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On The Clock: Mock Draft 3.0: Draft Week Is Finally Here!

By Alex Hale, @DaSportsGenius7

Well it’s finally NFL Draft week and of course the stuff hit the fan last week as we got to this point.  The Philadelphia Eagles shocked the NFL by trading a boatload of picks to the Cleveland Browns to move up to #2.  The funny part was I originally for Mock 3.0 was going to mock a Browns-Eagles trade. This now pretty much locks up Goff and Wentz to go #1 and #2 (if you haven’t read my Goff/Wentz Debate article, go read it now). This leaves pretty much the San Diego Chargers on the clock now to choose from the rest of the talent pool in this draft.

So for one last time… The NFL Mock Draft 3.0 has begun… the Los Angeles Rams are now on the clock.

Round 1

1. Los Angeles Rams (from Tennessee)- QB Jared Goff, California- This pick should be a no-brainer for the Rams after paying a major king’s ransom to get to this pick.  While one could make a debate for Carson Wentz to be the pick here, Goff is ready to start right away.  The Rams currently have a solid offense to begin with starred by RB Todd Gurley.  The one thing the Rams have lacked is a potential Franchise QB.  Jared Goff is the one Franchise QB in this draft.  While his arm isn’t the strongest, by going to Los Angeles, that won’t be as big of a factor.  His footwork and ball placement is by far the best I’ve seen from a college QB in the past 5 years.  Goff will step in immediately and be an impact player and in my personal opinion in 4 years will be one of the Top 3 QBs in the NFL.  The Rams got their Franchise QB, now for Jeff Fisher there is no excuses.  Jared Goff reminds me of Eli Manning coming out of Ole Miss.

2. Philadelphia Eagles (from Cleveland)- Carson Wentz, North Dakota State- Welp, the Eagles aren’t messing around when it comes to finding their QB of the future.  The Eagles currently have Chase Daniel and Sam Bradford on their depth chart so in a perfect world, Wentz is a perfect fit.  Wentz won’t be thrusted into a starting role and will learn for a year or two which is exactly what he needs.  There’s no denying that Wentz has the physical tools to be successful.  The question is the level of play and potential injuries.  After his wrist injury as the saying goes, once the injuries start, they don’t stop.  Other than those two small factors, Wentz has it all to be an elite QB in the NFL.  Carson Wentz reminds me of Jacksonville Jaguars QB Blake Bortles.

3. San Diego Chargers- CB Jalen Ramsey, Florida State- After losing Eric Weddle this offseason when they already had Secondary problems, you got to think the Chargers would be ecstatic to have their choice of the top talents in the draft.  While I think the Chargers would prefer to trade down and then draft an O-Lineman, they probably won’t be able to make a deal now.  As much as O-Line is a need for the Chargers, they simply cannot pass on Ramsey here.  Ramsey can play either the Safety or CB position and I think for the Chargers he’s going to slide into the CB role.  One big knock on Ramsey is we never really saw him intercept many passes, including 0 from this past year where he mostly played as a CB.  Ramsey mostly excels in Press coverage and that will come in handy early on, but he’ll need to improve his Man coverage skills in time.  He’s got the length, pure athletic ability and competitiveness to be a star in the league.  Jalen Ramsey reminds me of Raiders CB Sean Smith.

4. Dallas Cowboys- DE/OLB Joey Bosa, Ohio State- I originally was going to mock Ohio State RB Ezekiel Elliott but after DeMarcus Lawrence was suspended by the NFL for 4 games, that locks in Bosa to the Cowboys.  The Cowboys have been stocking up on multiple, “tweener” pass rushers over the past few years (Lawrence and Randy Gregory) but adding Bosa would give them a true pass rusher who could play either 4-3 DE or 3-4 OLB.  On top of that Bosa isn’t going to give the same character concerns Lawrence or Gregory give them.  The bonus is, Jerry Jones is going to LOVE the marketability of Bosa in the Dallas area.  This should be a no brainer pick at this point and an easy Day 1 starter for the Cowboys.  Joey Bosa reminds me of Cleveland Browns OLB Paul Kruger.

