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Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, 8.13.15: #TNA #ImpactWrestling

By @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE.  It's this week's TNA Impact recap for the week.

- This week's Impact was live at the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida. Tonight's episode the owner of Global Force Wrestling, Jeff Jarrett, was calling the shots, by permission from TNA President Dixie Carter.

- The GFW owner and current TNA King of the Mountain Champion, Jeff Jarrett, kicks off Impact in the ring with a microphone. Jarrett thanks the fans and plans a GFW vs. TNA card for tonight. Eric Young interrupts Jarrett and states that if Jarrett is King of the Mountain then EY is King of the World. EY wants a shot at Jarrett and the title, tonight. Jarrett announces he's vacating the title and having a King of the Mountain Match tonight, to crown a new champion. Jarrett then says he'll allow EY to be in it. EY attacks Jarrett which brings out the whole GFW roster to save Jarrett. The TNA roster hits the ring next to save EY. We get a TNA vs. GFW brawl to end the segment.

- Jeff Jarrett gives a pep talk to his GFW roster.

- TNA's Awesome Kong vs. GFW's Lei'D Tapa are both counted out. Tapa gets a near fall samoan drop on Kong. Kong comes back and plants Tapa with a choke slam. Kong and Tapa take the fight to the floor, brawl up the ramp and backstage. The referee has no choice but to count both ladies out.

- GFW's PJ Black is relaxing backstage, prepping for his match tonight.

- Drew Galloway promises to get the job done for TNA tonight.

- Bobby Roode is in the ring with a microphone. Roode wants in the King of the Mountain Match tonight. Roode then talks about Rockstar Spud and how Spud ended Austin Aries' TNA career last week. Spud interrupts and heads out to the ring. Spud says he's living his dream and compares Roode to a school yard bully. Roode says his aggression can't be stopped and Spud would be the last person to ever stop him. Spud cheap shots Roode, which pisses Roode off. Roode viciously pounds on Spud, chokes Spud with his jacket, hits a Roode Bomb on Spud and tosses Spud into the steel steps. Roode locks in the cross face submission on Spud and holds it in tight until TNA officials pull Roode off of Spud.

- Jeff Jarrett has words with Bobby Roode for what he did to Spud. Roode says Jarrett's not his boss he doesn't have to listen to him.

- TNA's Bobby Lashley defeated GFW's Jessie Godderz, by pinfall, to qualify for the King of the Mountain Match. Godderz lands a power slam on Lashley and then locks in a submission hold. Lashley uses his power to muscle out, hits a spear on Godderz and scores the pin.

- Drew Galloway is found laid out backstage by TNA officials.

- TNA World Heavyweight Champion Ethan Carter III is in the ring with a microphone. EC3 says his title represents his hard work, makes him better then the wrestling fans, makes fun of Matt Hardy and finally states he'll be the champion forever. Matt Hardy interrupts and heads to the ring. Hardy says he'll keep his sights set on EC3, will be the world champ one day, will not stop, will not quit because Matt Hardy will not die. EC3 denies Hardy a title shot ever again. Tyrus lands a cheap shot on Hardy and EC3 follows up by knocking Hardy out by hitting Hardy in the head with the world title.

- Taryn Terrell asks Marti and Jade to end Gail Kim forever in their Handicap Steel Cage Match.

- TNA's The Wolves defeated GFW's Brian Meyers and Trevor Lee, by pinfall. Trevor catches Eddie Edwards in mid air from a springboard elbow attempt and hits a german suplex for a near fall. The Wolves fire back and hit their backstabber/power bomb combo to score the pin.

- TNA's Tigre Uno defeated GFW's Sonjay Dutt, by pinfall. Dutt tries to unmask Uno at one point in the match. Dutt sets Uno up for a Super Hurricanrana, but Uno counters and rolls up Dutt for the pinfall.

- Jeff Jarrett tells Ethan Carter III that next week he's defending the TNA World Heavyweight Championship against the winner of tonight's King of the Mountain match.

- Mr. Anderson again hints at possible retirement. Anderson then challenges Bram to an Open Mic Challenge. The first one that grabs the microphone can use it as a weapon.

- GFW's PJ Black defeated TNA's Robbie E, TNA's Bobby Lashley, TNA's Eric Young and GFW's Chris Mordetzky to win the TNA King of the Mountain Championship, in a King of the Mountain Match. Black climbs the ladder with EY following. Lashley comes out of nowhere and spears EY off the ladder. Black leaps off the ladder and hits the 450 Splash on Lashley. Black is left all alone as he again climbs the ladder, grabs the title and becomes the new TNA King of the Mountain Champion.

- Impact closes out with TNA World Heavyweight Champion Ethan Carter III appearing, holding up his title and staring down Black.

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