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WWE Extreme Rules 2015 Recap #WWE #ExtremeRules

By @B_Rock1978

Time to get EXTREME! Well WWE's way of getting extreme, anyway. It's another edition of Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE. WWE Extreme Rules was live on the WWE Network, for the surprisingly low low price of $9.99. And for the record, I'm still waiting for those checks in the mail from Triple H, for promoting the WWE Network in my recaps.

This year's WWE Extreme Rules took place live at the Allstate Arena, in Chicago, Illinois. This is the second time in Extreme Rules existence that it's taken place at the Allstate Arena. And no, CM Punk was not at the pay per view. Punk is done with WWE and the fan boys still think he'll return one day. Maybe he will, but it wasn't tonight.

*** Pregame Show ***

- Due to Daniel Bryan's injury that he suffered on the overseas tour, DB will not be competing against Bad News Barrett or defending the WWE Intercontinental Championship. Bad News Barrett will face Neville in a one on one match.

- Bad News Barrett takes credit for injuring Daniel Bryan and says Bryan is too scared to defend the WWE Intercontinental Championship against him.

- Bad News Barrett vs. Neville: Neville goes for a hiptoss, Barrett counters with his own hiptoss, but Neville counters that with a near fall cradle. Neville double cartwheels into the corner and hits a bodypress off the ropes on Barrett for a near fall. Barrett gets dropkicked to the floor. Neville goes for a springboard, but gets kicked and sent into the barricade. Barrett applies a chinlock, puts Neville in the corner and kicks Neville in the gut. Barrett with another chinlock and cuts off a Neville offensive attempt with a big boot for a near fall. Barrett hits a springboard back suplex, then back to a chinlock. Neville hits some punches, stiff kicks, a dropkick and a twisting suicide dive on Barrett on the floor. Neville near fall on Barrett with a back suplex/bridge combo. Barrett hits a black hole slam on Neville for a near fall. Neville counters "Wasteland" with a back suplex. Neville leaps into the corner where Barrett catches Neville and hits "Wasteland" for a near fall. Neville ducks the "Bullhammer" and hits an enziguri. Neville goes for the "Red Arrow", but Barrett crotches Neville on the ropes. Neville ducks another "Bullhammer" and nails Barrett with a stiff kick to the head. Neville hits the "Red Arrow" and scores the pinfall.

*** Extreme Rules 2015 ***

- "Chicago Street Fight Match": Dean Ambrose vs. Luke Harper: Ambrose attacks Harper in the aisle. Both men brawl around ringside. Ambrose hits a suicide dive and sends Harper into the steel steps. Ambrose unloads on Harper with a singapore cane. Harper grabs the cane and returns the favor. Ambrose goes for a tornado DDT but gets shoved away. Ambrose gets slammed onto a chair for a Harper near fall. Harper unloads with more cane shots on Ambrose. Ambrose gets in some shots and slams Harper on a chair. Harper and Ambrose trade blows and the action goes outside.
Ambrose goes for a suicide dive, Harper catches him, tosses Ambrose into the ropes and Ambrose bounces back with a clothesline. Harper and Ambrose brawl backstage, where Ambrose tosses Harper into production equipment, then slams a chest on wheels into Harper. Harper and Ambrose brawl into catering and near a truck parked in the back. Harper gets in the driver side and drives off, just as Ambrose leaps in through the passenger side window. We're left wandering if this was the end of the match as the truck pulls out of the arena.

- Triple H tells Kane to go track down Ambrose and Harper. Triple H tells Seth Rollins that he and Kane need to get on the same page. Rollins questions Kane's actions, while Kane calls Rollins a punk. Triple H sides with Rollins and says Kane has been trying to prove he's the old Kane, but doesn't regret making Kane the gatekeeper. Kane promises he'll do what's best for business.

- "Kiss Me Arse Match": Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler: Sheamus unloads right hands, corner kicks and headbutts. Ziggler dropkicks Sheamus to the floor. Ziggler gets tossed into the steel steps, but leaps back at Sheamus and hits a DDT on the floor. Back in the ring, Sheamus hits a knee and applies a chin lock. Sheamus counters a "Famasser" and gets a near fall sit down power bomb. Sheamus hits a short arm clothesline and applies another chin lock. Ziggler hits some punches, a splash in the corner, but gets dropped with a Sheamus clothesline. Sheamus counters a superkick and applies a "Texas Cloverleaf" submission. Ziggler slips out and gets a near fall cradle. Ziggler hits a super kick for another near fall. Sheamus hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a near fall. Ziggler gets a near fall roll up. Sheamus goes for a suplex, but Ziggler counters with a cradle and scores the pinfall.

- After the match, Sheamus refuses to kiss Ziggler's "arse". Sheamus tries to leave but the official stops him. Sheamus goes to kiss Ziggler's "arse", but low blows Ziggler and hits a "Brogue Kick". Sheamus asked Ziggler "Did you really think I was going to kiss your arse?" Sheamus pulls part of his tights up and forces a dazed Ziggler to kiss his "arse".