5. Jacksonville Jaguars- OLB Myles Jack, UCLA- I’m starting to believe one of two teams leaked the injury concerns on Myles Jack are either Cleveland or Jacksonville in hopes they can land the talented UCLA LB.  I firmly believe it was probably Jacksonville with potential concerns that Jack could easily go to either San Diego or Dallas before the Jaguars select their guy.  Jack gives them a versatile LB that fits exactly what Jaguars Head Coach Gus Bradley wants in his LB.  Jack has outstanding athletic ability that could easily have him play in either a 3-4 or 4-3, but what stands out the most is his knack to get to the ball.  Whether or not the injury concerns come back to haunt him in the future, the star power potential he has is something the Jaguars can’t pass on here.  Myles Jack reminds me of Tampa Bay Buccaneers LB Lavonte David

6. Baltimore Ravens- OT Laremy Tunsil, Ole Miss- Like seriously…who did Ozzie Newsome sell his soul to for this to happen?  First off this is a crime for the Ravens to land Tunsil who fills one of their biggest needs and is the top player at his position.  While I do have some concerns with Tunsil’s durability and injury history, Tunsil’s pure talent is unquestioned.  Not only does he have the athletic ability, but he backs it up with the strength, which totally separates him from Conklin and Stanley.  The Ravens desperately need a new Franchise LT to protect QB Joe Flacco and I don’t think Ozzie hesitates and hopes to find the next Jonathan Ogden for the Ravens.  Laremy Tunsil reminds me of Washington Redskins OT Trent Williams.

7. San Francisco 49ers- DE DeForest Buckner, Oregon- The 49ers could very well go with a lineman here to protect the QB, but the prospect of reuniting DeForest Buckner and Arik Armstead is too good to pass on.  Buckner is a freak of nature at 6'7", 290 who is just as good at getting around or pushing down a block as he is getting up to bat down a ball.  He’s explosive, disruptive and fits the 3-4 scheme perfectly.  Chip Kelly could be tempted to draft Paxton Lynch here, but when he looks at what Buckner/Armstead could do especially when they can get some 3-4 OLB in here, the 49ers could be one of the most dangerous defenses in the league for a long time.  But they will have to find a QB of the future with their 2nd Round pick.  DeForest Buckner reminds me of Arizona Cardinals DE Calais Campbell.

8. Miami Dolphins (from Cleveland)- TRADE: Browns trade 8th Overall pick, 2016 4th Round pick, 2017 6th Round pick to Miami in exchange for 13th Overall pick, 2016 2nd and 3rd Round picks- RB Ezekiel Elliott, Ohio State- Yes… Miami does pay the hefty price to get their RB.  Miami currently has no RB and they love Elliott and need to jump the Giants.  The problem here is…Tennessee wants to move up for an OT.  Miami with its desperation pays a steep price to get their RB.  After losing Lamar Miller in FA, the Dolphins are desperate for a franchise RB as Jay Ajayi shouldn’t be relied on being the guy moving forward.  Elliott would give Ryan Tannehill a workhorse RB option to hand off to and the best park, Elliott is a great blocker that can help in pass protection.  If Tannehill is to ever truly succeed he needs a RB like Elliott to take the pressure off of him.  Ezekiel Elliott reminds me of former Indianapolis Colts RB Edgerrin James.

9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- CB Vernon Hargreaves, Florida- This pick shouldn’t be much of a debate if I’m in the Bucs I don’t hesitate to take Hargreaves.  The Bucs have secondary issues and really have been lacking secondary players for years.  They have a solid pass rush, and while they could look to add another pass rusher, I think they’re praying Joey Bosa slips to them and then steal him here.  If not, Hargreaves isn’t a bad consolation.  Hargreaves going into the year was the Top CB on my board and then Jalen Ramsey happened.  Hargreaves is undersized and he doesn’t necessarily have the speed to make up for it.  What he does have is smooth technique and outstanding press coverage ability and solid man coverage ability.  He could slide into Bucs as a starter in a division where outside of Julio Jones, there aren’t many standout WRs.  Vernon Hargreaves reminds me of Cleveland Browns CB Joe Haden.

