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Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, 4.6.16: TNA Impact

By Brandon Albright, @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE, has returned with your TNA Impact Recap Edition.

TNA Impact took place at the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida. Jeff Hardy looked for revenge on Eric Young for almost ending his career, as they battle in the Six Sides Of Steel. Bobby Lashley battled The Pope in a Street Fight Match. Gail Kim defends the TNA Knockouts Championship in a triple threat match against Jade and Madison Rayne. Eddie Edwards gives Shane Helms his answer on whether or not Edwards will team up with Helms. Al Snow faces consequences for attacking Grado. In the main event, Drew Galloway defended the TNA World Heavyweight Championship against Matt Hardy.

*** Impact ***

- Eric Young Promo: EY tells the fans to shut their stupid mouths. EY says he's taking Jeff Hardy and pile driving him off the top of the cage and ending his life. Jeff Hardy arrives with a table and the Six Sides Of Steel match kicks off Impact.

- "Six Sides Of Steel Match": Jeff Hardy vs. Eric Young: Before the match, Bram helps EY attack Hardy outside the ring and it's a 2-on-1 for a little bit. Hardy is able to dispose of Bram by sending him into the steel wall and drop kicking him off the steel steps. The match closes out with Hardy setting up four chairs, goes for the Twist Of Fate, but EY counters and hits the pile driver on the chairs for a near fall. Hardy and EY climb the cage wall, but EY gets elbowed off and crotched on the ropes. Hardy goes for a pile driver, but EY blocks it. Hardy hits not one, but two Twist Of Fates on EY and places EY on a table. Hardy climbs all the way to the top of the cage wall and leaps off, hitting the Swanton Bomb on EY and putting him through the table. Hardy covers and scores the pinfall.
Winner: Jeff Hardy, by pinfall.

- Backstage, Dixie Carter tells Maria Bennett and Gail Kim that it's time to stop with the tattle tailing and childish games they play on each other. Dixie announces that Gail will defend the TNA Knockouts Championship in a triple threat match against Jade and Madison Rayne. Dixie tells Maria her mind games are played out. Gail is cool with the match and chases off Maria after Maria says it's Gail's fault Dixie is mad.

- Jeff Hardy Promo: Hardy says he finally got his revenge on Eric Young, now it's time to watch who wins in the TNA World Heavyweight Championship match between Matt Hardy and Drew Galloway.

- Matt Hardy and Drew Galloway Face To Face: Hardy says Galloway is a con man, is just stating facts, Galloway is holding Hardy's property, Hardy says he dresses like a champion, looks like a champion, married like a champion and is the perfect example in the wrestling business. Hardy says Galloway uses short cuts and will leave without his championship. Galloway says Hardy never shuts up, he used to look up to Hardy, but Hardy just uses his wife and son as a prop now for TV. Hardy begins ripping on his brother Jeff, calling him Benedict Arnold and tells Galloway that just cause he beat Jeff doesn't mean he'll beat Matt. Galloway says Matt is nothing like Jeff, cause people like Jeff and after Galloway beats Matt tonight hell be one of the best in the business and still the champion. Tyrus butts in and reminds Galloway that he still has a title shot coming and maybe he'll cash that in tonight after their match.

- Backstage, Ethan Carter reminds Tyrus that he cost EC3 the World Title and he should expect Karma to be calling.

- "Street Fight Match": Bobby Lashley vs. The Pope: The match closes out with Pope hitting a russian leg sweep and unloading kendo stick shots on Lashley. Pope goes to the top rope and leaps at Lashley with the kendo stick. Lashley counters and spears Pope in mid air to score the pinfall. After the match, Lashley hits another spear on Pope. Ethan Carter hits the ring and chases off Lashley. Mike Bennett then suddenly comes out of nowhere and cracks EC3 with a steel chair.
Winner: Bobby Lashley, by pinfall

- Ethan Carter Promo: EC3 says if Mike Bennett wants to fight, he's right here. EC3 calls Bennett an EC3 wannabe, when Maria Bennett interrupts. EC3 tells Maria to close her mouth, his political power is stronger than her spiritual power and to go find her gutless husband. Bennett finally arrives and says he's nothing like EC3, who makes excuses and blames other people. Bennett calls EC3 a sad pathetic bitch, everyone he knew left him, EC3 needs to look in the f'ing mirror and realize he's a loser and a failure. Bennett wants to fight EC3, but not till next week. EC3 mocks Bennett's catchphrase and then chases Bennett to the backstage area. EC3 and Bennett begin brawling backstage to end the segment.

- "TNA Knockouts Championship, Triple Threat Match": Gail Kim (c) vs. Jade vs. Madison Rayne: The match closes out with Gail dropping Madison and Jade with double neck breakers. Gail hits a hurricanrana on Jade. Jade comes back and lands a suicide dive on Madison. Jade lands a back elbow on Gail then lifts Madison up in a choke hold. Jade lands a drop kick on Madison, as Gail scales to the top rope. Maria Bennett comes out and shoves Gail off the ropes to the mat. Jade hits an STO on Gail, scores the pinfall and wins the title.
Winner: Jade, by pinfall, to win the TNA Knockouts Championship.

- Shane Helms Promo: Helms calls out Eddie Edwards to give his answer on teaming with Helms. Edwards arrives, says thanks for the offer, but the tag team title shot belongs to Edwards and Davey Richards. He's apart of Wolves Nation so the answer is no. Helms threatens to attack Edwards, but Beer Money show up and then The Decay come out after. Rosemary says if you wish upon a dying star, it makes no difference who you are because you'll decay. Abyss says they're taking the titles forever. Beer Money and The Decay begin to brawl. The brawl breaks up and Bobby Roode says they'll put the tag titles on the line against all the teams.

- Backstage, Spud tells Tyrus his plan of winning the title and handing it over to Matt Hardy is brilliant. Spud tries to get it in writing, but Tyrus says he isn't a fool and pushes the paper away.

- Backstage, Al Snow is complaining to Billy Corgan about Grado. Corgan says he respects tradition and has suspended Snow a week with no pay and Snow has to publicly apologize for attacking Grado.

- Backstage, Matt Hardy says Galloway being the thief he is stole food off of Matt's plate, tonight is Hardy's Revenge and he's getting back his title. Hardy asks Tyrus if he's ready, but Tyrus glares back at Hardy.

- "TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match": Drew Galloway (c) vs. Matt Hardy: The match closes out with Hardy taking off his boot as it appears he has an ankle injury. Spud goes for a crossbody, but Galloway counters with a exploder suplex. Hardy smacks Galloway in the face with his boot he took off and gets a near fall. Hardy goes for a flying elbow, but Galloway counters with the Future Shock DDT. Galloway covers, but Tyrus pulls the referee out of the ring. Jeff Hardy arrives with a steel chair and attacks Tyrus. Jeff hits the Twist Of Fate on Tyrus right on the steel chair. Inside the ring, Matt hits his own Twist Of Fate on Galloway and gets a near fall. Matt slaps Galloway in the face and goes for a second Twist Of Fate. Galloway counters and locks Matt in the Iron Maiden submission. Matt taps out and Galloway retains the title to close the show.
Winner: Drew Galloway, by submission, to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

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