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Weekend 3 Count 1/22/17

By Brandon Albright, @B_Rock1978

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*** WWE ***

- It's True It's Damn True!!!: officially announced this week that the WWE will make Kurt Angle this year's headliner that'll go into the 2017 WWE Hall of Fame. Kurt Angle was contacted on Monday by Triple H and given the huge news. Angle stated the following about the HOF nod:

“I was shocked. I’ve been out of WWE for a long time and out of touch with them so I didn’t really expect this. It’s a huge honor. This is the only Hall of Fame that I’m not in and probably the one I want to be in the most. This is the one that means the most for me. I had a lot of fun entertaining the fans for seven years with WWE, and I’m glad that my hard work paid off. I figured they either decided they didn’t want to do anything with me or they forgot. Hunter said they never forgot and he called and told me this is the first thing they want to do. And whether I wrestle or not after this which is irrelevant right now I’m just really proud to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. I gave a lot of energy and time to WWE those first seven years, and I’m grateful that they recognized it.”

- Who Inducts Kurt Angle?: With Kurt Angle going into the Hall of Fame this year, many wonder who will be the one to induct the Olympic Hero. Sports Illustrated recently sat down with Kurt Angle and asked him who he'd like to induct him. Kurt Angle stated the following:

“That’s a no-brainer. I had just started with WWE and had a program with Steve Austin right after I beat Rock for the world title. I had a quick skit with Stephanie and Triple H, and then it was right on to Austin. We had some memorable feuds and some very funny segments, so he is at the top of my list. Steve was one of the most giving individuals. He took me in and allowed me to shine even when it was still his time. I don’t ever compare myself to Stone Cold. He is the guy who elevated wrestling to a level that nobody ever went before, but he enabled me to show my talents when he very well could have said no. He was a very giving individual, and he is one of the guys who had the biggest impact on my career.”

- Triple H Responds To Seth Rollins: Triple H was recently asked on FOX Sports' Wrestling Compadres about Seth Rollins calling him out weekly on RAW. Triple H's response was as follows:

"Look, sometimes you just go to the obvious places, and you go out in front of the camera and you try to call a guy out and appeal to his manhood that he will come out and fight you like a man. None of that stuff bothers me. I'm okay with not getting my suit dirty and just sitting in the back a little bit. But at some point in time, be careful what you wish for."

- Possible Women's Hall of Famer Choice: Sources are saying that the WWE may be choosing Beth Phoenix as it's choice to put in the WWE Hall of Fame this year for the Women's Wing of the Hall. No official announcement has been made yet.

- Naomi Returns: This past week, Naomi returned to action at a live WWE event in Birmingham, Alabama. Naomi has been out of action since last November after suffering an ankle injury.

- Darren Young Injured: This past Monday, Darren Young took a nasty spill while wrestling Epico in a match for WWE Main Event. The referee had to stop the match and Young was helped to the backstage area. Sources are saying it could be either a separated shoulder or a broken arm.

- Independent Promotion Joining WWE?: Sources are saying that the WWE is close to signing a deal with the United Kingdom's Insane Championship Wrestling promotion to air shows for them on the WWE Network. ICW is the United Kingdom's top wrestling promotion and is compared to the old school ECW and Attitude Eras of the WWE. WWE have noted that ICW's content will not be toned down and they will let them run the promotion the way it is, which could be great for the fans of that kind of wrestling. The deal is looking to be either a 2 or 3 year deal with the WWE.

- WWE Women's Tournament: Triple H recently appeared on the Fox Sports’ Wrestling Compadres podcast this week officially announcing that there will be a Women's Tournament taking place this summer on the WWE Network. After the huge success of the Cruiserweight Classic and the United Kingdom Tournament, WWE has green lighted the Women's Tournament.

- Pro Wrestling Illustrated Announced It's Award Winners For 2016: This year's award winners are as follows:

-- Wrestler of the Year: AJ Styles
-- Woman of the Year: Charlotte
-- Comeback of the Year: Goldberg
-- Most Improved Wrestler of the Year: The Miz
-- Tag Team of the Year: The New Day
-- Most Hated Wrestler of the Year: Roman Reigns
-- Match of the Year: AJ Styles vs John Cena at SummerSlam
-- Feud of the Year: Charlotte vs Sasha Banks
-- Most Popular Wrestler of the Year: Shinsuke Nakamura
-- Rookie of the Year: Nia Jax

*** WWE United Kingdom Tournament Recap Night #1 ***

1.) Triple H kicks off the show and says that every Empire has a beginning and then asks us "Are You Ready?"

