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Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, 3.17.15: RAW

By @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE. It's the RAW recap from last night's show. RAW took place live last night in Des Moines, Iowa, Seth Rollins' hometown. Last week, "The Viper" Randy Orton finally struck and beat Seth Rollins within an inch of his life. John Cena got his match with Rusev, at Wrestlemania, after forcing Lana to agree to it, after Cena trapped Rusev in the "STF". Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar sent a message to Roman Reigns. The Undertaker accepted Bray Wyatt's pleadings for a Wrestlemania match. We're inching closer to Wrestlemania 31, read on and check out last night's recap.

- The Authority And Randy Orton Go Face To Face: The Authority are in the ring, where Seth Rollins rips on his hometown, calling them nobodies. Rollins says what Orton did to The Authority last week was cold blooded and borderline sociopathic. Rollins blames Triple H and Stephanie McMahon for letting Orton come back. Big Show and Kane both apologize to Rollins. Noble says what Orton did is inexcusable. Mercury is speechless cause it hit him so hard. Rollins accepts Orton's Wrestlemania 31 challenge, but only if Orton fights Rollins tonight, and says Orton's actions will have consequences. Orton appears and is on the stage. Orton says he made Rollins look like a little bitch, accepts Rollins' request, will take out the whole Authority and will end the future (Rollins) at Wrestlemania 31.

- A.J. Lee vs. Nikki Bella: Paige and Brie Bella argue with each other on the floor. Brie sends Paige into the ring post. A.J. gets distracted and catches a forearm from Nikki. A.J. gets planted with "Rack Attack" and Nikki scores the pinfall.

- Backstage, Kane and Big Show argue about who's going to be in Seth Rollins' corner. Seth Rollins tries to calm them down and says arguing is why they got sent home last week. Kane calls Rollins spoiled and won't be in his corner. Show stares down Rollins and walks off.

- Ryback vs. The Miz: Ryback tries to get Damien Sandow to punch Miz. Sandow looks as if he wants to, but doesn't. Miz orders Sandow to put his hands down. Ryback hits the "Meat Hook" and the "Shell Shock" on Miz, during the distraction, to score the pinfall.

- After the match: Sandow helps Miz up, but Miz lays out Sandow with the "Skull Crushing Finale".

- Rusev vs. John Cena Wrestlemania 31 Contract Signing: Cena says the man that is wearing the WWE United States Championship, Cena doesn't like the fact he's representing the U.S., Cena wants to beat Rusev and say enough is enough and bring home the U.S.Title. Rusev lives in America, but disrespects America. The contract he's signing he looks at as the Declaration of Independence and Wrestlemania is our Revolution. Rusev arrives, but no Lana, instead he has a man in a suit with him. The man in the suit is Rusev's attorney and he states Rusev will not be signing the contract. Rusev never agreed to the match, Lana did, there is no evidence what so ever to Rusev accepting the match. Rusev goes on another anti-America tirade, angering Cena. America is full of failures and is a stupid little country that will die. Rusev and Cena are nose to nose, Rusev agrees to sign the contract and flips the table over. Rusev and his lawyer run, as the Russian flag drops behind Cena. Cena says Rusev's ass is his at Wrestlemania.

- The New Day vs. Cesaro and Tyson Kidd: Los Matadores watched from ringside. Kofi hits "Trouble in Paradise", but Cesaro hits Kofi from behind and rolls him up, scoring the pinfall.

- After the match: Los Matadores and The New Day brawl at ringside. Cesaro lays Xavier Woods out with a "Neutralizer". El Torito hits Cesaro. Los Matadores take control and chase Cesaro and Kidd from the ring.

- Backstage, Seth Rollins, Mercury and Noble all argue with each other. Noble quits and Mercury follows after Noble.

- Pre-Recorded Interview With Brock Lesnar: Lesnar doesn't care about people being mad about him ending "The Streak", he's WWE Champion and he'll stay champion whether he stays in WWE or leaves. Roman Reigns will take an ass kicking and get "F'ed up" at Wrestlemania. It'll be an ass kicking he's never taken before.

- Big Show vs. Erick Rowan: Show attacks Rowan before the match even starts. Show hits the "KO Punch" and drops an elbow on Rowan. WWE medical check on Rowan as Show leaves the ring.

- Larry Zbyszko is announced for the WWE Class of 2015 Hall of Fame.

- Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal Gathering: Kane is present with everyone else competing in the battle royal. Kane wants to teach everyone a lesson, but Mark Henry interrupts. Henry announced he's entering the battle royal and a huge brawl breaks out. Kane and Henry toss everyone, than start brawling. Curtis Axel dumps Kane to the floor, but gets tossed out by Henry. Henry celebrates to end the segment.

- Paul Heyman and Roman Reigns Go Face To Face: Heyman praises Brock Lesnar as the best in WWE and MMA, Lesnar is coming to make war with Roman Reigns, no one can stop Lesnar, wonders what will happen when Lesnar "bitch slaps" Reigns and Reigns will receive a "prison beating". Roman Reigns arrives and gets in the ring. Reigns says his issues aren't with Heyman, they're with Lesnar. Reigns is hoping for a war, he'll beat Lesnar's ass, Reigns might be carried out of Wrestlemania, but he'll be carried out WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

- Backstage, Paul Heyman says Brock Lesnar will be on RAW next week to have a talk with Roman Reigns.

- "6 Man Tag Team Match": Stardust, Luke Harper and Bad News Barrett vs. Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler and Dean Ambrose: R-Truth is at ringside with Barrett's WWE Intercontinental Championship. Ziggler accidentally super kicks Bryan. Barrett tosses Ziggler to the floor and sets Ambrose up for the "Bullhammer". Ambrose counters and plants Barrett with "Dirty Deeds" and scores the pinfall.

- After the match: A brawl breaks out between all the superstars. Barrett delivers "Bullhammers" to everyone standing in his way. Barrett grabs his I-C Title and escapes with it back in his possession.

- Backstage, Seth Rollins complains to Triple H and Stephanie McMahon about all The Authority members not cooperating tonight. Rollins blames the power couple, but they tell Rollins to go fix the issue.

- Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins: The Authority all arrive at ringside and Rollins calls Orton a fool, because The Authority were all united the whole time tonight. Orton grabs a steel chair for protection as The Authority surround Orton. The arena goes dark for a few seconds, before the lights come back on. Sting is standing next to Orton with his baseball bat. Orton and Sting unload chair and bat shots on the whole Authority. Sting splashes Mercury and Noble, "Scorpion Death Drops" Noble, then points at Triple H. Sting keeps everyone at bay, as Orton hits Mercury with an "RKO" to end the show.

And that's a wrap on this week's RAW results, till next time tap or snap.


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