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Wrestling Lockup with Brandon 4.3.15: #SmackDown & #NXT Recap

By @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE.  It's this week's NXT and Smackdown recaps for the week.

*** NXT ***

- NXT was back home at Full Sail University this week.

- In Ring Promo with Sami Zayn: Zayn was last seen getting taken out by Kevin Owens. Zayn thanks everyone for their support and talks about the recent NXT tour. Zayn says while on tour the only person he thought of was Kevin Owens. Zayn says that the Owens he was in the ring with last was not the same Owens he's known, he's a completely different person. Zayn says he's figured Owens out though, he will kick Owens' ass and win back his NXT World Title.

- Rhyno vs. A Local Wrestler: The local wrestler didn't receive a name announcement at all. What he got was a few punches from Rhyno and an easy "Gore". Rhyno covers and scores the pinfall.

- In Ring Promo with Rhyno: Rhyno says he's in NXT to make a statement, he came here for the NXT World Title and puts Sami Zayn, Finn Balor and Kevin Owens on notice. GORE GORE GORE! 

- Bayley vs. Emma: Bayley reminds Emma of the slap in the face Emma gave her last week, before the ladies go at it. Bayley goes for a splash on Emma, in the corner, but Emma moves. Emma connects with the "DilEMMA", but wastes time after. Emma hits a cross body on Bayley and again wastes time, this time doing some dancing. Bayley sneaks in a rollup on Emma and scores the pinfall.

- After the match: Bayley helps Emma to her feet, has a few words for her, then leaves the ring.

- Backstage, Becky Lynch says how she was close to winning the NXT Women's Title at Takeover, everyone has been given a one on one opportunity, except her, it's her title, her empire, and feels it's her time. WELCOME TO N'BEX'T

- Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy vs. The Lucha Dragons: Blake and Murphy, the NXT World Tag Team Champions, give a non-title match to The Lucha Dragons, this week. Sin Cara hits a springboard head butt, kicks and a springboard cross body on Murphy. Cara gets sent to the apron, then gets pushed off by Blake. Murphy hits a suplex, Blake follows with a frog splash to score the pinfall.

- Backstage, Rhyno confronts Sami Zayn. Rhyno says he doesn't care about vendettas, he came to NXT to win the NXT World Title. So the line to get a NXT World Title shot starts behind Rhyno.

- Jason Jordan vs. Tye Dillinger: Dillinger hits a reverse atomic drop, a series of chops, a russian leg sweep and finishes with a kick to Jordan's head. Dillinger ends up getting hit with a hot shot on the ropes by Jordan. Jordan grabs Dillinger and plants him with the overhead suplex to score the pinfall.

- "2 Out Of 3 Falls Match" Tyler Breeze vs. Hideo Itami: Breeze hits two straight running forearms, but misses the third. Itami lands a knee to the gut, a kick to the chest, more kicks, a back heel kick, lands a drop kick and finishes Breeze off with a flying boot. Itami covers and scores the pinfall. Itami leads 1-0.

- Match #2: The bell sounds to start match number two and Breeze can barely stand on his feet. The referee orders Itami to stay back so he can check on Breeze. Breeze, April Fool's Itami, hits the "Beauty Shot" and scores the pinfall. Match is tied 1-1.

- Match #3: Breeze and Itami go all out in the final match. Both men struggle to get back to their feet. Breeze lands a kick to Itami's chest, Itami demands more, so Breeze slaps him. Itami lands slaps, a back hand, kicks and a back heel kick. Itami misses a drop kick and Breeze misses the "Beauty Shot". Itami lands another back heel kick and a drop kick. Breeze, out of nowhere with the "Beauty Shot". Breeze covers, scores the pinfall and picks up the 2-1 victory, to close out this week's NXT.

*** Smackdown ***

- Smackdown was taped this week in Fresno, California.

- In Ring Promo with The Authority: Seth Rollins says he would've gave Brock Lesnar his rematch tonight for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, if he wouldn't have gotten suspended. Randy Orton interrupts and says that he should be the first in line for a title shot, because he's still owed one and he beat Rollins at Wrestlemania. Orton rips on The Authority and singles out Kane, telling him what a joke he's become. Kane orders Orton vs. Big Show and Orton might get a World Title shot if he can win.

- Randy Orton vs. Big Show: Orton gets Show hung up on the ropes and drops Show with the hanging DDT. Orton goes for the "RKO" but Mercury attacks Orton causing a DQ.

- After the match: The Authority jump Orton and beat him down. Orton breaks free, tackles Rollins and unloads punches. Kane pulls Orton off and choke slams Orton. Ryback hits the ring and dismantles The Authority. Ryback hits a "Shell Shock" as Orton hits an "RKO" on Kane and Mercury. Seth Rollins grabs his title and runs for his life.

- Nattie Neidhart vs. Naomi: The Bella Twins were on commentary for this one. Nattie catches Naomi's legs and goes for the "Sharpshooter". Naomi rolls through and gets a near fall rollup. Naomi grabs Nattie and plants her with an inverted DDT. Naomi covers and scores the pinfall. Naomi and Nikki Bella eye ball each other after the match.

- Backstage, Seth Rollins laughs about beating down Randy Orton. Kane decides to give Orton a World Title shot, unless Rollins thinks he can't win. Rollins knows he can win. The segment ends with Dean Ambrose walking out of Kane's personal bathroom, stinking it up. A pissed off Kane orders Ambrose to fight Luke Harper tonight.

- Backstage, Roman Reigns says Wrestlemania changed his life, he thinks he proved himself, took an ass kicking but kept coming back, Rollins may be the champion, but Reigns will beat him and become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. BELIEVE THAT!

- The Miz vs. R-Truth: Truth goes for a lockup, but Miz reverses and plants Truth with the "Skull Crushing Finale". Miz covers and scores the pinfall.

- After the match: Damien Sandow hits the ring, attacks Miz and lays Miz out with the "Skull Crushing Finale". Sandow puts on sunglasses and takes in the fans cheers.

In Ring Promo with John Cena: The United States Championship will now be an opportunity, it'll represent a beacon like the Statue of Liberty and just like on RAW, Cena throws out an open title shot. Rusev and Lana appear. Rusev says he never lost at Wrestlemania, he's a super athlete, calls Cena a coward and wants a rematch at Extreme Rules. Cena says Rusev is either drunk or stupid cause he did lose at Wrestlemania and tells Rusev to why wait for Extreme Rules. Rusev says he'll crush Cena at Extreme Rules and the Russian flag will hang from the rafters. Rusev points for the flag to come down, but the American flag drops instead.

- Dean Ambrose vs. Luke Harper: Both men begin brawling on the floor. Harper ends up throwing Ambrose into the timekeeper area. Ambrose fires back with a flying forearm. Harper tosses Ambrose into the ring post and then power bombs Ambrose through a table, ending the match in a no contest. 

- Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus: Bad News Barrett is on commentary. Bryan counters "Ten Beats" with repeated head butts. Bryan gets sent to the floor and is bleeding from the forehead. Sheamus distracts the referee, as Barrett lays Bryan out with the "Bullhammer". Bryan gets counted out and Smackdown ends with Sheamus getting the victory.

And that's this week's Smackdown/NXT recap. Have a great weekend, till next time, tap or snap.


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