** First Round Recap **

2.) Trent Seven vs. H.C. Dyer: The match closes out with Dyer dropping Seven with a huge punch and gets a near fall. Dyer plants Seven with the Blue Thunder Bomb and gets another near fall. Dyer goes to the top rope, flies and misses a frog splash. Seven hits a spinning back fist and then hits Seven Stars on Dyer to score the pinfall and advance to the Quarter-Finals. 

3.) Jordan Devlin vs. Danny Burch: The match closes out with Burch hitting a spinebuster, a knee to the face and a headbutt for a near fall on Devlin. Burch applies a crossface submission, but Devlin reaches the ropes. Burch counters a suplex into a near fall roll up. Devlin lands a double stomp and then a roundhouse kick that busts open Burch on the back of his head. Devlin scores the pinfall to advance to the Quarter-Finals. After the match, Burch argues with the referee that he kicked out before the three count, but the referee says he didn't. Burch goes for a respectable handshake on Devlin, but Devlin refuses and kicks Burch in the face.

4.) Saxon Huxley vs. Sam Gradwell: The match closes out with both men trading blows with each other. Gradwell plants a series of forearms and uppercuts on Huxley in the corner. Gradwell hits an uppercut and drops Huxley with a clothesline. Gradwell hits a flying headbutt off the top rope on Huxley, scores the pinfall and advances to the Quarter-Finals.

5.) Pete Dunne vs. Roy Johnson: The match closes out with Dunne hitting a kick to the head of Johnson. Johnson plants Dunne face first and gets a near fall. Dunne comes back and hits The Bitter End on Johnson to score the pinfall to advance to the Quarter-Finals.

6.) Wolfgang vs. Tyson T-Bone: The match closes out with Tyson tossing Wolfgang outside and then tosses him into the ringpost. Wolfgang just beats the 10 count, goes to the top rope, but gets uppercutted by Tyson. Wolfgang sends Tyson to the mat, hits a swanton bomb and scores the pinfall to advance to the Quarter-Finals.

7.) James Drake vs. Joseph Conners: The match closes out with Drake unloading forearms on Conners in the corner, forcing the referee to hold Drake back. Drake rolls up Conners with the tights and gets a near fall. Conners hits the DLD on Drake and scores the pinfall to advance to the Quarter-Finals.

8.) Mark Andrews vs. Dan Moloney: The match closes out with Moloney getting sent to the floor and Mandrews follows with a moonsault off the apron. Moloney dodges another Mandrews top rope attempt and kicks Mandrews in the face for a near fall. Mandrews hits a Stundog Millionaire on Moloney and then a Shooting Star Press to score the pinfall to advance to the Quarter-Finals.

9.) Tyler Bate vs. Tucker: The match closes out with Bate hitting an airplane spin and slam on Tucker for a near fall. Tucker lands a kick that sends Bate outside. Bate gets back in the ring and gets dropped by Tucker. Bate counters a Tucker swanton bomb by getting his knees up. Bate hits a wheelhouse kick followed by the Tyler Driver 97 to score the pinfall and advance to the Quarter-Finals.

10.) William Regal and Nigel McGuinness introduce the Quarter-Final participants with the matches going as follows Tyler Bate vs. Jordan Devlin, Trent Seven vs. Wolfgang, Pete Dunne vs. Sam Gradwell, and Mark Andrews vs. Joseph Conners. Pete Dunne hits a cheap shot on Sam Gradwell until grabbed and pushed away by an angry William Regal as Night #1 concludes.

*** WWE United Kingdom Tournament Recap Night #2 ***

** Quarter-Finals Recap **

1.) Sam Gradwell vs. Pete Dunne: The match closes out with Gradwell getting a near fall Michinoku Driver. Dunne goes outside where Gradwell hits a crossbody. Back in the ring, Dunne sets Gradwell on the top rope and shoves him over and to the floor. Gradwell just beats the 10 count, but gets tossed face first into the bottom turnbuckle. Dunne covers, scores the pinfall and advances to the Semi-Finals. After the match, Dunne attacks Gradwell and lays him out with The Bitter End.

