Saturday, July 12, 2014

Leadoff with Lee 7.12.14

-"I'm coming home" is the theme in Cleveland, Akron and Canton right now. My friend Wayne Allgood and I made a trip to Akron yesterday and the digital billboards on I-71 all read the same. He's back! 9 of the top 10 trends on Twitter read #welcomehome #LebronJames #Cavs #Wiggins #Cleveland #for6iven #anthonybennett #rayallen #kingjames. The news broke around 12:15pm on Friday. You heard it on the radio and you seen it on all the tv shows. It went from soap operas to Lebron coverage. Program directors went from regularly scheduled programming to a Lebron media circus. ESPN's Josina Anderson was in Cleveland just moments after the announcement standing in front of the "Q" and fans were rabid and excited. Bron' is expected to sign a full 4 year $88 million dollar max contract. Sportscenter literally turned into LebronCenter. Cleveland is the hottest city in the United States right now. With Johnny "F'N" football and LBJ in Cleveland, "What's not to like?" to quate Nick Gilbert. So what's next for the Cavs? Mike Miller? Kevin Love? Ray Allen? Trading Andrew Wiggins? Who knows but Cleveland looks like a pretty good place to play in right now. How will the Cavs react with the Princeton style offense that Byron Scott tried to implement and it failed? It can't be any worse than Mike Brown's "stanky leg." Oh yeah Cavs season ticket sales have obviously seen a spike in prices and fans are asked to deposit $200 per season. Will Lebron's personal reporter Brian Windhorst make a comeback too? The Cavs are 4-1 odds of winning the NBA championship this year. The biggest increase in NBA history. Season tickets were sold out in 8 hours up hearing the news of Lebron James' return.

-Nick Swisher and the Indians rolled past the Chicago White Sox 7-4. Swisher went 2-4 with a 2 run home run. David Murphy also went yard for the Tribe. The Indians are playing .500 ball for the first time since June 30th, improving to 46-46. Cory Kluber made the start for the Wahoos and gave up 4 runs on 8 hits in 6 innings pitched. Kluber improved his record to 9-6 with Cody Allen recording his 11th save on the season.

-Former Browns quarterback Kelly Holcomb wants to see a healthy Brian Hoyer be the Browns starting quarterback for the 2014 season. Will Hoyer's knee be healthy enough to win the job? Or will Johhny Manziel's swag be to much for Hoyer to handle?

-The deal to acquire Mike Miller for the Cavs should be finalized by Monday. Chris "Birdman" Anderson and Ray Allen are also targets that LBJ is recruiting.

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