10. New York Giants- OLB Leonard Floyd, Georgia- After the Dolphins jumped the Giants and took Elliott, the Giants are left to taking one of the best pass rushing prospects in the draft in Leonard Floyd.  Although the Giants did sign Olivier Vernon to a monster contract, you cannot have enough pass rushers and Floyd could go anywhere from this pick to the Jets at 20.  Floyd is a pure speed pass rusher, who probably fits best in at 3-4 OLB.  He’s skinny and needs to bulk up to handle the blockers he’s going to face in the NFL.  Originally Floyd was a late 1st Round pick, but unlike most undersized pass rushers coming into NFL, Floyd has shown during the pre-Draft process he can put on the weight needed as he’s already slowly bulking up.  Leonard Floyd reminds me of Cleveland Browns OLB Barkevious Mingo.

11. Chicago Bears- LB Darron Lee, Ohio State- I think the Bears would love to have DeForest Buckner fall here, but that’s really unrealistic.  They could go with Ronnie Stanley here, but Vic Fangio needs an anchor to his linebackers.  Darron Lee is an extremely athletic LB who can play in a 3-4 or 4-3, but fits best as a 3-4 ILB.  While he’s a bit undersized for the ILB position at 6'1", 232 lbs, his knack for getting to the ball and how smooth he is as a defender overweighs the concerns with his size.  The Bears defense is starting to show signs of improvement, but having a potential defensive anchor like Lee, the Bears defense will take major jumps forward this coming year.  Darron Lee reminds me of Steelers ILB Ryan Shazier.

12. New Orleans Saints- DT Sheldon Rankins, Louisville- In my personal opinion, the Saints need to go after a CB if possible.  But it seems the Saints are switching up their defense which requires them to find a young DT for their scheme.  Rankins is the DT everyone really is looking at as the big impact DT.  He’s agile and very disruptive for an interior DT.  To go with that he’s one of the more powerful DTs in this draft, he just plays with a violent attitude.  Last year he was extremely productive in the pass rush and we know pass rushing DTs are a premium in this league.  They do say that a disruptive pass rush always helps the secondary, so that’s the direction Sean Payton and company will go in on draft night.  Sheldon Rankins reminds me of current New Orleans Saints DT Nick Fairley.

13. Cleveland Browns (from Miami)- OT Jake Conklin, Michigan St.- The Browns could go multiple different directions.  Shaq Lawson, Josh Doctson, and Leonard Floyd will all be considered here.  Instead the Browns make the unsexy yet smart pick.  Conklin is a fast riser on draft boards as the Draft approaches.  What Conklin doesn’t have in athletic ability, he makes up for it with his aggressive nature as a blocker and could potentially be a franchise LT for a team.  It will take some patience with him, but Conklin is the kind of lineman people love.  He started as a walk-on at Michigan State and worked his way up to be the anchor of the Michigan State O-Line.  For the Browns, Conklin is the perfect guy to be the heir apparent to future Hall of Famer Joe Thomas.  Other than DeForest Buckner, this would probably be the best guy the Browns could take.  Jack Conklin reminds me of Giants OT Will Beatty.

14. Oakland Raiders- DT Chris Jones, Mississippi St- You know what, why not mock Jones here.  Chris Jones is one of the most intriguing prospects in this draft.  He has Top 10 pure talent, but his motor leaves a lot to be desired.  The Raiders need more depth on the D-Line.  When you watch the good highlights of Jones, what stands out is his explosiveness at the line and the raw talent he has.  A former Basketball star in HS, he switched to football and when he was on his game, nobody stopped him.  One of the things that concerned me was he actually on some plays would stop and watch the play after the ball was by him.  In Oakland, Jack Del Rio will have none of that and will make him into another defensive star for an already packed Oakland defense.  Chris Jones reminds me of Miami Dolphins DT Ndamukong Suh.

15. Tennessee Titans- OT Ronnie Stanley, Notre Dame- This is how unpredictable the O-Line rankings have gotten this past weeks to where I can really see this happening.  The questions about Stanley’s core strength are real and while he has the size and athletic ability to be a starter in the NFL, my questions are if he’s going to be easily pushed around early in his career.  While Stanley is one of the most talented O-Lineman in this draft, but he’s going to take some time to develop.  The Titans get the luckiest of all breaks, a top tier OL player is still on the board and they nab him.  Ronnie Stanley reminds me of Philadelphia OT Lane Johnson.