2.) Mark Andrews vs. Joseph Conners: The match closes out with Mandrews missing a standing moonsault as Conners blocks with his knees. Conners hits the DLD on Mandrews for a near fall. Mandrews hits a hurracanrana on Conners, goes to the top rope, but gets caught. Mandrews counters a suplex and nails the Stundog Millionaire on Conners. Mandrews hits the Shooting Star Press on Conners and scores the pinfall to advance to the Semi-Finals.

3.) Trent Seven vs. Wolfgang: The match closes out with Seven getting a near fall dragon suplex on Wolfgang. Seven hits the Seven Stars lariat on Wolfgang for another near fall. Seven and Wolfgang fight on the ropes, where Seven goes for a Super Piledriver. Wolfgang headbutts Seven sending him off the ropes. Wolfgang hits the swanton bomb, scores the pinfall and advances to the Semi-Finals. 

4.) Tyler Bate vs. Jordan Devlin: The match closes out with Bate delivering the airplane spin. Devlin regains himself, but misses a moonsault attempt on Bate. Devlin drops Bate and again misses another moonsault attempt. Bate goes for the Tyler Driver, but Devlin counters and hits a spin kick on Bate. Bate regains control and drills Devlin with the Tyler Driver 97 to score the pinfall and advance to the Semi-Finals.

** Semi-Finals Recap **

5.) Pete Dunne vs. Mark Andrews: The match closes out with Mandrews getting a near fall Stundog Millionaire on Dunne. Mandrews goes to the top rope, but is cut off by Dunne. Both men trade forearms until Dunne goes down. Dunne blocks the Shooting Star Press by getting his knees up. Dunne lands a punch, but gets a lift up reversed by Mandrews. Mandrews misses another Shooting Star Press attempt and gets dropped with an X Plex by Dunne. Dunne hits The Bitter End on Mandrews, scores the pinfall and advances to the Finals.

6.) Wolfgang vs. Tyler Bate: The match closes out with Bate hitting a springboard elbow on Wolfgang. Wolfgang hits a huge slam on Bate and gets a near fall. Wolfgang charges and spears Bate for another near fall. Wolfgang goes for more offense, but Bate reverses Wolfgang into the Tyler Driver 97 and scores the pinfall to advance to the Finals. After the match, Pete Dunne attacks Bate from behind and destroys Bate's shoulder by tossing him shoulder first into the turnbuckle and then into the steel ring post. Pete Dunne heads up the ramp and is met by an angry William Regal who shoves Dunne backstage and yells at Dunne for what he's done.

7.) Neville Promo: Neville is in the ring and says that it looks like WWE forgot about him again for this tournament just like they did for the Cruiserweight Classic Tournament. Neville says he's the greatest wrestler that the UK has ever produced and nobody can stand up to him. Newly signed NXT superstar Tommy End interrupts Neville and we get an impromptu match.

8.) Neville vs. Tommy End: The match closes out with End unloading a series of kicks on Neville. Neville goes outside and gets hit with an End moonsault and more strikes. End hits a spinning round house kick on Neville and gets a near fall. End goes to the top rope, but gets flipped off by a Neville hurracanrana. Neville hits the Red Arrow on End and scores the pinfall.

9.) Finn Balor Promo: Finn Balor is in the ring to hype the WWE United Kingdom Finals. Balor says the reason the tournament is here is because of the passion from the fans and he thanks every single one of them.

*** Finals Recap ***

10.) Tyler Bate vs. Pete Dunne: The match closes out with Dunne trapping Bate in a Triangle Choke submission and pounds on Bate's injured shoulder. Bate somehow lifts Dunne with his bad shoulder and slams Dunne to escape the submission. Dunne tries to take a breather outside, but gets taken out by a Bate suicide flip. Back in the ring, Dunne hits The Bitter End on Bate, covers and Bate somehow kicks out at two and a half. Dunne again goes after Bate's bad shoulder and locks in a Kimura Lock submission. Bate somehow frees himself, hits a brain buster on Dunne and gets a near fall. Dunne and Bate trade slaps and punches with each other until Bate plants a wheel kick. Bate with the Tyler Driver 97 on Dunne out of nowhere and scores the pinfall to win the WWE United Kingdom Championship. After the match, Tyler Bate is presented with his newly won title from Triple H, Finn Balor, Fit Finlay and William Regal. Confetti falls throughout the arena as Bate celebrates to end the show.

