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Inside The Batter's Box 4.24.15: #Indians vs. #Tigers Preview

By @B_Rock1978

Is it time to hit the panic button Tribe fans? Can we just forget that this series against the White Sox ever happened? Another very disappointing series from our Tribe the past three days. Worst of all, again it was to another team in our division. We now stand at 3-8 against our divisional teams.
(Que Price Is Right waa waa waa waaaaaaaaa defeat music here.)

Game one, Ryan Raburn got things going for the Tribe in the second inning, launching a solo shot. Raburn finished 2 for 3 with an RBI. "Dr. Smooth" Michael Brantley unloaded a double in the third inning, picking up an RBI. Top of the fifth, Brett Hayes, delivered another solo shot and the Tribe looked like they were well on their way to a win. Or so we thought. Tribe closer, Cody Allen, gets rocked in the bottom of the ninth, gives up 4 runs and the ChiSox turn a 3-0 score into a 4-3 win. You got to be kidding?!

Game two, saw both Carlos Santana and David Murphy launch the long ball. Ryan Raburn continued to hit well, going 2 for 2 with 2 RBI. "Dr. Smooth" Michael Brantley added an RBI single. Jason Kipnis sac flied in an RBI. Carlos Carrasco went 5 innings, giving up 1 ER, 8 strikeouts and no walks. Cody Allen pitched the ninth, held onto the lead this time, recording 2 strikeouts and the Tribe won 6-2.

Game three, was a complete nightmare. Tribe ace, Corey Kluber is pitching, we got this right? Wrong! Kluber gets his glove handed to him by the ChiSox. Kluber goes six innings, but gives up 13 hits, 6 ER, 6 strikeouts and 1 walk. Meanwhile, Jeff Samardzija, completely shuts down the Tribe in six innings. The Tribe lose 6-0 and lose the series to the ChiSox. Good grief!!

Next up, the Indians kick off a three game set with divisional rivals, the Detroit Tigers, in Detroit. In case you forgot, the Tigers swept the Tribe in their opening weekend series. Looking back at that series, and looking at how the Tribe have played since that series, I'm honestly scared Tribe fans. How did the Tigers do this week? The Tigers battled the Evil Empire, aka the New York Yankees, in a four game set. Let's take a look at how the Tigers did in their series with the Yanks and who our Tribe will have to watch out for in this series.

Game one, J.D. Martinez got the Tigers on the board in the bottom of the seventh with an RBI single. Yoenis Cespedes followed with another RBI single. Alfredo Simon goes 7 1/3 innings, with 7 strikeouts and gave up no walks. Joakim Soria picks up save number 5 and the Tigers stayed hot, winning 2-1.

Game two, J.D. Martinez went 3 for 4, but wasn't an RBI threat. Yoenis Cespedes picked up a sac fly RBI in the seventh inning. Rajai Davis drew a walk in the ninth with the bases loaded, picking up an RBI. Kyle Lobstein went six innings, with 1 ER, 3 strikeouts and 4 walks. The Tigers bullpen collapsed in the seventh inning, however, and the Yanks grab the 5-2 win. 

Game three, the Tigers put four on the board in the bottom of the first. J.D. Martinez picked up another RBI in the series, drawing a walk with the bases loaded. Yoenis Cespedes picked up an RBI with an infield single. Nick Castellanos grounded out into a fielders choice, picking up an RBI. Alex Avila singled in an RBI during his at bat. The Tigers were shut down the rest of the way, losing to the Yankees 13-4.

Game four, Victor Martinez gets a sac fly RBI, but that's all the Tigers can muster as the Yankees cool off the Tigers 2-1 and take the series.

*** Starters For The Series ***

* Tigers *

- Game 1: Shane Green (3-0), makes his fourth start of the year, winning every start this year so far. Green stands with a 0.39 ERA, 11 strikeouts and 5 walks.

- Game 2: Alfredo Simon (3-0), makes his fourth start of the season, sitting at three perfect apperances. Simon takes the mound with a 1.74 ERA, 12 strikeouts and 2 walks.

- Game 3: Kyle Lobstein (1-1), makes his third start of the season, having a decision on all starts so far as well. Lobstein has a 3.27 ERA, 6 strikeouts and 6 walks.

* Indians *

- Game 1:  Danny Salazar (1-0), makes his second start of the year, after being called up from AAA last weekend. Salazar has a 3.00 ERA, with 10 strikeouts and 2 walks on the season.

- Game 2: Trevor Bauer (2-0), makes his fourth start of the year. Bauer, is currently the only original starter from season's beginning, that has had a good year so far. Bauer checks in with a 0.95 ERA, 26 strikeouts and 11 walks.

- Game 3: Carlos Carrasco (2-1), makes his fourth start of the year. Carrasco has a 2.38 ERA, 18 strikeouts and 1 walk on the year.

There is your Indians vs. Tigers preview, continue to join me all season, with Inside The Batter's Box. I'll bring you series previews, recaps, videos and pictures, on the Triple Threat CLE Twitter and Facebook pages.


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