16. Detroit Lions- OT Taylor Decker, Ohio State- We all talk about teams like Cleveland, San Francisco and San Diego as unpredictable picks, Detroit might take the cake here.  The Lions could easily address the WR position, with the sudden retirement of Calvin Johnson or they could go DT.  Riley Reiff is in a contract year and really hasn’t taken the next step and the Lions need OT help.  Decker is the last of the 2nd tier OT in this draft who has great athletic ability and a big time competitor.  Was a leader for an outstanding Ohio State O-Line that paved the way for Ezekiel Elliott’s dominance.  In order for the Lions to rebound and get back to the postseason, they must build a line that can protect Matt Stafford and pave the way for their RBs to run wild.  Taylor Decker reminds me of Kansas City OT Eric Fisher.

17. Atlanta Falcons- DE Shaq Lawson, Clemson- The Falcons are put in a great spot by having Shaq Lawson fall this pick.  After selecting Vic Beasley Jr. last year, the Falcons should be looking for another impact pass rusher.  I would bet Vic Beasley would be ecstatic to reunite with his fellow Clemson teammate.  Lawson is just a monster and getting into the backfield causing problems for offenses.  I do question his durability as he tends to get dinged up a lot which going forward regardless if he can play through it or not, I want to see him overcome the injury and still dominate.  I think Lawson was fortunately to have Beasley and Dodd to be on the opposite side of him, so against tougher O-Lineman, he’s got to be ready for what is awaiting him in NFL.  Shaq Lawson reminds me of Miami DE Cameron Wake.

18. Cleveland Browns (from Indianapolis Colts)- TRADE: Browns trade LT Joe Thomas to Indianapolis in exchange for the 18th Overall pick- FS Karl Joesph, West Virginia- After selecting their new Franchise LT in Jack Conklin, the Browns get an offer for Joe Thomas they cannot refuse and take it to acquire the 18th pick to replace the departed FS Tashaun Gipson.  While I’m not the biggest fan of taking Safeties this high, Karl Joseph is a major exception.  While he’s undersized at 5'10", he takes the criticism as a chip on his shoulder and at West Virginia showed the talent to be an All-Pro NFL safety.  There’s no way Joseph slips out of the 1st Round.  I don’t even think Joseph goes past probably Washington at 21.  What’s great about Joseph is not only can he cover receivers, but he can be a thumper.  Best part, Joseph is the kind of leader the Browns need in their locker room.  But let’s be really honest here, you really think the Browns are just going to go with Ibraheim Campbell and whoever else they have at Safety now, especially after Donte Whitner’s release?  Doubt it, Joseph is an immediate upgrade and a leader for this defense.  Karl Joseph reminds me of former Baltimore Ravens FS Ed Reed.

19. Buffalo Bills- OLB/DE Noah Spence, Eastern Kentucky- Can I seriously get LIVE footage of the Bills draft room if this happens?  Rex and Rob Ryan I bet will both do cartwheels completely ecstatic that Noah Spence slipped here.  Character questions in the past have never been a problem for the Ryan’s and Spence’s pure talent and almost perfect fit into their scheme, Rex Ryan himself might turn into, “The Flash” and run the card from Buffalo to Chicago.  Spence has been one of the most intriguing prospects since the Senior Bowl where he dominated the practices and put himself in the Top 10 players available.  After a solid combine, he seemed to have a steady stock, but his interviews with teams have caused him to drop.  He’s got the right size at 6'2", 250 lbs., but his speed leaves a bit to be desired.  He does have the power and moves you need to make up for the lack of speed.  After losing Mario Williams, Spence is a great young replacement for him.  Noah Spence reminds me of Atlanta Falcons OLB Courtney Upshaw.

20. Denver Broncos (from New York Jets)- TRADE: Jets trade 20th Overall pick, 2017 conditional late round pick in exchange for 31st Overall pick, 2016 3rd Round pick and 2017 3rd Round pick- QB Paxton Lynch, Memphis- If I’m Denver, I’d stay patient to see who falls to 31, but Lynch is a high upside pick and with Lynch slipping, the Broncos trade up.  Everyone thinks Paxton Lynch was a big winner in the Cleveland/Philadelphia trade, I strongly disagree.  Lynch already is considered by many as a big time project and really the only place he could go in and start Day 1 is Denver.  It’s possible the Jets could grab him for themselves, but the Draft trades are forcing them along with other teams to look at other needs.  This would bring a small free fall for Lynch that could potentially last until the last pick in the 1st Round (if Denver doesn’t move up).  John Elway isn’t going to let him get away.  We all know that Lynch is a big guy at 6’7’’ 240 and has a big time arm and deceptive speed.  With the weapons Denver has offensively, Lynch could easily slide into Denver and make an impact as the start his rookie year.  Almost any QB could succeed with Emmanuel Sanders, CJ Anderson, and DeMaryius Thomas along with other offensive weapons that can emerge in 2016.  Paxton Lynch reminds me of Houston Texans QB Brock Osweiler.