*** 205 Live Recap ***
This week's show saw Jack Gallagher battle Ariya Daivari one on one in an I Forfeit Match in the main event.

1.) Drew Gulak vs. Cedric Alexander: More Alicia Fox and Noam Dar drama with Alexander before the match. The match closes out with both men trading blows. Gulak lands a chop block on Alexander then hits a bridging belly to back suplex for the pinfall. After the match, Alicia Fox and Noam Dar are shown watching the action backstage on a monitor.

2.) Mustafa Ali vs. Tony Nese: The match closes out with Ali hitting a roll through neck breaker on Nese for a near fall. Ali with a tornado DDT for another near fall. Nese unloads on Ali's ribs and then german suplexes Ali into the ropes. Nese charges and destroys Ali with the running knee and scores the pinfall.

3.) "I Forfeit Match": Jack Gallagher vs. Ariya Daivari: The match closes out with Gallagher and Daivari brawling onto the 205 Live stage. Gallagher counters a power bomb and sends Daivari into the LED board. Gallagher hits Daivari repeatedly with William the Umbrella. Daivari is asked if he forfeits, but refuses and gets a shot to the throat in on Gallagher. Daivari applies a Cobra Clutch submission, but Gallagher grabs William the Umbrella and uses it to escape. Gallagher applies a crossface chicken wing submission on Daivari while using William the Umbrella for extra pressure. Daivari struggles to escape until finally forfeiting the match. Gallagher celebrates to end the show.

*** NXT ***

- Tajiri Injured: WWE announced this week that Tajiri has been medically uncleared to wrestle at the time being after injuring his right knee during an NXT taping this week. It's unclear at the moment how serious the knee injury is.

- Hideo Itami Returning: NXT superstar Hideo Itami recently posted on his Twitter that he was ready to return to action. Itami has been on the DL since October with a neck injury.

- NXT 2016 Year End Awards: NXT Founder Triple H announced this week, the second annual NXT Year End Awards will take place. Voting will be done on Twitter, where fans need to send a Tweet with the hashtag of the category and their pick to win said category. The winners will be announced at NXT Takeover: San Antonio.

Example Tweet to vote: @WWENXT #CategoryPick #WrestlerPick

The Nominees and Hashtags you'll need for your Twitter ballot are as follows:

#Beginning (for June 8’s The End... of the Beginning)


#Almas (for Andrade “Cien” Almas)
#PeytonAndBillie (for Peyton Royce & Billie Kay)
#SAnitY (for Eric Young, Alexander Wolfe & Sawyer Fulton - Nikki Cross is not pictured)




#FinnVsShinsuke (for Finn Bálor vs. Shinsuke Nakamura on the July 13 episode of NXT)
#AsukaVsMickie (for Asuka vs. Mickie James at TakeOver: Toronto)
#AlphaVsRevivalEND (for American Alpha vs. The Revival at TakeOver: The End)
#SamiVsShinsuke (for Sami Zayn vs. Shinsuke Nakamura at TakeOver: Dallas)
#BayleyVsAsuka (for Bayley vs. Asuka at TakeOver: Dallas)
#SamiVsJoe (for Sami Zayn vs. Samoa Joe, #1 Contender’s 2-out-of-3 Falls Match on the Feb. 17 episode of NXT)
#FinnVsSamoa (for Finn Bálor vs. Samoa Joe, Steel Cage Match at TakeOver: The End)
#DIYvsRevival (for #DIY vs. The Revival, 2-out-of-3 Falls at TakeOver: Toronto)
#BayleyVsNia (for Bayley vs. Nia Jax on the July 20 episode of NXT)
#DillingerVsRoode (for Tye Dillinger vs. Bobby Roode at TakeOver: Toronto)
#NevilleVsFinn (for Neville vs. Finn Bálor on the March 2 episode of NXT)
#ShinsukeVsJoe (for Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Samoa Joe at TakeOver: Toronto)
#AlphaVsRevivalNXT (for American Alpha vs. The Revival, 2-out-of-3 Falls on the July 6 episode of NXT)

Get voting, I did!!

