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Wrestling Lockup with Brandon 4.18.15: #TNA #ImpactWrestling Recap

By @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE. It's this week's TNA Impact recap edition.

- Impact was taped at the Impact Zone this week. This week's edition was the TNA World Tag Team Title Tournament and Ultimate X Match, to crown new TNA World Tag Team Champions.

- "World Tag Team Tournament Match": Matt and Jeff Hardy vs. James Storm and Khoya: Revolution jump the Hardys before the bell, but The Hardys regroup. Matt hits the "Side Effect" on Storm and hot tags Jeff in. Jeff unloads on Storm, dodges the "Last Call" super kick, causing Storm to kick Khoya. Matt hits Storm with the "Twist of Fate", as Jeff hits the "Swanton Bomb" on Khoya. Jeff covers Khoya and scores the pinfall. The Hardys move on to Ultimate X.

- After The Match: Storm is pissed and starts slapping Khoya and calls him a failure. Khoya backs off and leaves the ring.

- In Ring Promo with Eric Young: EY says he's not to be messed with, Kurt Angle is dodging him, he put Bobby Lashley out of action, he's the #1 Contender and he wants his title shot. Kurt Angle interrupts EY. EY says he's not scared of Angle, cause Angle holds what he wants. Angle says EY is obsessed and has let his craziness turn him to the dark side. Angle turns his back and dares EY to attack him from behind. EY clenches his fists, but tells Angle he'll see him next week for his title shot.

- Backstage, Low Ki and Kenny King corner Rockstar Spud, but Mr. Anderson helps out Spud. Anderson rips on Low Ki and King. King says Anderson has a big mouth and is a dead man later.

- "World Tag Team Tournament Match": Mr. Anderson and Rockstar Spud vs. Kenny King and Low Ki: The Beat Down Clan attack Anderson and Spud before the match. Spud sends Low Ki to the floor with a flying head scissor. Low Ki tosses a chair to Anderson, who the referee sees holding. The referee orders Anderson to drop the chair. While Anderson pleads his case to the referee, Low Ki hits a double stomp on Spud and King scores the pinfall. Low Ki and King advance to Ultimate X.

- Backstage, Ethan Carter III and Bram hype their match tonight. Bram and Tyrus appear to be at odds as they have a stare down with each other.

- Backstage, MVP congratulates Low Ki and Kenny King. MVP has a special assignment for Homicide. MVP wants Homicide to take out Kurt Angle. Homicide reveals a razor and says Angle will never see the attack coming.

- "World Tag Team Tournament Match": Jay Rios and Tigre Uno vs. Ethan Carter III and Bram: Rios hits a missile drop kick and a springboard ace crusher for a near fall. EC3 blasts Rios with his arm brace and Bram hits the implant DDT. EC3 covers and scores the pinfall. EC3 and Bram advance to Ultimate X.

After The Match: Bram and Tyrus go nose to nose but EC3 calms both men down.

- Backstage, Kurt Angle says Eric Young straddles the line of crazy and genius. As for Homicide, Angle will send him to the hospital tonight.

- In Ring Promo with The Knockouts: All the Knockouts are in the ring, as Christy Hemme has a huge announcement. Next week's Impact will be Knockouts Week. There will be a four way #1 Contender's match, new knockouts debuting and Taryn Terrell defends the TNA Knockouts Championship against Awesome Kong. All the Knockouts claim why they are the best. Awesome Kong goes after Terrell. A brawl breaks out, which ends with Terrell diving off the ropes onto all the Knockouts. Terrell holds up her title as Kong glares at her.

- Backstage, Austin Aries and Bobby Roode play mind games with Robbie E. telling him he's the best looking one and has the better talent of the Bromans. Robbie E agrees.

- "World Tag Team Tournament Match": Austin Aries and Bobby Roode vs. The Bromans: Aries hot tags in the match and unloads on both Bromans. The Bromans continue to have miscommunication with each other, giving Roode and Aries the advantage. Aries suicide dives both Bromans on the floor. Aries hits Jessie with the "IED", Roode hits a spine buster and Aries flies off the top rope with the 450 splash. Aries covers and scores the pinfall. Roode and Aries advance to Ultimate X.

After The Match: Robbie is pissed and pokes Jessie in the chest. Both men argue, then start brawling with each other. DJ Z tries to separate his teammates, but gets shoved away.

- Kurt Angle vs. Homicide: Homicide jumps Angle in the parking lot and we have an impromptu street fight. Angle gets rammed into the door, choked, beaten with a trash can lid and gets a steel chair driven into his gut. Homicide wraps a chair around Angle's throat and ring post rams him, then tosses Angle face first into the steel steps. Angle unloads on Homicide and Homicide tries to escape. Into the ring, Homicide hits an "Ace Crusher" on Angle and boots Angle. Angle german suplexes Homicide and applies the ankle lock submission. MVP, Low Ki and Kenny King hit the ring and attack Angle. MVP hits "Blackout" on Angle, as The Rising hit the ring to even the odds. All out brawl breaks out and Eric Young hits the ring and stops MVP from hitting Angle with a steel chair. EY and Angle have a stare down until EY leaves.

- "TNA World Tag Team Championship, Ultimate X Match": Matt and Jeff Hardy vs. Ethan Carter III and Bram vs. Austin Aries and Bobby Roode vs. Low Ki and Kenny King: Aries hits a suicide dive on the Hardys. EC3 grabs a ladder and tries to cheat by climbing the ladder to the titles. EC3 gets stopped by everyone involved and the match continues. The Hardys, Low Ki and Kenny King shimmy across the ropes to the titles, however, Tyrus shakes the scaffold and knocks everyone off. Tyrus takes everyone out in the ring, as EC3 climbs on Tyrus' shoulders and reaches for the titles. Aries hits a missile drop kick, taking out Tyrus and EC3. Bram clotheslines Aries. Roode hits a blockbuster on Bram. Bram gets tossed into the ladder, Aries hits Bram with "IED" and Roode hits the spine buster. Roode shimmies the ropes while on Aries' shoulders, however, Homicide interfers and attacks Roode and Aries. Homicide sets the ladder up for Low Ki and King to climb. Matt Hardy lays out Homicide with the "Side Effect". Matt climbs the ladder and trades blows with King, then takes King out with a "Twist of Fate" off the ladder. Matt and Low Ki now go at it on the ladder, as Jeff Hardy climbs the scaffold. Jeff gets to the center of the ropes, kicks Low Ki off the ladder, which allows Matt to climb back up the ladder. Matt and Jeff both grab the titles and are the NEW TNA World Tag Team Champions!

- Impact closes out with The Hardys celebrating their first ever TNA World Tag Team Championship reign.

That wraps up this weeks TNA Impact, till next time, tap or snap.


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