21. Washington Redskins- DT A’Shawn Robinson, Alabama- Well so much for drafting a CB here.  The Redskins pay up for CB Josh Norman and fill one of their biggest needs and now must address the DLine here.  Robinson is a monster of a man at 6’4’’, 305, and has the ability to get around the field if he has to.  On top of that he’s a great finisher as a tackler, RBs don’t get away from Robinson once he wraps them up.  Was a vocal leader for Alabama’s defense and wasn’t afraid to hold players accountable.  Robinson easily could start at DT Week 1 and be an impact rookie for the Redskins.  A’Shawn Robinson reminds me of New England Patriots DT Terrance Knighton.

22. Houston Texans- WR Will Fuller, Notre Dame- I think Houston knows what position they’re going to address here, the question is which of the WRs will they select.  While Doctson and Treadwell are great choices, it seems Houston may need more of a vertical threat WR.  That leaves Corey Coleman and Will Fuller.  By pure athletic talent, Fuller trumps almost all the top WRs in this year’s draft.  What I’m concerned with is his hands as he has shown at Notre Dame he’s inconsistent.  Even his route running is average, I honestly don’t see why Fuller is a 1st Round talent the more I watched him.  I think in a WR class where there really is no true vertical threat receiver, Fuller is viewed as a premium type.  Fuller does fit what the Texans need, but they must be patient and work with him on his consistency.  Will Fuller reminds me of Carolina Panthers WR Ted Ginn Jr.

23. Minnesota Vikings- WR LaQuon Treadwell, Ole Miss- How long does it take for the Vikings to make this selection?  Quite possibly the best WR in this draft class and Teddy Bridgewater needs a #1 WR target.  While there will e a great debate of whether or not they’ll take Josh Doctson or LaQuon Treadwell.  In the NFC North, the big thing with WRs is can they make the play after the catch and that’s what Treadwell thrives at.  Now Treadwell doesn’t have the best speed in the world, in fact he’s in the lower half of 40 times of prospects.  Treadwell makes up for that with his catching ability and more importantly his play after the catch, which is something you just can’t teach.  For once Teddy Bridgewater will have a #1 WR to throw to giving him a trio of Bridgewater, Adrian Peterson, and LaQuon Treadwell.  Now that’s quite the trio.  LaQuon Treadwell reminds me of former San Francisco WR Anquon Boldin.

24. Cincinnati Bengals- WR Josh Doctson, TCU- Well so much for losing Mohammed Sanu and Marvin Jones, the Bengals immediately replace them with quite possibly the best WR in this draft.  Doctson’s ability to go up and grab the ball is uncanny.  By far the best ball skills out of anyone in the draft, Doctson can go almost anywhere and make an impact in the league.  At 6’3’’ 205, Doctson, unlike Treadwell ran a solid 40 time (4.50) to back up his ball skills and the outstanding route running skills he also showed.  It’s quite possible Doctson is the 1st WR off the board.  The question is who is going to draft a WR and more importantly what kind of WR do they want.  Whoever gets Doctson at the end of the day, gets the most Pro ready WR in this draft.  For Andy Dalton with Doctson, AJ Green and Eifert…there are no more excuses not to thrive now.  Josh Doctson reminds me of Cleveland Browns WR Josh Gordon.