*** TNA ***

*** TNA Impact Recap ***
This week's Impact Wrestling introduced the Race For The Case Match, where wrestlers tried to win one of four briefcases hanging from the ceiling for future title matches. The main event saw Moose defend his TNA Grand Championship against Drew Galloway.

1.) "Race For The Case Match": Broken Matt Hardy, Brother Nero Jeff Hardy, Eli Drake, Tyrus, Mike Bennett, Crazzy Steve, Trevor Lee, Andrew Everett, Eddie Kingston, Bram, Jessie Godderz and Mahabali Shera:

** 1st Briefcase Grab: Tyrus enters the ring, unloads and cleans house on everyone in his path. Tyrus goes to the corner and stands guard as Eli Drake climbs up the corner turnbuckle and grabs the red briefcase. Tyrus and Eli Drake head backstage with their prize.

** 2nd Briefcase Grab: Trevor Lee is able to climb the second turnbuckle and grab the blue briefcase. Lee dives off the turnbuckle with the briefcase and takes everyone out at ringside before escaping backstage with his prize.

** 3rd Briefcase Grab: The DCC hit the ring next and double team Crazzy Steve. Bram and Eddie Kingston hit a spike piledriver on Steve and take him out. Jesse Godderz flies off the ropes and takes out The DCC with a cross body. Godderz sends Kingston into Bennett and climbs for the yellow briefcase. Kingston shoves Godderz off the ropes and the yellow briefcase falls outside right to Bram who makes the catch. Bram escapes backstage with his prize.

** Final Briefcase Grab: The Hardy's take out Godderz and then Jeff heads for the green briefcase in the last corner. Matt exchanges punches with Bennett who's trying to stop Jeff. Matt lays out Bennett with a Twist of Fate and Jeff grabs the last briefcase to end the match. The briefcase prize reveals will be later tonight.

2.) Backstage, Drew Galloway talks about Moose and the TNA Grand Championship. Galloway talks about being robbed of his title match at Bound For Glory due to doctor's orders. Galloway is putting off going after the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and finishing what he started by going after the TNA Grand Championship.

3.) Bobby Lashley Promo: Lashley brags about beating Ethan Carter, becoming the #1 Contender and then calls out Eddie Edwards. Edwards arrives, tells Lashley he's beaten him, owes him nothing and is a fighting champion. Lashley mocks Edwards and calls him a fluke champion who's needed Davey Richards' help to hold onto his title. Edwards calls the title his life and Lashley challenges Edwards to an Ironman Match for the title. Edwards accepts and gets a cheap shot from Lashley. Lashley beats down Edwards until Davey Richards hits the ring with a steel chair to make the save.

4.) Backstage, Maria Bennett leaves a message on Allie's phone. Brooke Tessmacher walks by and Maria asks if she's the woman known for shaking her ass. Brooke introduces herself as the former 3 time TNA Knockouts Champion and tells Maria to stay out of her business.

5.) Brooke Tessmacher vs. Deonna Purrazzo: The match closes out with Brooke unloading on Deonna with forearms and a series of offensive moves. Brooke kips up and hits a front face suplex/flatliner combo on Deonna to score the pinfall. After the match, Sienna hits the ring and brawls with Brooke. Sienna takes control and lays out Brooke with The Silencer.

6.) Backstage, Maria Bennett confronts Braxton Sutter and tells him that Allie is a horrible assistant. Sutter calls Allie beautiful and says Allie doesn't need to be around people like Maria. Maria mocks Sutter, tells him to stop training Allie and break up with her or else. Maria then whispers in Sutter's ear to tell him what will happen and Sutter suddenly agrees to do it.