- "WWE World Tag Team Championship Match": Tyson Kidd and Cesaro (c) vs. The New Day: Kidd with kicks and a near fall backslide. Kidd and Cesaro go to work on Big E, until he tags Kofi Kingston in. Kidd sends Kofi and Big E to the floor. Kidd hits a suicide dive on Kofi, but gets clotheslined by Big E. Kingston and Big E tag in and out, working on Kidd. Kofi with a drop kick for a near fall. Kidd dodges a Big E splash, then sends Big E to the floor. Cesaro tags in, hits Kofi with a press slam and uppercuts. Cesaro catapults Kofi who counters with a bodypress.
Cesaro counters with a near fall slam. Cesaro hits a super kick and Kidd with a springboard elbow on Kofi for a near fall. Kofi counters the "Sharpshooter" and Big E spears Kidd to the floor. Both teams take a tumble to the floor. Kidd locks Kofi in the "Sharpshooter". Big E breaks the submission by suplexing Kidd. Kidd hits a double stomp on Kofi. Cesaro and Kidd hit the Cesaro swing/drop kick combo. Xavier Woods distracts the referee and gets slapped by Nattie Neidhart. Kofi rolls up Kidd during the distraction, holds Kidd's tights and scores the pinfall. The New Day are the NEW WWE World Tag Team Champions.

- Backstage, The New Day celebrate their tag team title win as the truck with Luke Harper and Dean Ambrose returns. Harper gets kicked into The New Day and Ambrose leaps off the roof of the truck, taking everyone out.

- Harper vs. Ambrose Chicago Street Fight Continues: Harper and Ambrose brawl back to the ring. Ambrose hits the rebound clothesline and tosses a ton of chairs into the ring. Harper power bombs Ambrose on a chair for a near fall. Ambrose slams Harper on a stack of chairs and hits "Dirty Deeds" to score the pinfall.

- "WWE United States Championship, Russian Chain Match": John Cena (c) vs. Rusev: Cena and Rusev played tug of war with the chain. Cena and Rusev touched two corners, but Cena stopped Rusev from going further. Rusev used the chain to string Cena over the ropes and blasted Cena with kidney shots. Cena and Rusev fought on the floor, where Cena sent Rusev into the ringpost, over and over. Cena touched two corners, but Rusev hits a heel kick to stop Cena. Rusev delivers chain shots to Cena's mid-section and back area. Rusev touches three turnbuckles but Cena stops Rusev. Rusev to the top rope, but gets yanked off by Cena and lands on the chain. Cena touches three turnbuckles but Rusev stops Cena. Rusev drops Cena with a fallaway slam and touches the turnbuckles.
Rusev stops and orders Lana to go to the backstage area because the fans were chanting for her. Cena hits the "Five Knuckle Shuffle", but Rusev hits an "Alabama Slam". Rusev goes for "The Accolade", but Cena counters with the "STF", using the chain. Rusev rolls to the floor, kicks Cena and locks in "The Accolade". Cena lifts Rusev up on his back and rammed Rusev into two different turnbuckles. Rusev touches a third turnbuckle. Cena lifts Rusev up for the "AA" and touches a third corner. Cena and Rusev tug of war over the chain until Cena lays Rusev out with an "AA". Cena touches the fourth corner and picks up the victory. Cena retains the WWE United States Championship.

- Roman Reigns states that he's proven he can be knocked down, but can't be kept down.

- "WWE Divas Championship Match": Nikki Bella (c) vs. Naomi: Naomi stomps on Nikki and hits a suplex for a near fall. Naomi locked in a chin lock, applied a front facelock, then bulldogged Nikki for a near fall. Naomi went for "Rear View", but Nikki dodged it. Naomi hits a series of forearms and sends Nikki outside. Brie tried to check on Nikki, but Naomi chased her off. Back in the ring, Nikki hits Naomi with a drop kick, then an "Alabama Slam" for a near fall. Naomi hits an inverted DDT for a near fall. Naomi misses the split legged moonsault. Nikki goes for "Rack Attack", but Naomi counters and gets a near fall. Nikki hits an elbow and a kick to the face for a near fall. The referee gets distracted by Nikki, which allows Brie to land a kick on Naomi. Nikki hits Naomi with "Rack Attack", covers and scores the pinfall. Nikki retains the WWE Divas Championship.

- Rusev berates Lana, dismisses her and sends her on an errand, speaking this all in Russian. Lana ends up going inside The Authority's office.