25. Pittsburgh Steelers- CB Eli Apple, Ohio State- Steelers let’s face it, they need a CB of the future.  They could easily go with the most Steeler like player in Mackensie Alexander who is a perfect match for them.  But Pittsburgh has shown they love the OSU pipeline and Eli Apple may not be the most polished, but he’s got the most upside.  Unlike Alexander, Eli Apple has the size and ability to really be a problem in the NFL.  My major concern was he relied on grabbing the WR too much.  While there are times in college where you might get away with it, the NFL as we’ve seen over the past few years really is hammering down on Defensive Holding plays.  Apple is going to have a major learning curve but knowing the Steelers, they’ll make him into the shutdown corner people think he’ll end up being.  Eli Apple reminds me of Washington Redskins CB Chris Culliver.

26. Seattle Seahawks- C Ryan Kelly, Alabama- After one year ago trading C Max Unger and picks for TE Jimmy Graham, the Seahawks look to upgrade the position by drafting the best Center in this year’s draft.  Ryan Kelly plays with great aggressiveness and is just an outstanding leader as he was the leader for the National Champion Alabama O-Line.  That line paved the way for Derrick Henry to win the Heisman and proved QB Jake Coker enough time especially late in the season to make plays with his arm and avenge their early exit from the College Football Playoff and win the National Title.  This pick for Seattle is to assure that QB Russell Wilson won’t be running for his life this year and that RB Thomas Rawls has the best opportunity possible to be the true successor to now retired RB Marshawn Lynch.  Ryan Kelly reminds me of Atlanta Falcons C Alex Mack.

27. Green Bay Packers- ILB Reggie Ragland, Alabama- The first time I’ve ever Mocked the same player to the same team 3 times.  Once again I’ll take what I said in Mock 1.0 about this pick.  Ragland is a great ILB prospect that the Packers would love to add to their team next year.  On top of that Ragland is an old school type linebacker who loves to take on runners.  That is a perfect fit for a team that needs those types of players to play in the Frozen Tundra of Lambeau Field.  Expect Ragland to start and make an impact from Day One in Green Bay.  Reggie Ragland reminds me of former Philadelphia Eagles LB Jermaine Trotter.

28. Kansas City Chiefs- CB William Jackson III, Houston- After the loss of Sean Smith, the Chiefs need to find a suitable replacement for him.  William Jackson had a great year at Houston last year and has flown up draft boards thanks to his outstanding Pre-Draft process.  Jackson already has size who blew everyone away with showcasing his pure speed.  Already scouts are very intrigued at the possibilities of Jackson.  He’s very instinctive and a ball hawk and nobody succeeded when he was covering at Houston.  Although we need to remember the level of competition he was playing at.  He has average strength, he seems to rely on his size/speed combo with his feel for the game to make plays.  Against more physical receivers, he will need to be up to that challenge.  Chiefs could look at a Connor Cook or a WR here, but Jackson is a good value here.  William Jackson III reminds me of Cleveland Browns CB Justin Gilbert.

29. Arizona Cardinals- CB Mackensie Alexander, Clemson- The Cardinals really want Ryan Kelly to be on the board, but since he’s not there, the Cardinals will take the best player on the board in Alexander.  Alexander has somewhat slipped due to bad team interviews, but the film doesn’t lie.  Alexander has the competitiveness you look for in a CB and also is confident, but not cocky about his abilities.  While he doesn’t have the ideal size and speed, the pure talent is unquestioned and Bruce Arians would love to put Alexander opposite Patrick Peterson.  Mackensie Alexander reminds me of New York Giants CB Janoris Jenkins.

30. Carolina Panthers- OG Cody Whitehair, Kansas State- While the Panthers will certainly look at a CB to replace the now departed Josh Norman, I think the Panthers use this pick to build the O-Line to protect Cam Newton.  While they could go with Indiana OT Jason Spriggs, Whitehair has emerged as a potential 1st Round pick, definite 2nd Round guy.  He’s considered one of the safest O-Line prospects for his talent, but more importantly his competitiveness and his confidence in his abilities.  This is the kind of guy that Carolina needs after we all saw a great defense dominate a mediocre Carolina O-Line.  Cody Whitehair reminds me of Cleveland Browns OG Joel Bitonio.