7.) The Fact of Life With Eli Drake: Drake and Tyrus are present with the other Race For The Case winners to reveal their prizes. Drake opens his case and reveals a #4. The DCC open Bram's and reveals a #2. Tyrus and Drake try to get Trevor Lee to trade them his case. Trevor Lee refuses unless Tyrus hands over his chain and headphones. Tyrus refuses so Lee opens his case and reveals a #3. Brother Nero has #1 in his briefcase and says it doesn't matter which title he challenges for because they will become obsolete.

8.) Backstage, Braxton Sutter breaks up with Allie, but can't explain to her why causing Allie to break down and cry.

9.) Aron Rex and Rockstar Spud vs. Robbie E and Swoggle: The match closes out with Robbie unloading on Rex and Spud and then he tosses Swoggle into the duo. Swoggle gives Spud a stinkface in the corner. Spud pulls a ring out of his tights, puts it on his finger and uses it as a weapon by punching Swoggle. Robbie chases Spud and sends him outside. Rex meanwhile covers Swoggle and scores the pinfall.

10.) Outside in the parking lot, Braxton Sutter is being forced to give Laurel Van Ness a ride home and doesn't like it.

11.) "TNA Grand Championship Match": Moose (c) vs. Drew Galloway: Round One concludes with Galloway getting the judges votes with a 29-28 victory. Round Two concludes with Moose picking up the round victory with a 29-28 score from the judges. The match closes out in Round Three with both men trading shots. Galloway flies off the top rope, but gets hit with a Moose drop kick on the landing. Moose goes for the Game Changer, but Galloway counters and low blows Moose. The referee stops the match for a moment to announce that Galloway will be deducted a point on his judges score for the low blow. The referee gives Moose a moment to recover, but Moose refuses and goes after Galloway. Galloway hits the Claymore on Moose and scores the pinfall to win the TNA Grand Championship. Galloway celebrates and mocks The judges at ringside with his newly won title to end the show.

- Expedition Of Gold Challenge: TNA World Tag Team Champions The Broken Hardy's posted a Facebook video this week announcing their Expedition of Gold Quest they plan to attempt. The Hardy's have threatened to invade ROH and the WWE in their quest to capture the ROH World Tag Team Championship, the WWE RAW World Tag Championship and the WWE Smackdown Live World Tag Team Championship to prove that they are in fact the greatest tag team in time and space.

- Marti Belle Leaves TNA: TNA officially announced this week that Marti Belle's contract with TNA has expired and she is no longer with the company.


*** ROH TV Recap ***
Cody Rhodes returned to ROH this week. In the main event Jay Lethal battled Jushin Thunder Liger in the last first round match of the Decade of Excellence Tournament.

1.) "Six Man Tag Team Match": The Rebellion (Caprice Coleman, Kenny King and Rhett Titus) vs. Donovan Dijak, Lio Rush and Jay White: The match closes out with The Rebellion triple teaming Dijak, but Dijak fights back as Rush and White help. Titus and King get sent outside as Coleman gets slammed by White. Rush climbs the ropes then stands on Dijak's shoulders. Rush leaps off Dijak's shoulders and hits a frog splash on Coleman. Dijak hits a moonsault on Coleman next and then Rush scores the pinfall. After the match, King lays out Dijak with the shotgun double knee. King and Rhett then beat down White. The Rebellion surround Rush and try to get him to join The Rebellion. Chris Sabin hits the ring and makes the save as The Rebellion retreat.

2.) Cody Rhodes Promo: Cody calls ROH the Ring of Mediocrity and is only here because he is contractually obligated to be here. Cody mocks The fans and then demands a fan be tossed out for making a remark about his wife Brandi. Cody says the fans aren't good enough to see Brandi, demands the fans to buy his new t-shirt, follow him on Twitter and quickly take his picture before he leaves. ROH announcer Steve Corino suddenly interrupts dressed to wrestle and walks to the ring. BJ Whitmer, Kevin Sullivan and Punishment Martinez appear and announce that Corino getting sacrificed to Cody is what they were talking about last week. Cody mocks Corino, reminds Corino that he still remembers ECW 1999 when Corino disrespected Dusty Rhodes and tonight Cody returns the favor. Corino says he loved Dusty, Dusty was Corino's hero and Dusty paved the way in wrestling. Corino tells a story about Genghis Khan sacrificing one of his two sons and gives Cody the choice to sacrifice himself or his brother. Cody slaps Corino and Corino fires back with a punch as we get an impromptu match.

