Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, 8.11.15: #RAW Recap

By @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE. It's time for this week's RAW recap. 

- RAW was live this week in Everett, Washington. Washington is Daniel Bryan's home state and DB was advertised for tonight's show. Also Stephen Amell of the hit CW show Arrow was scheduled to be RAW's special guest tonight. Amell made it known that he'd confront Stardust tonight.

- WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins kicks off RAW in the ring with a microphone. Rollins makes fun of John Cena, states that Cena has not answered his challenge yet and Cena can feel free to show up in Brooklyn at Summer Slam and just surrender the WWE United States Championship to Rollins. A still frame of Cena appears on the titantron with Seth Rollins pretending to talk like Cena. Rollins/Cena says he's giving up because of how ugly he looks now. Rollins says he's a fighting champion and then gets interrupted by Cesaro. Cesaro demands a shot at Rollins tonight. Kevin Owens interrupts next and says Cesaro has done nothing to earn a title shot. Owens states that he has beaten Cena. Randy Orton interrupts next and feels he deserves a title shot. Seth Rollins says he said nothing about a open challenge tonight so the answer is no to all of them. Triple H interrupts next and announces Cesaro vs. Owens vs. Orton with the winner getting a title shot tonight against Rollins. Rollins is pissed to end the segment.

- Team Bella defeated Team B.A.D., by pinfall. Tamina hits a clothesline, but misses an attempted kick on Brie. Brie rolls up Tamina and scores the pin. After the match, Team B.A.D. attack Team Bella until Team PCB hits the ring. All three factions go at it in the ring. Charlotte hits a spear on Brie, as Team PCB clears the ring. Team PCB and Team B.A.D. have a stare down to end the segment.

- The New Day defeated Los Matadores, by pinfall. Fernando hits spin kicks and chops on Kofi Kingston. Fernando then unloads on Big E and Xavier Woods. El Torito gets involved, which distracts Fernando. Big E blind tags in and hits the Big Ending double team finisher on Fernando, to score the pin.

- It's announced that The Prime Time Players will defend the WWE World Tag Team Championship against The New Day, Los Matadores and The Lucha Dragons in a Fatal Four Way Match at Summer Slam.

- Seth Rollins is pissed that Triple H is making him defend the WWE World Heavyweight Championship tonight. Triple H says if he wants to be the man then he has to do it every single night.

- Randy Orton defeated Cesaro and Kevin Owens, by pinfall, in a Triple Threat Match, to earn a WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match later tonight. Owens hit a Swanton and a super kick on Cesaro. Orton slides back in the ring and hits an RKO on both Owens and Cesaro. Orton covers Cesaro and scores the pin.

- Luke Harper defeated Dean Ambrose, by pinfall. Bray Wyatt tries to get involved, but Roman Reigns drops Bray with a punch. Harper lands a kick on Reigns, but gets taken out with a Ambrose suicide dive. Ambrose gets tangled in the ropes and gets blasted by a Harper clothesline. Harper covers and scores the pin.

- Miz TV With Special Guest: Daniel Bryan. Daniel Bryan says he wasn't going to miss RAW in his home state, takes credit for his success, advertises his Christmas movie coming out and credits his accomplishments due to hard work. Miz asks DB how he feels being injured and on the shelf. Bryan says he wrote a book to pass the time and guest starred on Tough Enough. Miz brings up Ryback and talks about Ryback's injury and how Miz feels he should've been handed the WWE Intercontinental Championship. Big Show interrupts and tells Miz he has crap coming out of his mouth and still has white teeth. Ryback's music hits and the "Big Guy" returns. Ryback and Show go nose to nose as Miz escapes from the ring. Bryan grabs Miz and tosses him back in the ring. Ryback and Show beat down Miz. Ryback ends up clearing the ring and stands tall with Daniel Bryan to end the segment.

- Rusev vs. Mark Henry goes to a no contest. Lana knocks Summer Rae off the apron. Summer tosses Lana in the ring as Rusev beats down Henry on the floor. Summer slams Lana on the mat repeatedly and then locks Lana in The Accolade submission, as Rusev yells at Summer to crush Lana. Lana is left laid out as Rusev's flag drops and he celebrates.

- Neville defeated King Barrett, by pinfall. Barrett misses a knee and gets dropped with a kick in the face by Neville. Neville hits the Red Arrow on Barrett and scores the pin. After the match, Stardust hits the ring and attacks Neville from behind. Stardust goes face to face with Stephen Amell, who's sitting in the front row and hits Amell in the face. Amell leaps the barricade, tackles Stardust in the ring and unloads punches. WWE Security hit the ring, hold Amell back and drag him out of the ring.

- Triple H yells at Stephen Amell for being a guest tonight and getting involved in a match. Amell says he wants Stardust cause he's going to fight back. Neville asks Triple H to make a match with Red and Green Arrow vs. Stardust and King Barrett at Summer Slam. Amell says he'll sign what he needs to sign to get cleared to wrestle just make the match happen. Amell and Triple H shake hands to end the segment.

- Sheamus cuts a promo on Randy Orton and Seth Rollins and their WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match tonight. Sheamus reminds us he holds the Money In The Bank briefcase and will cash in on the exact right time.

- Randy Orton defeated Seth Rollins, by DQ, Rollins retains the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Seth Rollins sets Orton up for the Pedigree, but gets dropped with the RKO outta nowhere by Orton. Orton covers, but Sheamus hits the ring and beats down Orton, causing the DQ. Sheamus throws Orton over the barricade into the crowd and drops Rollins with the Brogue Kick.

Sheamus yells at the referee and says he wants to cash in his Money In The Bank briefcase. Orton slides back in the ring, however, and drops Sheamus with an RKO before the cash in is made official. Orton celebrates to end the show.

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