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Wrestling Lockup with Brandon 7.25.14: TNA Impact

Welcome to another edition of Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat Podcast. In this edition I will be recapping last night's TNA Impact episode. Last night's episode again took place in New York City. Last week we saw the reunion of Team 3D as Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer's feud with Dixie Carter and company heated up. We also learned that Austin Aries will make a decision on whether he's turning over his TNA X Division Championship for a shot at the TNA World Title at Destination-X. We will also see the reunion of one of the greatest tag teams of the WWE "Attitude Era" reunite, Matt and Jeff, The Hardy Boys. Let's get the recap started.

- Impact kicked off with Bobby Roode vs. MVP in a "Falls Count Anywhere Match". MVP doesn't come out so Roode goes backstage looking for him. Roode finds MVP and they brawl back to the ring. Kenny King tries to get involved, but Eric Young comes out to help Roode. MVP hits Roode continuously with chair shots until Roode gets a shot in on MVP's knee.
Roode destroys MVP's bad knee with a steel chair shots of his own, then locks a sharpshooter in making MVP tap out.

- Jeff Hardy comes out to the ring to cut a promo in the next segment. Hardy mentions that we have not seen the last of Willow and he talks about last week's match against Bobby Lashley. Jeff wants to look to the future so he calls out his brother Matt Hardy. Matt Hardy comes out and talks about his past problems, thanks the fans, and wants to be tag team champions with his brother, Jeff, again. The Hardy Boys challenged The Wolves to a TNA World Tag Team Championship Match at Destination X. The Wolves come out to the ring and respectfully accept The Hardy Boys challenge.

- The next segment we see The Bromans in the ring. Robbie apparently isn't afraid of clowns anymore. DJ Z states that he is the best wrestler in the X Division and he will prove it at Destination X.

- DJ Z vs Low Ki: Low Ki returns to TNA and scores the pinfall on DJ Z with the "Ki Krusher". Low Ki looked good in his return.

- Backstage we see Gunner and Samuel Shaw. Shaw says he's probably one of the most normal men in New York. Mr. Anderson arrives and tells Shaw to stay away from his tag match with Gunner later. Shaw tells Anderson that he will trust him one day, Anderson says no.

- Dixie and her crew are backstage plotting to take out team 3D and Tommy Dreamer tonight in New York City. Ethan Carter III thinks he's street tough because he grew up in Boca Raton, Florida.

- Magnus and Bram vs Gunner and Mr. Anderson: Magnus blocks Anderson's "Mic Check" and the two end up on the floor. Anderson gets tossed into the ring post, then hit with Magnus' finisher for the pinfall. After the match, Magnus and Bram attack Anderson and Gunner until Samuel Shaw runs out. Shaw gets beat down until Abyss hits the ring and cleans house.

- Team 3D and Tommy Dreamer cut a promo backstage about what they want to do Dixie Carter and her crew tonight.

- Kurt Angle is in the ring with Austin Aries and Aries is about to announce if he plans on cashing in the TNA X Division Title. MVP and Bobby Lashley come out to the ring and try to talk Aries out of cashing in for the TNA World Title Match. Aries tells MVP and Lashley that there has never been a single person that he has ever been afraid of stepping into the ring with. Aries hands over the TNA X Division Championship to Kurt Angle and officially challenges Bobby Lashley to a TNA World Title Match. We also find out that a new rule will be added in the X-Division which will allow the X Division Champion to challenge for the World Title anytime he wants instead of once a year.

- "TNA Knockouts Title Match": Gail Kim vs Taryn Terrell: Taryn goes to the top rope. Velvet Sky comes out and shoves Terrell off the top rope. Angelina Love hits the ring and lays Gail out with the "Botox Injection".

- Dixie Carter is backstage making a an escape plan to somebody on the phone.

- The Great Muta vs Robbie E: Robbie E interrupted Muta who was about to cut a promo and challenges the Japanese legend to a match. Robbie tastes green mist and takes the "Shining Wizard" from Muta for the pinfall. James Storm comes out to the ring after the match and insults Muta to his face. Storm spits his beer in Muta's face then attacks him. Sanada hits the ring with a steel chair in his hand to make the save for his mentor. Sanada, however, stuns everybody as he hits Muta with the steel chair, spits red mist in Muta's face and lands a moonsault on Muta. Sanada leaves with Storm and bows to his new mentor.

- "New York City Streetfight Match": Tommy Dreamer and Team 3D vs Ethan Carter III, Rhino and Rockstar Spud: Out of control brawling to start the match. Dreamer with cookie sheet shots on Rhino. Bully grates more Carter skin with a cheese grater then hits a family jewels shot on ECIII with a trash can lid. Devon and Dreamer land trash can lid shots and a Singapore cane shot on ECIII. Rhino takes all three out but misses the "Gore" and kisses a trash can wedged in the corner instead. Spud takes a "Doomsday Device" from Team 3D. Dreamer baseball slides a lid into ECIII's face. Team 3D and Dreamer are about to put Dixie's crew away when two hooded gentlemen get involved in the match. Chaos breaks out as ECIII hits Dreamer with a front bulldog on a chair for the pinfall. The hooded guys reveal themselves as Snitsky and Ezekial Jackson. Bully, Devon and Dreamer are given the 7 on 3 beat down as Impact ends with Dixie, King Mo, ECIII, Spud, Rhino, Ezekiel and Snitsky standing tall.

And that wraps up this week's Impact. Next week will be Destination X on Impact.

Destination X advertised matches:
- "TNA World Title Match": Bobby Lashley (c) vs Austin Aries
- "TNA World Tag Team Championship Match": The Wolves (c) vs The Hardy Boys
- "X-Division Title Tournament"
Till next week, tap or snap.

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