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Weekend 3 Count 3/16 - 3/22 #WWE #TNA #PerroAguayoJr

By @B_Rock1978

The Weekend 3 Count is brought to you by Triple Threat CLE. This week I bring you all the news and rumors around the WWE, TNA, GFW and the Independent wrestling scene for March 16th - March 22nd.

*** Weekend Flashback ***

- This week we're going back to WCCW and watching two late great wrestlers. It's the Dingo Warrior (Ultimate Warrior) vs. "Ravishing" Rick Rude.

*** WWE News and Rumors ***

- Brock Lesnar News! Rumors have surfaced that Lesnar may be very close to re-signing a deal with the WWE. This is huge news, as WWE already may be switching around the Wrestlemania outcome if he does stay. Rumors have said that if Lesnar signs a new contract, WWE is thinking about having Lesnar defeat Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania and continue Lesnar's "Beast Incarnate", "Unstoppable Champion" angle.

- If Lesnar stays, Triple H is in the process of making a "Plan B" to please the fans better. Triple H is looking at possibly putting the WWE United States Championship on John Cena and the WWE Intercontinental Championship on Daniel Bryan. With Cena and Bryan holding the two mid-card titles, Triple H, wants to use that opportunity to try to rebuild those two titles and restore the titles legacy that they both once had in the 90's. Using Cena and Bryan as main eventers with the mid-card titles and Lesnar and the World Title defended every three months is the goal that Triple H would like to achieve. I'm all for this idea, I really like how Triple H is thinking, which makes me wish Vince would give him the company already.

- This week on RAW, it was announced that Larry Zbyszko will be inducted into the 2015 WWE Hall Of Fame.

- WWE also announced that Japanese legend, Tatsumi Fujinami, will also be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2015.

- The WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2015, will have the following inducted: "Macho Man" Randy Savage, Rikishi, The Bushwackers, Alunda Blayze, Larry Zbyszko, Tatsumi Fujinami and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

- There is also rumors that Kevin Nash will be inducted this year as his Diesel character.

- One of hip hop's icons, Snoop Dogg, will be appearing at RAW tomorrow night. Snoop Dogg has recently been in a Twitter war with Curtis Axel this week, building up to RAW.

- Recently at house shows, WWE have put together the tag team of Tyler Breeze and Bo Dallas. No word on if this is a one time thing or if WWE plans to put them together on TV soon. A potential name for the team that was rumored was "BoBreeze".

- Brad Maddox, who hasn't been seen since losing his GM of RAW job, has returned to the WWE. Maddox had a match this past weekend at a WWE house show, against Zack Ryder and lost. Not a good sign, when it's your first match back since May of 2014 and they have you put over Zack Ryder.

- NXT World Champion, Kevin Owens, underwent partial meniscectomy for a knee injury. The surgery was minor and will not jeopardize Owens' current reign as NXT World Champion.

- Former NXT World Champion, Sami Zayn, has been out of action recently with a shoulder issue.

- WWE signed two new Divas this week and have reported them to the WWE Performance Center in Orlando. Jasmin Areebi, is an independent women's wrestler from Canada and also had a tryout with WWE over the summer. The other is KC Cassidy, an Australian wrestler, who also had a WWE tryout over the summer and is also a graduate from Lance Storm's wrestling school. Two ladies with wrestling experience and not just pretty faces? I'm impressed WWE.

- Former ROH World Tag Team Champion, Jimmy Jacobs, has signed a contract to work backstage with the WWE creative team.

- Rumors have stated that ROH's tag team known as The Briscoes, may be WWE bound by this summer, after their ROH commitment is over.

- Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was interviewed this week and gave out ideas for a future match he'd like to have. Rock stated that if Brock Lesnar resigns with WWE, than Rock would love to face Lesnar at Wrestlemania 32 in Dallas, next year.

- Chairman of the Board, Vince McMahon, had his Bentley Continental Coupe stolen in Connecticut a few months back. Lucky for the head of the WWE, the Bentley was recently found in the Bronx, this week. The Bentley is said to have a sound system in it worth $100,000. It's unknown if it originally had that much in the vehicle or if the car thieves installed it themselves. Exactly what would the chairman of the board in the WWE listen to on a $100,000 sound system?

*** TNA News and Rumors ***

- This past week on Impact, there was a new champion crowned. Rockstar Spud cashed in his Feast or Fired TNA X-Division Title shot on Low Ki and defeated the champ, to claim his first TNA championship.

- Also on Impact, Kurt Angle defeated Bobby Lashley to win the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Angle is now a 6-Time TNA World Heavyweight Champion and an overall 12-Time World Heavyweight Champion.

- TNA announced that the May 8th Impact will be a live episode. TNA is also looking at a second episode to air live. That date hasn't been decided yet.

- TNA wrestler, Gunner, missed this week's Impact TV tapings, due to kicking off his Hollywood career. Gunner is filming a movie entitled "Navy Seals vs. Zombies". Sounds like a direct to SyFy movie to me.

- Big Japan Wrestling announced this week that Japanese rookie, Kota Sekifuda, is heading to the United States and will be signing with TNA.

- TNA announced they resigned Bobby Lashley, Bram and Robbie E to new contracts.

*** GFW News and Rumors ***

- No new GFW news this week.

*** Other Wrestling News ***

- Scary news to report in AAA Mexico this week. AAA wrestler, El Hijo del Perro Aguayo, died early Saturday morning after a mishap with Rey Mysterio delivering his trademarked "619" finisher. The story states that El Hijo took the move in his trachea, which caused a whiplash effect. El Hijo could be seen slumped over the middle rope, unconscious, after taking the move. El Hijo was rushed to the hospital, but later passed away in the early hours.

- Could Ring of Honor be coming to Spike TV?? ROH stated that they were in the early stages of discussing ROH getting a Spike TV deal. Spike TV execs stated, however, that they aren't quite sure if ROH would fit in their game plan as of yet. Spike TV is looking at airing sports programs on Friday night's and calling it Friday Night Light's Out. Spike TV also stated they would like to include "real sports" during this time slot. Ouch, no love for wrestling from Spike TV apparently.

- Ring of Honor is also currently in the process of getting their top talent in the company locked under contracts. Word backstage, is ROH is getting tired of WWE raiding their talent roster and signing their talent to contracts. With Triple H running NXT and having appreciation for any great wrestling talent, that would be a wise move for ROH. ROH showcases a lot of great talent in the wrestling business. 

- Lucha Underground have been rumored to be interested in former TNA wrestler, Sonjay Dutt.

- I'm closing out this week's edition with some classic Scott Steiner promos. Enjoy! LOL.

And that is this weekend's 3 Count. Join me every Sunday afternoon, where I give you the major stories in WWE, TNA, GFW and the independent wrestling scene. Till next time, tap or snap.


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