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Leadoff with Lee 8.24.15 #Buckeyes #Cavs #JordyNelson #CrisCarter

By @cleeverizon

- The Ohio State Buckeyes football team has been voted the unanimous number one team in the preseason Associated Press’ Top 25 poll after receiving 61 first place votes. The only thing that's not unanimous right now is who the starting quarterback for the Buckeyes will be, Cardale Jones or J.T. Barrett.

Michigan State is ranked No. 5 in the AP preseason poll. This is the Spartans' highest ranking in the Associated Press’ preseason poll since starting No. 3 in 1967.

Here is the full Associated Press Top 25:

- After opting out of his $6.4M player option for the 2015 season, J.R. Smith announced, via Instagram that he and the Cavaliers have agreed on a 2-year, $10M deal, with a player option in the second year. The deal also includes a no-trade clause. After this deal was announced Thursday, it makes me think Smith wasn’t too crazy for opting out of his original deal. I mean, he did secure himself $5M for the 2016 season.

- The Cavs also signed European center Sasha Kaun to a 2-year contract. The Cavs have held Kaun's rights since the 2008 season before he elected to play overseas. He averaged 9.9 points per game and 4.5 rebounds. He has been labeled as a hard nose enforcer in the paint, who will provide a physical presence. As I looked at video from the Russian Olympic team, which Kaun was apart of, he will not be afraid to use every single foul available to him to help his team secure a win.

- Aaron Rodgers will be missing his number one receiver this year. In a preseason game yesterday against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Jordy Nelson suffered a knee injury. After Green Bay’s doctors perform their tests, it will likely be announced that Nelson is out for the season with a torn ACL.

- On the story that came out Sunday, of Cris Carter saying some controversial comments to rookies, here's what I think. In my opinion, the NFL and ESPN should be ashamed of themselves. We all know the NFL and ESPN are in bed with each other. But don't say you disagree with what Cris Carter said over a year ago. Maybe what he said is an unwritten rule. In baseball, you hit my star player, I hit your star player. To me, the league and ESPN need to get off of their moral high horse and just keep it real.

The "Fall Guy" isn't expected to take a murder case for someone. Everyone knows what Cris Carter said was the absolute truth on how it works in the NFL. NFL players don't live in a reality world, but to the common man, like you and I, it might seem like a fantasy. But for me, what Carter said was the truth. I know the NFL is a business and they have to keep their sponsors happy. But don't treat me like I live under a rock and distance yourselves away from Carter for comments he made over a year ago! Why not distance yourself away from Warren Sapp? Did you push Adrian Peterson away? How about Aldon Smith? Ray Lewis? But Josh Gordon can’t even be in the team facility to workout for a drug test he barely failed based upon the current testing criteria.The NFL has never admitted guilt in any of their wrong doings but they love to push players to the side and let them sink or swim on their own.

Hey NFL and ESPN, just admit what really happens in the secret lives of athletes. It would make excellent reality TV.

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