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Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, 8.20.15: TNA Impact Wrestling

By @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE.  It's this week's TNA Impact recap for the week.

- This week's Impact was live at the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida. Tonight's episode was the made for tv pay per view Turning Point.

- Jeff Jarrett And Ethan Carter III Go Face To Face: GFW owner Jeff Jarrett kicks off Impact in the ring with a microphone. Jarrett claims that GFW's PJ Black will leave tonight the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Ethan Carter III interrupts. EC3 tells Jarrett that he doesn't belong in TNA anymore, this is the Carter's house now. Karen Jarrett takes the mic and accuses EC3 of being the man that attacked Bully Ray and Drew Galloway backstage. EC3 refuses to defend the title tonight. Jarrett says EC3 either defends the title tonight or he'll be stripped of it.

- Drew Galloway accuses Eli Drake of being the man that attacked him last week and Drake will get what he deserves.

- Mr Anderson defeated Bram, by pinfall, in a Open Mic Challenge. Bram powerbombed Anderson off a ladder and onto a pile of steel chairs. Bram grabs the mic and swings at Anderson. Anderson ducks and hits a Mic Check on Bram onto the steel chairs. Anderson grabs the mic and drives it into Bram's head repeatedly. Anderson does the saying of his name in the mic and drives the mic into Bram's head one more time to score the pinfall.

- Bobby Roode demands an answer from Jeff Jarrett on why he refused to put him in the King of the Mountain Match last week. Jarrett tells Roode he needs to go talk to Dixie Carter.

- Ethan Carter III begs Aunt Dixie Carter to not make him defend the TNA World Heavyweight Championship tonight and not strip him of it.

- James Storm Calls Out Mahabali Shera: Revolution is in the ring and James Storm has a microphone. Storm calls out Mahabali Shera. Storm says Shera joined TNA to provide for his family and asks Shera to re-pledge to The Revolution. Shera refuses and instead dances to his ring music. Storm calls Shera a joke. Shera says he also likes to fight and punches Storm in the mouth. Storm, Abyss and Manik gain control and beat down Shera. Abyss choke slams Shera. Manik seemed hesitant as Storm ordered him to frog splash Shera. Manik hits the frog splash and Storm finishes off Shera by hitting him with his bull rope.

- Eric Young calls PJ Black a thief for taking "his" TNA King of the Mountain Championship. EY promises to take back what is his.

- Gail Kim defeated Marti and Jade, by pinfall, in a Handicap Steel Cage Match. Gail traps Marti and Jade in between the ropes and the cage wall and hits a pair of running splashes. The Dollhouse try to regain control as Marti goes to the top rope. Marti goes for the cross body block, but Gail dodges it, causing Marti to take out Jade. Gail plants Marti with Eat Defeat and scores the pinfall.

- Dixie Carter sides with Jeff Jarrett and orders her nephew, Ethan Carter III, to defend the TNA World Heavyweight Championship tonight or he'll be stripped of it.

- Matt Hardy wants a rematch with Ethan Carter III, however, accepts one against Tyrus instead.

- Drew Galloway defeated Eli Drake, by pinfall. Drake sets up a table and lays Galloway on top of it. Drake goes to the top rope, but eats a drop kick from Galloway. Galloway hooks Drake, leaps off the middle ropes, hits the Air Raid Siren driver through the table and scores the pinfall on Drake.

- Velvet Sky threatens Taryn Terrell and tells her Gail Kim will find her. Gail suddenly appears and handcuffs Taryn to a bolt in the floor. Velvet chases away the camera man to end the segment.

- Eric Young Makes A Challenge To Chris Melendez: Eric Young is in the ring with a microphone. EY says he should be in the main event tonight, he's the most dangerous man in TNA, the best wrestler and is the reason Kurt Angle is on the shelf. Chris Melendez interrupts and asks EY for another match. EY says he has nothing to prove and Melendez needs to leave. EY then changes his mind and says he'll give Melendez another match, but only if he puts his prosthetic leg on the line.

- Matt Hardy defeated Tyrus, by pinfall. Tyrus misses a splash and hits nothing but steel post. Hardy plants Tyrus with not one, but two Twist of Fates and scores the pinfall. After the match, Ethan Carter III comes out of nowhere and hits Hardy from behind, taking Hardy out. EC3 orders Jeff Jarrett to send out his best GFW guy so he can be sacrificed to the Altar of Perfection.

- Ethan Carter III defeated PJ Black, by pinfall, to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Black and EC3 trade forearm shots and kicks back and forth. Black gets the advantage and is able to set EC3 up for the 450 Splash. Black hits the splash and comes within inches of winning the world title as EC3 barely kicks out. Black goes for another 450 Splash, but EC3 moves this time and Black crashes on the mat. EC3 hits the One Percenter and scores the pin, to survive another day with the world title.

- Impact closes out with Jeff Jarrett asking Dixie Carter to give him permission to run Impact every week. Dixie isn't sure at first, but knows he can do it. Dixie asks for a week to make the changes happen.

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