Saturday, April 4, 2015

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, 4.4.15: TNA Impact

By @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE. It's this week's TNA Impact recap edition.

- Impact was taped at the Impact Zone this week. Impact advertised three main events this week.

- In Ring Promo with Eric Young and Bobby Roode: Both men hype their "Submission Match" that will kick off Impact. EY says he'll put the final nail in Roode's career and he'll do whatever it takes to make Roode submit. Roode says he's kicked EY's ass enough times, this ends tonight, he'll make EY tap and cry like a little bitch.

- "Submission Match": Bobby Roode vs. Eric Young: Roode goes for the crossface submission, but EY rolls out of the ring. Roode hurts his knee after hitting EY with the "blockbuster" off the ropes. EY clips the knee and goes to work on it. Roode fights off the knee pain and locks EY in the crossface submission. EY grabs the ropes to break the hold. Roode pulls EY back to the middle of the ring and applies the boston crab submission. EY again makes the ropes to break the hold. The referee gets knocked out and misses EY tap out to another crossface submission. Roode checks on the referee and ends up getting clipped in the knee by EY. EY applies the figure four leg lock submission on Roode. Roode tries to fight out of the submission, but eventually taps out.

- In Ring Promo with The Wolves: Eddie Edwards announces he has a broken heel. The Wolves are vacating the TNA World Tag Team Championship. The Wolves promise to win them back when they are back at 100%.

- Gail Kim vs. Angelina Love: Love hits "Botox Injection" on Kim and goes for the cover. Kim is able to get her foot on the ropes to break the pinfall. Love goes for another "Botox Injection", but Kim counters and plants Love with "Eat Defeat". Kim covers and scores the pinfall.

- "Falls Count Anywhere Match": Magnus vs. Bram: Mickie James runs out to check on Magnus, but Magnus tells her to leave. Bram tries to end Magnus' career by wrapping a chair around Magnus' throat and pushing him into the ring post. Bram corners Mickie in the ring, but James Storm hits the ring and tells Bram to stop. Magnus capitalizes on the distraction, as he attacks Bram and beats him down. Magnus lands several punches on Bram, hits two power bombs and finally hits the "Uranage" slam. Magnus covers and scores the pinfall.

- Backstage, Magnus and Mickie James are leaving, when Magnus spots James Storm. Magnus asks why Storm stopped Bram. Storm says he was just looking out for an old friend.

- "TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match": Kurt Angle (c) vs. Bobby Lashley: Lashley drills Angle with the spear, but Angle somehow kicked out of the pinfall. Angle and Lashley trade punches on the middle rope, until Angle plants Lashley with a "Angle Slam" off the ropes. Lashley somehow kicks out at two. Lashley avoids an Angle moonsault and applies an ankle lock submission on Angle. Angle counters out, rolls through, cradles Lashley and scores the pinfall. Or did he??? Kurt Angle wins and retains the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, however, as Impact ends, replays show that the referee missed Lashley get his shoulder up at two, which should've broken the pinfall.

That wraps up this weeks TNA Impact, till next time, tap or snap.


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