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Wrestling Lockup with Brandon 3.7.15: #TNA #Impact Recap

By @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE. It's this week's TNA Impact recap edition. Last week, Bobby Lashley successfully retained his TNA World Heavyweight Championship against MVP. Rockstar Spud got a little revenge on Ethan Carter III, shaving a little bit of ECIII's head. TNA Knockouts Champion, Taryn Terrell, called out Awesome Kong and got taken out by the monster. Austin Aries and Samoa Joe had another classic match. Kurt Angle continues to have issues with the BDC and Bram continues to call out Magnus. What will tonight's Impact have in store for us? Let's get to last night's recap as TNA visits Manchester, England.

- In Ring Segment with The Beat Down Clan: The BDC blame Drew Galloway for ruining their fun and promise that he will take an ass kicking. They were just having fun when they beat down Al Snow and Grado. Now it's all about getting down to business and winning the TNA World Title. MVP gives Drew Galloway the opportunity to explain himself. Galloway makes his way out. Galloway says he's here to make things right, speak up for those not listened to and to help the TNA fans, because they are the ones that the BDC screw with every week. Kenny King tells Galloway to take it like a man, or they will go after his family. Galloway wants to fight and gets King right now.

- Drew Galloway vs. Kenny King: Low Ki and MVP get ordered to the back by the referee, trying to interfere. Galloway sends King into the barricade. King lands chops but Galloway tilt-a-whirls King on the outside apron. Back in the ring, King drops Galloway across the ropes, hits a leg drop, a suplex, lands a kick and mocks Galloway with a face slap. Galloway lands punches, then gets a near fall with a top rope clothesline. King counters the "Future Shock" DDT with a super kick and gets a near fall neck breaker. King goes for his "Royal Flush" finisher, but Galloway counters into the "Future Shock" DDT. Galloway scores the pinfall and escapes from the BDC through the crowd.

- In Ring Segment with Bobby Roode: Roode says Eric Young has tried to take everything away from Roode, but Roode is still standing. Roode says he will become the #1 Contender tonight and Eric Young and Kurt Angle won't stop him from doing it. Angle comes out to confront Roode, however, EY appears behind Roode and attacks Roode. Angle tries to grab EY and EY tries to throw a punch at Angle. EY gets clocked by both Angle and Roode before retreating.

- Matt Hardy vs Bram: Matt ducks a boot, hits a clothesline, a bulldog and sends Bram to the floor. Bram sends Matt into the ring apron, then back into the ring. Matt dodges an elbow and hits a clothesline. Matt lands a kick, an elbow and hits a second rope elbow for a near fall. Matt hits the "Side Effect" for a near fall. Matt goes for the "Twist of Fate", but Bram grabs the referee to block it. Bram hits a low blow and plants Matt with a swinging DDT. Bram covers and scores the pinfall. After the match, Bram goes to attack Matt with his metal turn buckle rod, but Magnus hits the ring. Magnus unloads on Bram, until Bram can finally get out of the ring.

- In Ring Segment with Magnus: Magnus tells Bram he could've went home broken hearted, but he's standing up for his family and the fans. Magnus says it's personal, will give Bram the beating he deserves and make sure Bram's blood is spilled.

- In Ring Segment Rockstar Spud: Spud wants to settle things with Ethan Carter III, one on one. EC3 comes out and says people like Spud can't make challenges, calls himself the future and Spud a little boy. Spud tells EC3 to shut up and Spud was the reason EC3 earned all of his accomplishments. Spud and EC3 agree to have a hair vs. hair match and both guarantee victory. 

- "TNA Knockouts Championship Match": Taryn Terrell (c) vs. Awesome Kong: Terrell lands punches but Kong slams Terrell. Kong corner splashes Terrell. Terrell lands a kick and leaps off the top rope, but Kong catches Terrell and slams her. Terrell hits mounted corner punches, drops Kong's head on the ropes and gets a near fall cross body. Kong regains control and goes for the "Implant Buster". Terrell counters and goes for the diving cutter. Kong counters, shoves Terrell away and unloads stomps on Terrell. Kong pushes the referee away and gets DQ'ed. After the match, Kong tosses Terrell into the steel steps, then goes for the "Implant Buster" on the floor. Gail Kim hits the ring and makes the save. Kim and Kong trade blows and brawl with each other all the way up the stage and to the back.

- "TNA World Tag Team Championship Match": James Storm and Abyss (c) vs. The Wolves: The Wolves get attacked from behind by Revolution, as they came to the ring. Storm sends Eddie Edwards to the floor, then unloads on Davey Richards. Edwards hits Abyss with an enziguiri, kicks Storm, hits another enziguiri on Storm, then a stunner. Khoya attacks Edwards, setting up Storm to hit "Eye of the Storm" for a near fall. Matt Hardy makes his way to the ring to watch the match.

Abyss goes for a choke slam, but The Wolves send Abyss to the floor. The Wolves suicide dive Sanada and Manik on the floor, then hit another suicide dive, wiping out Storm, Abyss, Khoya and Matt Hardy on accident. Edwards with an enziguiri on Storm. Sanada accidentally blows mist in Manik's face. Abyss grabs the cowbell, but Matt Hardy takes it away. The Wolves hit the double stomp finisher and score the pinfall. The Wolves are the NEW TNA World Tag Team Champions.

- "#1 Contender's, Triple Threat Match For The TNA World Heavyweight Championship": Bobby Roode vs. Eric Young vs. Kurt Angle: The three unload on each other with punches and slams. Angle with german suplexes on EY. Roode applies the crossface submission on Angle, but Angle counters it into the ankle lock submission. Roode escapes and counters Angle back into the crossface submission. EY breaks up the submission and goes for the piledriver on Roode. Roode counters the piledriver and plants EY with a spine buster. Angle hits the "Angle Slam" on Roode, then applies the ankle lock submission on EY. Roode grabs Angle and goes for the "Roode Bomb", but Angle counters it into the ankle lock submission. Roode counters out of it, but accidentally sends Angle crashing into the referee. EY hits Roode with a steel chair while the referee is down. Angle sends EY to the floor and capitalizes on an injured Roode, by hitting the "Angle Slam". The referee is back up, as Angle covers Roode and scores the pinfall. Impact closes out with Angle celebrating, as he now gets the next shot at Bobby Lashley and the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

That wraps up this weeks TNA Impact, till next time, tap or snap.


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