3.) Cody Rhodes vs. Steve Corino: The match closes out with Corino hitting a package piledriver on Cody and then goes outside. Corino opens the black box that Kevin Sullivan left at ringside and reveals the gold spike. Corino goes after Cody with it, but the referee steps in and stops him from using the weapon. Cody catches Corino with a low blow while Corino is distracted by the referee. Cody springboards at Corino, nails the Beautiful Disaster and then hits the Bionic Elbow to score the pinfall. After the match, Jay Lethal hits the ring and chases away Cody, who escapes through the crowd.

4.) Jay Lethal Promo: Lethal says Cody came to ROH because they have the best wrestlers in the world. Cody wanted to prove himself, but he failed. Lethal says that at Final Battle, Cody proved that he is just smoke and mirrors, he doesn't belong in ROH and Lethal will get revenge on Cody. Lethal then calls out Jushin Thunder Liger for their tournament match because Lethal has a tournament to win and a world title to challenge for.

5.) "Decade of Excellence Tournament Match": Jay Lethal vs. Jushin Thunder Liger: The match closes out with Lethal hitting an enziguri and then trapping Liger in a crossface submission. Liger escapes, but gets targeted with Hail to The King by Lethal. Liger catches Lethal on the landing and cradles Lethal for a near fall. Liger hits a lariat and a hurracanrana off the ropes for a near fall on Lethal. Liger goes for a brainbuster, but Lethal counters with a super kick. Lethal hits the Lethal Injection on Liger and scores the pinfall to advance to the Semi-Finals. After the match, Lethal and Liger shake hands and bow to each other to end the show.

- ROH Announces The Broken Hardys vs. The Young Bucks: ROH officially announced this week that the ROH World Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks will battle the TNA World Tag Team Champions The Broken Hardys at Supercard of Honor XI at the Lakeland Civic Center on April 1st.

*** Lucha Underground ***

- Lucha Underground Possible Deal With Netflix: There has been talk of Lucha Underground possibly being signed on by Netflix to have its content shown. Many viewers have been wanting a way to see past episodes of Lucha Underground but have been unable to find them. Also many viewers don't get the El Rey Network which will allow the fans to catch the shows on Netflix.


- More Kenny Omega News: This past week Kenny Omega has been making the rounds on Chris Jericho's podcast and on Taz's The Taz Show. Omega stated the following on his current status on his career right now:

“I once had this whole plan laid out of, like, where I was going to go, how it was going to end up, and now, it has strangely changed to, like, this day-to-day plan. I’m trying to gauge what my best options are right now. I also have the feeling of, on the Japan side of things, I’ve come so far to almost having a complete career there. Do I end that now to pursue something somewhere else? Now people are talking about me, and now WWE is more receiving of using me in a way I believe I could contribute.”

Omega was asked about why he left WWE back in 2006 during his rookie days when he trained there, but asked for his release.

“That stuff was all fine by me. It was that I felt there was no light at the end of the tunnel, like, I was just always going to be this kid that was treated as this green piece of trash. And, do you know what I mean? And there’s no way to grow from that.”

Finally Omega was asked what would make him want to sign with the WWE and how would he want to be used character wise.

"I have come so far to almost having a complete career in NJPW, do I end that now to pursue something else somewhere else?" Now people are talking about me and now WWE is more receiving of using me in a way that I can contribute. I don't want to just take a payday and collect a check. While I'm still healthy, while I still have ideas in this crazy head of mine, I want to contribute and I want to do things that are going to make wrestling fans happy and are going to make new people into wrestling fans that were wrestling fans before, I want to contribute in that manner. If a company like WWE were willing to use me in that manner, if they had good ideas for me and I had good ideas that jived with that, I would heavily consider that."

*** SHINE Wrestling ***

-- SHINE 40 Recap --

1.) The show started out with a huge announcement. Current SHINE Women's Champion Ivelisse had to vacate her title due to injury, leaving tonight's main event up in the air.

2.) #1 Contender LuFisto demands that the title be handed over to her. Mercedes Martinez and Allysin Kay demand opportunities too. The main event is changed to a Triple Threat Match between the three ladies with the winner becoming the new SHINE Women's Champion.

