Friday, July 11, 2014

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon,7.11.14: TNA Impact

It's Friday afternoon and I'm back for the TNA Impact recap. TNA Impact took place in Bethelem, Pennsylvania this week. Last week, Kurt Angle announced that every title except for the TNA World Title would be on the line on Impact. Angle also announced a 20 man battle royal to determine a new #1 Contender to Bobby Lashley's TNA World Title. Let's get this week's Impact recap started.

- Impact kicked off with wrestling's only Olympic Gold Medalist and current man in charge, Kurt Angle. Angle again runs down tonight's huge card and promises the winner of tonight's 20 man battle royal will get their shot at TNA World Champion, Bobby Lashley, next week on Impact in New York City. Kurt Angle next calls out Jeff "Willow" Hardy to the ring. Hardy comes to the ring dressed as his "Willow" character. Angle mentions that "Willow" is in tonight's battle royal, however, Angle would like to see Jeff Hardy compete as Jeff Hardy and not in his "Willow" character. Angle felt that "Willow" was a way for Hardy to let out his anger on MVP and Dixie. Angle assured him he didn't need to worry anymore. Jeff Hardy accepts Angle's wishes and shakes his hand.

- "TNA World Tag Team Championship Match": The Wolves (c) vs Magnus and Bram. Eddie Edwards scores a rollup pinfall on Bram to retain the tag team titles. After the match, Bram flips out because he lost and attacks Edwards and Davey Richards. Magnus finally pulls Bram off The Wolves and drags him out.

- Bobby Roode cuts a promo in the next segment. Roode talks about MVP suspending him, how MVP is not his boss anymore and how last week he wanted a match against MVP but MVP hid behind his doctor's note. Roode gives MVP to the count of 10 to come out or else he'll go looking for him. MVP appears on the ramp in a wheelchair and blames Roode for his leg still being injured because it was almost healed before Roode attacked him, re-injuring it. Roode doesn't care as he heads up the ramp to get MVP. Kenny King runs out but gets laid out by Roode. Roode rolls MVP to the ring and dumps him out of his wheelchair. Kenny King hits a chair shot on Roode from behind and sets Roode up for free shots from MVP. Eric Young hits the ring and brawls with King. EY goes for MVP but eats a spear from Bobby Lashley, who arrived for the save.

- "TNA X-Division Championship Match": Sanada (c) vs Austin Aries. Aries hits the 450 splash on Sanada to score the pinfall. Aries is the NEW TNA X-Division Champion. Aries now will have the chance to cash in the TNA X-Division Title for a TNA World Title Match at a later date.

- Bully Ray cuts a promo in the next segment. Bully says he thought Rhino was his friend and he wanted answers on why he turned on him last week. Rhino comes out with Rockstar Spud and Ethan Carter III. Rhino accuses Bully of being a con man who has conned everyone he's worked with. Bully says Rhino solded out cause of jealousy, Rhino is responsible for all the screw ups in his own career and Rhino was once hardcore but now he's a bitch. Ethan Carter III tells Bully the reason Rhino is here is because his family needs money and he will supply it for him every week just to beat up Bully Ray. Bully threatens to take out ECIII but gets a "Gore" from Rhino. The trio attack Bully until Tommy Dreamer hits the ring with a Singapore cane in his hand. Dreamer smacked it over Rhino's skull and chases the trio from the ring.

- "TNA Knockouts Championship Match, Fatal 4 Way": Gail Kim (c) vs Angelina Love vs Brittany vs Madison Rayne. Everyone hits big moves on each other setting up Gail Kim. Kim hits "Eat Defeat" on Angelina for the pinfall. Gail Kim retains her TNA Knockouts Title.

- "20 Man Battle Royal, #1 Contenders Match":The final four come down to Bobby Roode, Kenny King, Jeff Hardy and Eric Young. MVP hits Roode with his crutch, King tosses Roode out. EY rushes in and dumps King out and we're left with EY and Hardy as the final two. EY charges at Hardy and sails over the ropes as Hardy dodges. EY hangs onto the ropes and is still in. Hardy hits a missile drop kick sending EY to the floor. Jeff Hardy wins the TNA World Title shot next week. Hardy is interviewed after the match and gets interrupted by TNA World Champion, Bobby Lashley. Hardy and Lashley have a stare down as Impact comes to a close.

And that wraps up this edition of TNA Impact recap for this week. I'm looking forward to the Hardy vs Lashley match next week. Be sure to check back next Friday for the TNA Impact recap and read the highlights. Until then tap or snap.

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