Friday, July 18, 2014

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, 7.18.14: TNA Impact

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon is here, brought to you by Triple Threat Podcast. In today's edition it's the TNA Impact recap. Last week we saw Austin Aries crowned the new TNA X-Division Champion as he defeated Sanada in singles competition. Later in the show, we witnessed Jeff Hardy winning a 20 man battle royal, which earned him the right to meet Bobby Lashley tonight for the TNA World Title. Let the highlights begin!

- Impact kicked off in New York City and the six sided ring is back. The show starts with Taz cutting a promo in the balcony of the arena. Taz talks about things being great with Kurt Angle in charge and TNA will be turning a corner for the better.

- Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer come out to the ring to cut a promo. Bully says they will grab the wrestling world by the balls and promises to put Dixie Carter through a table. Dreamer thanks the fans for sticking with them as they became famous in this very building back in their ECW days. Ethan Carter III and Rhino interrupt the ECW alumni members. ECIII says his aunt will go through a table over his dead body and calls Bully and Dreamer "crap" just like the fans of New York. Rhino tells the fans to respect them or they'll get beat down. Dreamer tells ECIII and Rhino they are out of their element and we have a brawl break out between the four men.

- Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer vs Ethan Carter III and Rhino: Rockstar Spud shows up and Bully chases him around, trying to get rid of him. Later in the match, Spud jumps up on the apron and distracts Dreamer. Dreamer grabs Spud and starts choking him until ECIII steals a pinfall with a rollup.

- Backstage, James Storm meets up with Sanada. Storm talks Sanada up with compliments then slaps Sanada in the face. Storm then insults Sanada's mentor, The Great Muta, before walking off.

- "TNA X-Division Championship, 8 Man Battle Royal": The battle royal comes down to Austin Aries and Sanada. Aries dodges a Sanada moonsault and hits the "IED" then a brainbuster, scoring the pinfall and retaining the TNA X-Division Title. Sanada gets attacked by James Storm after the match. Storm beats Sanada down and calls his mentor, The Great Muta, a fraud.

- Bobby Roode and Eric Young vs MVP and Kenny King: Roode and EY win by DQ as MVP hits Roode with his crutch. EY grabs the crutch from MVP but gets cracked with the other crutch by King. EY and Roode get choked out by the crutches and stomped on by MVP and King.

- It's announced that The Great Muta will be at Impact next week.

- Brittany vs Madison Rayne: Rayne scores the pinfall on Brittany with the packaged DDT.

- Dixie Carter arrives to the arena. Says she does what she wants because she is the owner of TNA. Dixie insults Bully Ray and makes it clear he'll never put her through a table.

- Backstage Kurt Angle congratulates Austin Aries on his win tonight. Angle announces that next week Aries will have the opportunity to decide on whether he's staying TNA X-Division Champion, or cashing it in for a TNA World Title shot at Destination-X.

- "TNA World Championship Match": Bobby Lashley (c) vs Jeff Hardy: Hardy hits the "Twist of Fate" and the "Swanton" but can't put Lashley away. Hardy goes for another "Swanton" but Lashley moves as Hardy crashes back first on the ringsteps. Lashley nails the spear on Hardy, scores the pinfall and retains the TNA World Title.

- Kurt Angle confronts MVP about his actions earlier and forces him to face Bobby Roode next week in a "Falls Count Anywhere Match".

- Dixie Carter comes to the ring to cut a promo with Rockstar Spud, Ethan Carter III and Rhino. Carter insults New York fans, makes fun of Tommy Dreamer and says she's embarrassed for the New York fans for cheering for Bully Ray. Dixie calls herself the "Hardcore Star" for all the times she put Bully through a table. Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer arrive and attack ECIII, Spud and Rhino. All three are taken out and Bully and Dreamer surround Dixie. ECIII gets back in the ring and low blows Bully allowing Spud to grab Dixie and escape. Brother Devon returns and attacks ECIII on the ramp. Team 3D "3D" ECIII through a table as Dixie, Spud and Rhino look on from the crowd as Impact comes to an end.

And that wraps up this week's TNA Impact recap. I'll be back with more Impact action next Friday. Till then, tap or snap.

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