick of seeing the fans complain about the product and complain on social media. Snow says the fans are what's wrong with wrestling, because they cheer for people that don't deserve to be in the ring. Snow says he's teaching one of those men, Mahabali Shera, a lesson tonight.

- Al Snow vs. Mahabali Shera: The match closes out with Snow getting a near fall snap mare. Shera comes back and lands three vertical suplexes on Snow. Snow grabs a pair of brass knuckles and knocks Shera out cold to score the pinfall.
Winner: Al Snow, by pinfall.

- The Decay Promo: Rosemary calls the fans puppets and threatens to cut off Gail Kim's head. Abyss says Gail will be held hostage until Beer Money comes out. Roode and Storm arrive and tell them to release Gail. Abyss demands a tag team championship match, but not just a regular match, a stipulated match. Beer Money accepts the challenge. Rosemary says anyone can enter the Valley Of Shadows, but only The Decay survive.

- "I Quit Match": Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy: The match closes out with Jeff climbing a ladder, but Matt lands a series of punches to the back of Jeff. Matt drives Jeff through the steel guard rail with the Side Effect. Matt lays Jeff on a platform. Jeff comes to life and puts a sleeper on Matt. Matt refuses to quit and eventually passes out from the pain. Jeff says it's not over till Matt says he quits. After the match, Jeff lays Matt out on a table and hits a swanton bomb, putting Matt through the table. The show closes out with Matt being stretchered out of the arena.
Winner: No Contest

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