Wednesday, August 26, 2015

3 Rivers Rundown 8.26.15: Calm Down Steelers Nation #Steelers

By @Kratoslives

You know what fellow Steelers fans, stop it, really just stop it. Yes it sucks Maurkice Pouncey is out and Bruce Gradkowski’s hand is busted. Don't forget LeVeon Bell will miss the first two games.

So let's all head to the tallest buildings in our towns and jump to our collective deaths. Ok, now it's time to count our blessings on all the early injuries. First of all, you want it to happen now, not mid-season. It gives your team time to adjust. Don't believe me? Let's go back to last year and pick a first place team. It derailed the Cleveland Browns. Bye, bye playoffs and Alex Mack.

Oh now your starting to realize how the Steelers can recover from this minor set back?

Yes, that is not a typing error. A minor set back, because Pouncey will be back after the bye week. Besides, we are are getting a center back who knows the squad. Doug Legursky played and started a Super Bowl for us.

"But, but we're still scared!”

Then let me put it to rest for you. The Steelers have never won a Super Bowl after suffering major injuries during the season. I can only think of one team that has, but that player didn't play, Drew Bledsoe. The Patriots won their first Super Bowl with Bledsoe on the sidelines which was Tom Brady's first.

Now think about it. Your team learns to play with out the pressure of a win or loss on the line. Teams will be cutting players for numerous reasons which you may be able to get a steal. However, the most important part is the season still hasn't started. So if you listen and believe in Mike Tomlin, "The Standard Is The Standard". There is a chance for someone to become a starter elsewhere when Pouncey returns.

So all hands on deck! Cody Wallace, Doug Legursky, Chris Hubbard time to earn a decent contract in 2016. Even if it won't be with the Steelers, your family will thank you. The Steelers Nation will thank you. But more importantly than that, your financial future will be more secure.

Now to what really matters, buying time for Bruce Gradkowski to get healthy. We will need him more than Pouncey because of Big Ben. Roethlisberger has only played 16 games 3 times so far in his career going into his 12th season. I hear your hearts pounding, but let's all knock on wood.

After seeing all these injuries that hit us, this one is the one we can't afford to happen. Keep your fingers crossed and hope Ben continues to check down to avoid hits.

Now, that the Steelers have signed Michael Vick to a 1-year deal, let's move into this season the way we should.

With all eyes focused on Super Bowl 50.

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