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NXT Takeover: Brooklyn Recap #NXTBrooklyn #NXTTakeOver

By @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon brought to you by Triple Threat CLE, brings you the NXT Takeover: Brooklyn recap. Takeover: Brooklyn took place live at the Barclays Center, in the heart of New York City, Brooklyn, New York. Takeover: Brooklyn sold out the Barclays Center for this event, which is huge news for Triple H and his product.

The fans of NXT inside the Barclays Center made their voices heard as they chanted "Full Sail Sucks" to the beat of "New Day Sucks". Taking shots at NXT's home base for TV tapings, Full Sail University, in Orlando, Florida.

*** Takeover: Brooklyn Pre-Show ***

Just going to give a quick recap on the pre-show stuff, as it was just an appetizer to the main course.

- Enzo Amore, Big Cass and The Hype Brothers (Mojo and Ryder) defeated Scott Dawson, Dash Wilder, Jason Jordan and Chad Gable, by pinfall, in an Eight Man Tag Team Match. Enzo and Big Cass hit their Rocket Launcher finisher to secure the pinfall for their team.

- Eva Marie defeated Carmella, by pinfall. The fans tore poor Eva apart, not caring at all about the rumored "Future Face Of The Divas". Eva hit her Sliced Red finisher and scored the pinfall on Carmella.

- Bull Dempsey defeated Elias Sampson, by pinfall. Bull hits a top rope seated senton drop on Sampson and picks up the pinfall.

- Emma defeated Charlotte, Becky Lynch and Dana Brooke, by pinfall, in a Fatal Four Way Match. Best of friends, Emma and Dana eventually turn on each other in the match, proving it's every woman for themselves. Emma picks up the pinfall on Becky Lynch. After the match, Charlotte and Becky push the Divas Revolution gimmick, as they both attack Emma and Dana. Charlotte hits a spear on Emma. Charlotte locks in the Figure Eight and Becky locks in the Disarm-Her on Emma and Dana to close out the pre-show.

*** Takeover: Brooklyn ***

- Triple H Fires Up The Crowd: Triple H opens up the show with a promo. Triple H pushes his creation, NXT. Triple H states that NXT is the future of wrestling and ends the promo with a "We Are NXT" yell.

- Jushin Thunder Liger defeated Tyler Breeze, by pinfall. For the first time ever, Japanese legend, Jushin Thunder Liger stood in a WWE ring. Liger mocked Breeze quite a bit in this match, one time even taking Breeze's selfie stick and taking selfies of himself. Liger received a huge pop from the crowd with his antics. Breeze and Liger showcased a lot of mat wrestling. Breeze got a near fall on Liger with the Beauty Shot at one point in the match. The match closes out with Breeze getting warned by the referee, as he unloads on Liger with corner strikes. Breeze yells at the referee and then catches a face palm strike by Liger. Liger next nails a somersault plancha on Breeze on the floor. Back in the ring, Liger hits the Liger Bomb on Breeze and scores the pinfall. After the match, Liger does his traditional Japanese bow to the fans.

- The Kliq was in attendance, as Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Sean Waltman were shown in the front row.

- Backstage, Bayley gets a good luck hug from Charlotte and a good luck hand shake from Becky Lynch.

- The Vaudevillians defeated Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy, by pinfall, to win the NXT World Tag Team Championship. Before the match, Alexa Bliss mocks Gotch and English for failing to bring someone with them to put her in check, like they stated they would. NXT women's newcomer Blue Pants suddenly appears and alignes herself with Simon and English. Blake and Murphy controlled part of the match with quick tags and kept English out of his corner. Gotch finally hot tags in and unloads on the champions.
The match closes out with English getting a near fall after hitting a senton. Alexa gets up on the apron, but gets knocked off by Blue Pants. Blue chases Alexa around ringside, until Alexa lands a kick on Blue, putting Blue down. Alexa gets in the ring and swings at Gotch and English. Blue is back in and tackles Alexa. Blue and Alexa CATFIGHT!!! to the floor. Gotch and English hit their double team finisher, score the pinfall and walk out the NEW NXT World Tag Team Champions.

- Top music producer, Rick Rubin, is shown in the front row.

- Apollo Crews defeated Tye Dillinger, by pinfall. Apollo Crews makes his official NXT debut. Dillinger continues his Perfect 10 gimmick. Crews outsmarts Dillinger with a headlock early and gets his own "Perfect 10" chant from the crowd. Dillinger was able to take control of the newcomer with a drop kick, stomps, a big kick and a sleeper. The match closes out with Dillinger landing a big standing enziguri, but Crews makes the comeback. Crews hits a clothesline, a huge corner splash and gets "hulked up". Crews hits a press slam on Dillinger and follows up with a standing moonsault. Crews covers and scores the pinfall, in his NXT debut.

- NXT GM William Regal announces a Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Tournament, as a tribute to the American Dream. The tournament will kick off on Sept 2nd NXT TV and the finals will conclude at the next Takeover pay per view.

