Monday, April 18, 2016

Krunch Time With Katelin 4.18.16: Why The Browns Won't Draft A Franchise QB

By Katelin Marshall, @KatelinKnowsCLE

Why should the Browns draft any quarterback at all in the first three rounds?

This was the question I asked two of my friends while playing Playstation. It doesn't make sense for the Browns waste a pick with so many needs. We all know the Browns' major question mark is the franchise quarterback. But if the guy isn't Carson Wentz or Jared Goff, why bother drafting a quarterback to build around? Isn't that why the Browns signed Robert Griffin III?

We all know the Browns are going to struggle next season and will likely have the number one overall pick in the 2017 NFL draft. So why waste a draft pick on a quarterback who will likely become an average NFL player?

I'd hate for the Browns to waste time and try to develop a second round quarterback this year and next year. I rather them be able to take their franchise guy next year, whether that's DeShaun Watson or Matt Kaaya. I'm sure the Browns and fans would rather use a third round pick on a starting Offensive Lineman for the next eight years than have another Colt McCoy or Charlie Frye.

Now I know that there are always some players who falls through the cracks, like a Tom Brady, Russell Wilson, or even a Ryan Fitzpatrick, but as of last year 21 of 32 starting quarterbacks were drafted in the first round (including Johnny Manziel and EJ Manual).

As Browns fans, we joke around about the analytics and how the Browns are going to use it. But its hard to not see that 60% of the starting NFL quarterbacks were taken in the first round. So why settle for a Connor Cook, Paxton Lynch or Christian Hackenburg? All the Browns have to do is play out the year with Robert Griffin III and Josh McCown.

Using the draft picks in other areas also helps out your future quarterback, which may shorten the entire rebuilding process altogether. Developing a quarterback with some type of young supporting cast instead of the roster they have now, is the way to go in my opinion.

Let's be honest, would you really want a rookie quarterback throwing to Taylor Gabriel and Brian Hartline? It won't really matter who you have as your coach, or even if he's the "QB guru" or the "Quarterback Whisperer".

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