3.) "Fatal Four Way Fray": Su Yung vs. Jayme Jameson vs. Jesse Belle Smothers vs. Angel Rose: The match closes out with Jesse applying a camel clutch submission on Su. Su refuses to tap out, Jesse releases the submission and goes for a pinfall, but Jayme breaks it up. Jayme and Jesse go toe to toe and unload on each other. Su is back up and lays out both Jayme and Jesse and then attacks Angel. Su drives Angel into the mat with the Michinoku Driver and scores the pinfall.

4.) Malia Hosaka vs. Brandi Lauren: The match closes out with Malia nailing a spinning heel kick on Brandi and then goes to work on Brandi's arm. Brandi makes a comeback and unloads on Malia. Malia traps Brandi in a double arm submission and forces Brandi to tap out.

5.) Xandra Bale vs. Aerial Monroe: The match closes out with Xandra and Aerial trading counters until Aerial plants and elbow from the ropes on Xandra for a near fall. Xandra plants a spinning heel kick on Aerial and gets a near fall. Aerial counters a Fisherman's Neckbreaker and sends Xandra face first into the mat with a Facebuster for a near fall. Xandra hits a Buff Blockbuster off the ropes and gets a near fall. Xandra counters a lariat from Aerial and hits the Fisherman’s Neckbreaker finally for the pinfall.

6.) Leva Bates vs. Candy Cartwright: The match closes out with Candy hitting a 619 on Leva and then a top rope body press for a near fall. Leva and Candy trade shots until Leva is gorilla slammed to the mat by Candy. Candy hits the Candy Crush on Leva and scores the pinfall.

7.) Rachael Ellering vs. Chelsea Green: The match closes out with Rachael hitting a pop up spinebuster on Chelsea, but Chelsea avoids the pinfall attempt. Both ladies unload on each other and Rachael yells at Chelsea "Bring it Barbie Doll". Rachael destroys Chelsea with a series of elbows and then an STO. Rachael goes to the top rope, but Chelsea blocks it with a draping DDT off the ropes for a very close near fall. Rachael and Chelsea trade more strikes until Rachael hits an F5 on Chelsea and scores the pinfall.

8.) "SHINE World Tag Team Championship, Triple Threat Match": Santana and Raquel (c) vs. Las Sicarias (Thea Trinidad and ACR) vs. C4 (Amber O’Neal and Kennadi Brink): The match closes out with Santana scoring the pinfall on Thea to retain the titles. After the match, ACR walks out on Thea and leaves with Amber and Kennadi as the newest member of C4. 

9.) SHINE Women's Championship, Triple Threat Match": LuFisto vs. Allysin Kay vs. Mercedes Martinez: The match closes out with LuFisto and Mercedes brawling in the crowd. Mercedes counters the Burning Hammer and suplexes LuFisto into a row of chairs. Back in the ring, Allysin tries to rollup Mercedes, but she kicks out. Allysin hits a discus lariat for another near fall on Mercedes. Allysin traps Mercedes in a sleeper hold, but Mercedes fights it. Mercedes kicks herself back using the top turnbuckle and falls on top of Allysin for the cover. LuFisto dives on top of both Allysin and Mercedes while Mercedes is trapped on top of Allysin in the sleeper hold and scores the pinfall to win the title. After the match, Mercedes is stunned because she thought she pinned Allysin and never realized LuFisto had the actual pinfall. Amber O’Neal and Kennadi Brink come out to celebrate with LuFisto as the show closes.

*** Other ***

- Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka Passes Away: This week Legendary WWE wrestler and WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy Snuka passed away at the age of 73. Snuka had been battling dementia and recently stomach cancer.

- Kyle O'Reilly Wins Independent Gold: Former ROH World Champion Kyle O’Reilly made a surprise appearance Saturday night at an ECCW show in Vancouver, British Columbia and challenged their champion El Phantasmo for the ECCW Championship. O'Reilly picked up the win and the title, winning his first title since turning down his ROH contract and dropping the ROH World Championship.

And that's this week's W3C! Join me every Sunday afternoon as I bring you news, recaps and rumors all around the wrestling world!

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