31. New York Jets- CB Kendall Fuller, Virginia Tech- After escaping a potential major blow by passing his medical checkup.  The Jets don’t really have a young CB to develop as Dee Milliner is a bust, Buster Skrine is still shrimpy and aging, and Revis is well…Revis.  This is a great spot for Fuller because he probably won’t be asked immediately to start opposite Revis.  This will give him time to full recover and get up to speed in New York’s system.  While Fuller is a solid CB who has the technique you want out of a CB, his athletic ability concerns me going forward.  In the AFC East you will have to worry about Julian Edelman, Sammy Watkins and Jarvis Landry.  How Fuller recovers and how fast he picks up the playbook will determine what happens in his career.  Kendall Fuller reminds me of Atlanta Falcons CB Desmond Trufant.

Round 2

32.   Cleveland Browns- WR Michael Thomas, Ohio State
33.   Tennessee Titans- WR Corey Coleman, Baylor
34.   Dallas Cowboys- RB Derrick Henry, Alabama
35.   San Diego Chargers- OT Jason Spriggs, Indiana
36.   Baltimore Ravens- DE/OLB Kevin Dodd, Clemson
37.   San Francisco 49ers- QB Connor Cook, Michigan State
38.   Jacksonville Jaguars- OT German Ifedi, Texas A&M
39.   Tampa Bay Buccaneers- S Von Bell, Ohio State
40.   New York Giants- DT Vernon Butler, Louisiana Tech
41.   Chicago Bears- OT Shon Coleman, Auburn
42.   Cleveland Browns (from Miami Dolphins)- C/G Nick Martin, Notre Dame
43.   Tennessee Titans (via Los Angeles via Philadelphia)- CB Xavier Howard, Baylor
44.   Oakland Raiders- DT Jarran Reed, Alabama
45.   Tennessee Titans- DT Robert Nkemdiche, Ole Miss
46.   Detroit Lions- WR Braxton Miller, Ohio State
47.   New Orleans Saints- OLB Kamelei Correa, Boise State
48.   Indianapolis Colts- S Jeremy Cash, Duke
49.   Buffalo Bills- QB Cardale Jones, Ohio State
50.   Atlanta Falcons- TE Hunter Henry, Arkansas
51.   New York Jets- OT Le’Raven Clark, Texas Tech
52.   Houston Texans- DE Carl Nassib, Penn St
53.   Washington Redskins- S Darian Thompson, Boise State
54.   Minnesota Vikings- OG Vital Alexander, LSU
55.   Cincinnati Bengals- OLB Joshua Perry, Ohio State
56.   Seattle Seahawks- DT Adolphus Washington, Ohio State
57.   Green Bay Packers- ILB Kentrell Brothers, Missouri
58.   Pittsburgh Steelers- WR Tyler Boyd, Pittsburgh
59.   Kansas City Chiefs- WR Sterling Sheppard, Oklahoma
60.   New England Patriots- DE/OLB Shilique Calhoun, Michigan St
61.   New England Patriots (from Arizona)- OLB Su’a Cravens, USC
62.   Carolina Panthers- RB Devonte Booker, Utah
63.   Denver Broncos- OT Joe Haeg, North Dakota State

BONUS: For our fellow Browns fans, I’ll mock the rest of the Draft for the Browns

65. WR Pharoh Cooper, South Carolina- Would be a great slot guy here when Andrew Hawkins is gone

79. OLB/DE Bronson Kaufusi, BYU- Big versatile EDGE rusher who has great moves to get to QB

99. LB Jatavius Brown, Akron- Extremely high upside 3-4 ILB.  Browns version of Ryan Shazier?

100. QB Kevin Hogan, Stanford- Pep Hamilton gets a familiar face in, great long term backup

138. K Roberto Agauyo, Florida State- Best kicker in draft where Browns don’t have one

141. C Graham Glasgow, Michigan- Excellent insurance for Cam Irving

172. TE Nick Vannett, Ohio State- The heir apparent to Gary Barnidge who will learn in time

173. WR Moritz Boehringer, Germany- GET THIS GUY AT ANY COST!

176. CB Rashard Robinson, LSU- High upside CB, but character issues are there

226. RB Brandon Wilds, South Carolina

And there you have it, the madness of these Mock Drafts are done and now we are only days away from the NFL Draft. 

We hope you will join TripleThreatCLE and No Static Radio at Scoreboards in Northfield, at 10333 Northfield Rd. in Northfield, OH.  I’ll be there analyzing the entire NFL Draft along with the entire TripleThreatCLE crew so I hope you join us Thursday night from 6 pm until the end of the 1st Round! 


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