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Wrestling Lockup with Brandon 3.6.15: #SmackDown Recap

By @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE. Today's edition is your Smackdown recap from last night's show. This week, Smackdown was in our nation's capital, Washington D.C. Last week we saw Bad News Barrett's WWE Intercontinental Championship returned to him only for it to be restolen and ending up back in Dean Ambrose's possession. Rusev bragged about his Fast Lane win over John Cena, then beat down Jack Swagger, who tried to stand up for Cena and America. Axelmania was running wild. Stardust attacked Goldust, disguised as a Rosebud. Dolph Ziggler, Erick Rowan and Ryback defeated The Authority in six man tag action. Let's get to last night's recap as the road to Wrestlemania continues.

- In Ring Segment with Dolph Ziggler: Ziggler comes out to the ring, in possession of Bad News Barrett's WWE Intercontinental Championship. Ziggler says he never got his rematch for the title, because he made his boss mad, by stealing the show at Survivor Series. Ziggler says he will get his rematch at WrestleMania, in the ladder match for the Intercontinental Championship. Ziggler suggests that one other WWE superstar should be added to the ladder match, but Bad News Barrett interrupts Ziggler. Barrett talks trash and then Luke Harper appears from behind Ziggler and attacks. Barrett and Harper fight over the title, until Ziggler dropkicks them. Dean Ambrose hits the ring and chases off Barrett and Harper. Ziggler and Ambrose give chase to Barrett and Harper and begin brawling with them. R-Truth sneaks in the ring, grabs the title and runs off with it.

- Backstage, R-Truth tries to give the I-C title to Renee Young, but she doesn't want it. Truth says he'll find someone else to give it to and we also find out Truth has a fear of ladders.

- Los Matadores (w/El Torito) vs. Tyson Kidd and Cesaro (w/Nattie Neidhart): Cesaro hits a European uppercut, but Fernando returns with a hurricanrana. Fernando hits an elbow on Cesaro, and Kidd gets knocked off the apron. Kidd pulls Diego off the apron, as Cesaro gets a near fall on Fernando, using the ropes for leverage. El Torito gets pulled into the ring, by Cesaro. El Torito goes for the gore on Cesaro, but Nattie pulls Torito to the floor. Cesaro plants the "Neutralizer" on Fernando and scores the pinfall.

- Backstage, Kane and Big Show argue over who lost their match on Raw, announce they are both entering the Andre the Giant Battle Royal at Wrestlemania and both predict they will win. Kane tells Big Show to watch his match against Ryback, so he can prove how dominate he is.

- Ryback vs. Kane: Kane with corner stomps, body shots and a splash for a two count. Ryback hits a splash, a spine buster, then calls for the "Meat Hook". Big Show jumps up on the apron and Kane almost collides into him. Kane, distracted by Show, catches a "Meat Hook" and a "Shell Shock" from Ryback. Ryback covers and scores the pinfall. After the match, Kane announces that Ryback must face Big Show now.

- Ryback vs. Big Show: Show lands a knee on Ryback, irish whips Ryback into the corner and delivers a shoulder block. Ryback gets Show in the corner, delivers shoulder blows and hits a spine buster on Show. Ryback goes for the "Meat Hook", but Kane gets on the apron. Ryback hits a "Meat Hook", taking out Kane, but gets knocked out with the "KO Punch" from Show. Show covers and scores the pinfall.

- In Ring Segment with The Bella Twins: The Bellas say that #GiveDivasAChance is about all of them and not just A.J. Lee. Nikki says she's been running the Divas Division why A.J. was at home and Nikki is the only voice of the Divas Division. Brie, dares A.J. to bring Paige out with her.

A.J. Lee (w/Paige) vs. Brie Bella (w/Nikki Bella): A.J. lands an armdrag, applies a wristlock, hits an elbow, sweeps Brie's legs and hits a dive from the ropes. Brie returns with corner slaps, head slams in the turn buckle and submission wrestling. Brie goes for a second rope drop kick, but A.J. sidesteps. A.J. hits an elbow, a clothesline, a neck breaker and drop kicks Brie to the floor. Nikki and Paige start arguing with each other, distracting Brie. A.J. applies the "Black Widow" submission and forces Brie to tap out.

- Backstage, Daniel Bryan says Dolph Ziggler is right about the ladder match at Wrestlemania possibly stealing the show. We'll see who leaves with the I-C Title tonight.

- Big E and Kofi Kingston (w/Xavier Woods) vs. Damien Sandow and The Miz: Kofi goes to work on Miz with an elbow, some punches and submission wrestling. Sandow is in and hits some punches on Kofi and a front slam. Sandow goes for the figure four, but Kofi kicks Sandow into the ropes, where Miz tags himself in. Miz yells at Sandow and orders him to leave the ring. During the arguing, Kofi tags in Big E. Kofi and Big E hit Miz with the "Big Ending" double team slam and score the pinfall. Sandow turned his back to the ring and refused to help Miz during the double team finisher.

- Jack Swagger vs. Rusev (w/Lana): Rusev and Swagger brawl on the floor at the bell. Swagger hits a clothesline and throws Rusev back to the floor. Swagger scoop slams Rusev and goes for the "Swagger Bomb". Rusev gets a foot up, countering the "Swagger Bomb". Rusev goes for a thrust kick but Swagger counters and turns it into the "Patriot Lock" submission. Rusev escapes to the floor, where Swagger follows. Swagger is still in control, as he tosses Rusev into the barricade. Back in the ring, Rusev lands a huge thrust kick to Swagger's face. Rusev locks in "The Accolade" submission and forces Swagger to tap out. After the match, Curtis Axel interrupts Rusev's celebration and appears on the Titantron. Axelmania will run wild on RAW, as it's announced that it'll be Rusev vs. Curtis Axel for the WWE United States Championship, this Monday.

- Backstage, Cameron, Summer Rae and Eva Marie argue over who's time it is to shine in the company with the #GivesDivasAChance movement.

- Dean Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler
vs. Luke Harper and Bad News Barrett: R-Truth is on commentary for this match. Ambrose hits Barrett with some punches, a bulldog and the elbow off the ropes for a near fall. Harper is in and takes control of Ambrose with a suplex and a headlock before Ziggler is tagged in. Ziggler hits the "Famasser" on Harper. Harper hits a spinning slam on Ziggler. Barrett tries to interfere but Ambrose is in and clotheslines Barrett. Harper goes for his finishing clothesline but Ziggler counters. Ziggler hits the super kick then plants Harper with the "Zig Zag" Ziggler covers and scores the pinfall.

- After the Match: Barrett lays out Ambrose and Ziggler with the "Bullhammer". Barrett orders R-Truth to give back Barrett's I-C Title. Truth knocks Barrett out of the way and runs. Harper cuts off Truth's escape and Truth throws down the I-C Title. Harper goes to pick up the I-C Title, but gets punched by Truth and Truth attempts to escape with the I-C Title again. Daniel Bryan appears and Truth gives Bryan the I-C Title. Bryan starts the "Yes Movement" but gets attacked from behind by Stardust. Stardust grabs the I-C Title, climbs a ladder and celebrates to close out the show.

And that's this week's Smackdown. Have a great weekend, till next time, tap or snap.


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