- "Last Man Standing Match": Big Show vs. Roman Reigns: Show works over Reigns, until Reigns clotheslines Show to the floor. Reigns gets a table, but Show puts it back. Reigns shoves Show into the ringpost. Show was up at 5 and tosses Reigns into the barricade. Reigns hits Show with a singapore cane, but Show shoves Reigns into the ringpost. Reigns gets put down for the count, but rolls to the floor to stand up before the 10 count. Reigns unloads steel chair shots on Show, then DDT's Show on the chair. Show gets up by a 7 count. Reigns sets up two tables, but gets hit with the knockout punch.
Reigns gets up at a 9 count. Show goes for a chokeslam but Reigns counters and sends Show face first into the table. Reigns hits a samoan drop, putting himself and Show right through a table. Reigns was up at 7, Show at 8. Show spears Reigns, but Reigns is up at 8. Show hits a "Vader Bomb", but Reigns is back to his feet. Reigns crotches Show on the ropes and sets up two tables outside. Reigns hits two "Superman Punches" and goes for a third. Show counters the third by choke slamming Reigns over the top rope and through the double tables outside. Reigns is up at 9.
Show charges at Reigns, but Reigns dodges and Show goes through a table slanted in the corner. Reigns spears Show, but Show rolls to the floor to stay on his feet. Reigns runs a circle around the ring and full force spears Show, sending both men busting through the barricade. Both were up at 9. Reigns climbs on the announcers table and escapes a Show choke slam attempt and lands on the floor. Reigns charges, leaps onto the steel steps and spears Show off the announcers table and crashing through the second announcers table. Show makes it up at 9. Reigns flips over the first announcers table on top of Show and stands on the table, trapping Show under. Show gets counted out and Reigns picks up the victory.

- Randy Orton tells Kane that he knows that when The Authority are through with him they will toss him away like garbage.

- In Ring Promo with Bo Dallas: Dallas makes fun of the Chicago fans, stating they don't shower and refuse to be inspired. Dallas tells the fans to "kindly shut their mouths and just Bo-Lieve". Ryback interrupts Dallas and heads to the ring. Dallas tries to attack Ryback, but Ryback hits a spinebuster, the "Meat Hook", the "Shell Shock" and leaves Dallas laid out.

- Rusev says John Cena never beat him and is a coward. Lana returns and announces The Authority have granted them one last match with Cena. It'll be an "I Quit Match". Rusev promises Cena will quit.

- "WWE World Heavyweight Championship, Steel Cage Match": Seth Rollins (c) vs. Randy Orton (RKO is banned and Kane is The Gatekeeper): Rollins tries to climb out at the bell, but it doesn't work. Rollins hits kicks and an irish whip. Orton counters with a clothesline. Orton irish whips Rollins into the corner, lands Orton stomps and catapults Rollins. Rollins lands on the cage wall and tries to climb out, but fails. Rollins counters corner punches by Orton and hits the turnbuckle power bomb for a near fall. Rollins orders Kane to open the door, but Orton cuts Rollins off. Rollins near fall roll up. Rollins sends Orton into the cage walls, gaining control. Rollins tries to climb out, but Orton stops him. Rollins and Orton go back and forth. Rollins gets tossed into the cage wall. Rollins tries to escape, but Orton battles with Rollins on the top rope. Orton is slammed into the cage wall and falls back into the ring. Rollins comes off the top rope with a knee for a near fall.
Rollins and Orton climb to the top of the cage wall and trade blows. Orton gets kicked off the wall to the ropes, dragging Rollins with him. Orton is back in the ring, catches a diving Rollins and snap power slams Rollins for a near fall. Rollins near fall roll up and another near fall kick to the face. Rollins climbed to the top of the cage as Mercury and Noble ran down to try to help Rollins. Orton stops Rollins and superplexes Rollins for a near fall. Mercury and Noble tell Kane to open the door, but Kane backs them both away. Mercury and Noble try climbing the cage, but Orton uses Rollins as a battering ram, knocking Mercury and Noble off the cage. Rollins tries to climb out but gets crotched on the ropes by Orton. Orton looks at Kane outside, then hits the hanging DDT on Rollins from the top rope. Orton steals a page out of Triple H's book and plants Rollins with a "Pedigree" and gets a near fall. Orton goes for the punt kick, but Rollins dodges and lands his own kick. Rollins crawls to the door but Orton stops him. Orton goes for the door, but Kane closes it and refuses to let Orton escape.
Rollins accidentally hits a drop kick that sends the door into Kane's face, outside. Orton and Rollins both try to get out the door, but Kane slams the door on both of their heads. Kane enters the cage with Mercury and Noble following. Kane choke slams both Mercury and Noble, grabs and choke slams Randy Orton.  Rollins crawls to the door, but Kane grabs Rollins and choke slams him too. Kane lays Rollins on top of Orton, but Orton kicks out at two. Orton hits an "RKO" on Kane, but Rollins steals the finisher and hits an "RKO" on Orton. Rollins crawls out the door and to the floor for the victory. Seth Rollins retains the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

** My Predictions Final Score (20-11) **

I did horrible on my picks this month.
- Barrett vs Bryan: Never happened, No win or loss awarded.
- Ambrose Won: RIGHT
- Ziggler Won: WRONG
- The New Day Won: WRONG
- Cena Won: WRONG
- Nikki Won: RIGHT
- Reigns Won: RIGHT
- Rollins Won: RIGHT

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