Monday, July 14, 2014

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon: KENTA Comes To WWE

WWE's Next Rising Son?

Kenta Kobayashi, or just simply KENTA, as he goes by in the ring, has arrived in the WWE. This passed weekend while touring Japan, the WWE made a stop on tour in Osaka for a live show. While in Osaka, it was only fitting to have a contract signing held for one of the biggest professional wrestling stars in Japan, maybe even the world, KENTA.

For the past few months, rumors circulated throughout the wrestling world that KENTA was showing interest in the WWE. Original rumors stated, however, that he had no interest in actually signing, he was just interested in working out at WWE's current Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. How quickly things changed.

Back to Osaka, this past Saturday. The WWE brought out the big guns, the "24 inch python" big guns to be exacted. Hulk Hogan and "Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart met with KENTA inside the squared circle, seated at a table, official WWE contract in hand. Hogan and Hart served as the special ambassadors for the contract signing as KENTA put ink to paper and officially became a WWE superstar. After the contract signing was official, the WWE released the official statement, confirming that KENTA would train at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. Afterwards, KENTA will join the NXT roster.

WWE Executive Vice President of talent, creative and live events, Triple H, who landed the KENTA signing, stated the following: "KENTA is an incredible performer who brings the crowd to its feet when he steps into the ring. WWE's signing of KENTA reflects our continued dedication to creating a diverse roster that appeals to our global fan base."
After signing his new WWE contract, KENTA stated the following: "I am humbled to join WWE's NXT division and look forward to honing my craft with the global leader in sports-entertainment."

Now the big question is can the WWE utilize KENTA correctly? KENTA is known for his aggressive in ring work, which WWE is well known for watering down. In the past we've seen Japanese stars such as Ultimo Dragon, Yoshihiro Tajiri, Taka Michinoku and Funaki, either watered down or turned into the comedy skit of the night. If you're not familiar at all with KENTA and his in ring work, I would highly compare him as Japan's version of CM Punk and Daniel Bryan rolled into one. KENTA even performs a lot of moves that are in Punk and Bryan's arsenal. KENTA is very talented and could definitely give a five star match any given night. There is however a language barrier, as KENTA is weak on the English language. But hey that's a job that would be perfect for the second greatest manager of all time, Paul Heyman. Heyman has been known to serve as the mouth piece for some of today's top stars that might need a hand in presenting themselves by word of mouth.
Performance wise, KENTA has performed in Ring of Honor but is best known for his work and title victories in Japan's Pro-Wrestling Noah. Now KENTA has his chance at becoming an American household name in the WWE. Best of luck to you KENTA!

In closing here's a sample of KENTA's work: ROH THROWBACK THURSDAY - LOW KI VS KENTA

The Stats:
Kenta Kobayashi
- Ring Name: KENTA
- 5'8", 181lbs, 33 years old
- Trained by: Kenta Kobashi and Yoshihiro Takayama
- Titles Held: GHC Heavyweight Championship (1 time), GHC Junior Heavyweight Championship (3 times), GHC Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship (3 times) GHC Tag Team Championship (1 time)
- Ranked #22 in PWI's top 500 in 2013.

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