- Samoa Joe defeated Baron Corbin, by submission. Joe went for the Coquina Clutch early, but Corbin slides to the floor to escape. Corbin takes control after landing a kick and a forearm, after the referee seperated Joe and Corbin arguing. Joe finally slows down Corbin's offense with submission mat wrestling. Joe gets a crossface submission locked in and Corbin just makes it to the ropes to break the hold. Corbin pulls out submission wrestling and locks up Joe in a heel hook submission, but Joe escapes. Nice back and forth action, with Joe at one time attempting a Muscle Buster, but it's blocked. The match closes out with Corbin landing corner stomps and punches. Corbin sets Joe up for End of Days, but Joe counters out, goes behind and locks in the Coquina Clutch. Corbin counters out by slamming Joe down and getting a near fall. Joe is back up and jumps right back into the Coquina Clutch submission, this time locking it in tight and taking Corbin down to the mat. Corbin tries to fight out of the submission, but eventually Corbin passes out and the referee stops the match. Joe wins his first NXT pay per view match and Baron Corbin's undefeated streak is officially over.

- Ric Flair, Sgt. Slaughter and Japanese women's wrestler Kanna were shown sitting at ringside, as were Tamina and Naomi of Team BAD.

- Stephanie McMahon Promotes The Divas Revolution: Stephanie is in the ring with a microphone. Stephanie says the Revolution may have started on RAW a month ago, but it originated here in NXT. The Divas are the main event according to Stephanie and Triple H and announces tonight's NXT Women's Championship as a co-main event.

- Bayley defeated Sasha Banks, by pinfall, to win the NXT Women's Championship. Bayley with a tribute to Dusty Rhodes by wearing polka dot ring gear. Sasha Banks arrives in a Cadillac Escalade. Bayley and Sasha go back and forth. Bayley with a tackle, Sasha with turnbuckle face slams, Bayley with a tree of woe springboard elbow, more back and forth with back and forth fan chants, until Sasha finally escapes to the floor. Sasha takes control by kicking Bayley's knee, hitting an elbow, grounds Bayley to the mat and hits the double knee in the corner.
Sasha roadblocks a Bayley comeback and goes after Bayley's hand. Sasha slams Bayley's hand on the steel steps, stomps on it and kicks her hand in between the steel steps. Back in the ring, Sasha gets a near fall and begins to show frustration. Bayley makes a comeback and both ladies trade punches on their knees. Bayley goes for Bayley To Bayley, but Sasha counters out and eventually locks on the Bank Statement submission. Sasha applies the pressure, but Bayley is able to reverse out of the submission and apply her own Bank Statement submission.
Sasha reaches the ropes to survive. More back and forth action with Sasha getting a near fall with the double knees. The match closes out with Sasha and Bayley trading shots on the ropes. Bayley nails a modified hurricanrana and follows with Bayley to Bayley. Bayley covers, scores the pinfall and we have a NEW NXT Women's Champion. After the match, Sasha, Charlotte and Becky Lynch all hug Bayley and congratulate the new champion.

- It's announced that NXT will tour the United Kingdom this December.

- Finn Balor defeated Kevin Owens, in a Ladder Match, to retain the NXT World Title. Owens talks trash and Balor unloads. Owens with an elbow, a senton and the corner cannonball. Balor with Sling Blade and Owens rolls to the floor. Balor and Owens tug of war a ladder, until Balor is rammed into the apron and hit in the chest with the ladder. Balor hits Owens with the ladder, they fight around the ring and both go over the barricade. Owens goes for a powerbomb, but is backdropped over the barricade. Owens catches Balor in mid-air and rams him into the barricade.
Balor gets tossed over the announcers table, but comes back and leaps off the table, drop kicking a ladder at Owens. Balor with a suicide dive and goes for the title. Owens makes the stop, pulling Balor off the ladder. Owens shoves Balor into a ladder and out to the floor onto another ladder. Owens climbs the ladder, Balor makes the stop and sends Owens into a ladder. Owens hits a clothesline out of the corner, uses the ladder as a weapon and hits a senton with the ladder on Balor. Balor reverses a power bomb and power bombs Owens on a ladder. Owens stops Balor from climbing and shoves him into a ladder in the corner. Owens misses the corner cannonball and hits all ladder. Balor hits the double stomp and climbs for the title. Owens makes the stop and power bombs Balor off the ladder. Owens climbs, but Balor tips Owens off it.
Owens and Balor end up on the floor where Owens hits a pop up apron power bomb. Owens climbs, but Balor again tips Owens off the ladder. Owens lands kicks and tells Balor to stay down. Owens makes a ladder bridge and goes for a superplex off a ladder on Balor. Balor knocks Owens off the ladder and onto the ladder bridge below. Balor lands a big kick on Owens as Owens tries to stop Balor from climbing. Balor hits the double stomp on Owens off the ladder, climbs the ladder, grabs the NXT World Title and retains. Takeover closes out with Balor celebrating on top of the ladder.

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