Sunday, March 1, 2015

3 Rivers Rundown 3.1.15: Back To The Past Thru Our Future

By @Kratoslives

Ok the season is over. Combine has come and gone. It is time to get back to our past. So with that said, it's time to do the unmentionable: cut Troy Polamalu. I know what I'm saying is crazy to some, but it is time. So with a heavy heart and leap of faith, we move on. Thank You Troy, we love you. However, we must address our past so that means one more year for James Harrison and Brett Keisel who showed they have one left in them.   

Now for Shamarko Thomas and Mike Mitchell it's time to shine and take over the middle of the secondary. Ok here is where it gets scary CB we must strike gold in this draft. We also need a serious NT, we must clog up the middle. Mike Tomlin, yes you, I'm calling you out on this one. I need to see the coach from his second year at the helm. That man could get a rabbit to kill a rattle snake with a feather. That coach is really needed because we must also go young on D. Bye Ike Taylor. You're killing us by getting beat across the middle, and Cortez up. 

To the coordinators Todd Haley and Keith Butler, mainly Keith, you must breathe new life into the defense. Todd, stay in Ben's head the passing game was spectacular last year. Mike Munchak, no words are needed. Our O-Line is in great hands. Now for the players themselves, you must lose this friendly attitude. Other than Cam Heyward the intensity level has to go up. Believe it or not, if you play more violent the refs will let that be your style of play. 

Mr. Kevin Colbert it's time to get your draft picks back in order. You must strike oil with this 2015 draft class. If not, I'll lead the parade for your resignation and it will be messy. These things must be accomplished because truthfully last year we should've been 8-8. We truly lucked out in a couple of those games. Guess what Pittsburgh? Your the team to beat this year when it comes to the AFC. With only two pieces really needed on the offense, tight end and running back, we will be one of the most feared units. 

As far as the AFC North goes, we will be in a fight again for the title with the Bengals and Ravens waiting on us to stumble because of the schedule. Sorry Cleveland, but you're not going to be a factor this year. So with zeal and hesitation I push forward looking for great things for our team. Including sliding down to Canton to watch "The Bus" Jerome Bettis go into the Pro Football Hall Of Fame. April 30th, I also will be crashing another draft party representing the Black & Yellow. Time to get ready folks! So let's meet again maybe in a month, talking more Steelers football. 

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