Saturday, March 21, 2015

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon 3.21.15: #TNA #ImpactWrestling Recap

By @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE. It's this week's TNA Impact recap edition.

- TNA continued their tour of the UK, with tonight's show taped in London, England.

- "TNA World Tag Team Championship, Ultimate X Match": The Wolves (c) vs. Manik and Sanada vs. The BroMans: Jesse scales across the ropes, but gets sprayed in the face with green mist from Sanada. Eddie Edwards kicks Sanada in the head, than lands a hurricanrana on Sanada, flipping Sanada off the ropes. Davey Richards flies and hits the stomp on Sanada. The Wolves both scale across the ropes and retrieve their TNA World Tag Team Championship, for the victory and to retain.

- In Ring Segment With Austin Aries: Aries demands his Feast or Fired briefcase back, that the BDC stole from him and isn't leaving till they do. Samoa Joe and Low Ki arrive and go face to face with Aries. Ki says they hold the briefcase, so they have control. Aries says he has the solution to that. Aries offers to put up his Feast or Fired briefcase if Ki puts up his TNA X-Division Title. Joe attacks Aries from behind. Ki says Aries doesn't deserve a title shot, but can have his briefcase back if he can beat Joe.

- Austin Aries vs. Samoa Joe: (This match would be Samoa Joe's last match in TNA, as Joe would quit TNA, a week after these tv tapings.) Joe gets DQ'ed, after Aries chased Joe out to the floor and gets taken out by a Low Ki clothesline.

- After the match: Low Ki goes to hit Aries with the briefcase, but Aries ducks, causing Ki to nail Joe on accident. Aries drops Ki with a kick and regains his briefcase from the BDC. Rockstar Spud hits the ring and has his Feast or Fired briefcase in hand. Aries encourages Spud to cash in his TNA X-Division Title shot, and Spud does.

- "TNA X-Division Championship Match": Low Ki (c) vs. Rockstar Spud: As soon as the bell sounds, Spud hits the "Underdog" on Ki, covers and scores the pinfall. Rockstar Spud is the NEW TNA X-Division Champion.

- Magnus and Bram Brawl: Magnus is shown beating the hell out of Bram, backstage. Magnus beats Bram all the way down to the ring, as referees try to separate the two. Bram tries to escape, but Magnus hits a couple clotheslines and yells that he should have killed Bram. Mickie James runs out to the ring, but joins in with Magnus, as she kicks Bram below the belt and beats on Bram's head. Bram crawls up the ramp, trying to escape, but instead takes a Magnus power bomb right on the ramp. Magnus and Mickie finally walk away, leaving Bram hurting. 

- "TNA Knockouts Championship, Triple Threat Match": Taryn Terrell (c) vs. Gail Kim vs. Awesome Kong: Kong kicks out of Terrell's diving cutter. Gail Kim goes for "Eat Defeat" on Terrell, but Terrell counters and rolls Kim up and scores the pinfall, to retain the TNA Knockouts Championship.

- "No DQ Match": James Storm vs. Matt Hardy: Hardy hits a "Twist of Fate" on Storm. Abyss tries to wake Storm, as Sanada gets in and sprays green mist in Hardy's face. Storm grabs his cowbell and blasts Hardy with it. Storm hits two "Last Call" super kicks on Hardy, covers and scores the pinfall.

- "TNA World Heavyweight Championship": Bobby Lashley (c) vs. Kurt Angle: Very intense back and forth match. Angle applies the ankle lock submission on Lashley and grapevines the leg. Lashley fights to survive and nearly passes out from the pain, until finally tapping out. Kurt Angle is the NEW TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Angle celebrates as Impact closes out.

That wraps up this weeks TNA Impact, till next time, tap or snap.


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