Monday, August 18, 2014

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon: SummerSlam 2014

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat Podcast, brings you the SummerSlam recap! Last night's event served as the last big event of the summer before the leaves begin to change. SummerSlam took place live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.

- The preshow to the special event kicked off with some one on one action between the "King of Swing" Cesaro and ECW icon "Mr. Monday Night" Rob Van Dam.

- Cesaro vs Rob Van Dam: RVD attempts a "Five Star Frog Splash" but misses giving Cesaro the match advantage. Cesaro hits his big European uppercut and goes for "The Neutralizer" but RVD escapes. Cesaro slaps RVD, RVD responses with a spin kick to Cesaro. RVD climbs the ropes and hits the "Five Star Frog Splash" for the pinfall.

- In Ring Promo: SummerSlam 2014 kicks off with the "Immortal" Hulk Hogan arriving and heading to the ring. Hogan says history will be made tonight and that tonight and every other pay per view for the year is only $9.99 a month on the WWE Network.

- "WWE Intercontinental Championship Match": The Miz (c) vs Dolph Ziggler: Miz cuts a usual Hollywood promo and rips on the Lakers as Ziggler heads to the ring. A lot of near falls in the match from both superstars. Ziggler catches Miz with the "Zig Zag" and scores the pinfall to become the NEW WWE Intercontinental Champion.

- Backstage Promo: Brie Bella talks about her arrest on RAW, she's pissed at Stephanie for picking on Daniel Bryan, for terrorizing her sister Nikki and is going to take Stephanie out tonight cause that is what's best for business.

- "WWE Divas Championship Match": A.J. Lee (c) vs Paige: "CM Punk" chants....go figure. A.J. does a very impressive clothesline off the top rope and onto the floor on Paige. A.J. applies the "Black Widow", however, Paige finds a way to escape and plants A.J. with a DDT and scores the pinfall to become the NEW WWE Divas Champion.

- "Flag Match": Rusev (w/Lana) vs Jack Swagger (w/Zeb Colter): Lana throws out more anti-American slander and dedicates this match to Russian President Putin. Swagger and Colter make their entrance led by American soldiers. Swagger gets the "Patriot Lock" on Rusev before the match even starts. The match finally starts with Rusev fighting an injured ankle. Swagger misses a "Swagger Bomb" and now has injured ribs. Rusev locks in "The Accolade" but Swagger fights out and locks in the "Patriot Lock". Rusev refuses to tap and until finally breaking the hold. Rusev attacks Swagger's ribs more and locks "The Accolade" on again. Swagger refuses to tap and eventually passes out from the pain. The referee stops the match and Rusev is declared the winner. After the match Rusev knocks Colter out with a super kick. The Russian National Anthem plays and the Russian Flag is raised. Rusev and Lana stand victorious over Swagger and Colter's unconscious bodies.

- "Lumberjack Match": Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose: Rollins tries to escape twice, early in the match, but is tossed right back in the ring. Rollins and Ambrose spill out of the ring and brawl right through the lumberjacks and out into the crowd. The lumberjacks actually follow Ambrose and Rollins into the crowd and try to force both back into the ring. Rollins tries to escape but is picked up and carried back to the ring where Ambrose suicide dives off the ropes and takes everyone out. Ambrose hits Rollins with his own finishing move the "Curb Stomp" and goes for the pin. Corporate Kane gets in the ring and breaks up the pin. Goldust gets in Kane's face and gets decked by Kane. We have chaos erupt as all the lumberjacks begin brawling. Rollins grabs his briefcase and hits Ambrose with it to score the pinfall.

- Chris Jericho vs Bray Wyatt (Rowan and Harper Banned From Ringside): Usual weird antics from Bray during the match. Jericho catches Bray with a "Code Breaker" but the match continues. Bray hits Jericho with "Sister Abigail" on the floor then a second "Sister Abigail" in the ring and scores the pinfall. Bray has the "Whole World In His Hands" sing along after the match.

- UFC Fighter Ronda Rousey and her Four Horsewomen group are shown in attendence. Rumors were circulating a few months back that Rousey would love to work a match with WWE.

- Stephanie McMahon vs Brie Bella: Brie with the "Yes Lock" on Stephanie but she avoids it. Triple H makes his way to the ring as Brie gains offense in the match. Triple H distracts Brie allowing Stephanie to get the "Pedigree" hooked. Brie reverses the "Pedigree" into the "Yes Lock". Triple H pulls the referee out of the ring just before Stephanie taps out. Brie baseball slides Triple H to the floor as Nikki Bella arrives. Nikki and Brie surround Stephanie in the ring and are both ready to take out the billion dollar princess. Nikki turns on sis instead and knocks Brie out. Stephanie with a smile "pedigrees" Brie and scores the pinfall. After the match Triple H and Stephanie make out as Nikki looks down on her knocked out sister.

- Roman Reigns vs Randy Orton: Back and forth match in this one, in and out of the ring. Reigns gets slammed on the announcers table and it partially collapses. Reigns hits a huge Samoan Drop on Orton off the top rope. Reigns hits the "Superman Punch" then goes for the spear. Orton catches Reigns charging in and power slams Reigns to the mat. Orton with the drop DDT but misses the "RKO" as Reigns avoids it and goes for another spear. Orton again dodges the spear and hits the "RKO". Reigns somehow kicked out at two and a half. Orton goes for the punt to the head, however, Reigns jumps up, spears Orton and scores the pinfall.

- "WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match": John Cena (c) vs. Brock Lesnar (w/Paul Heyman): The bell sounded and Cena was immediately pounded to the canvas by "The Beast". Cena wildly fights back but a knee to the gut and another pounding to the mat resumes. Cena tries a second come back and gets the same results, beaten to the mat. After taking a huge amount of punishment, Cena somehow reversed the "F-5" into the "AA" and hits it. Lesnar kicks out at two and the beat down on Cena continues. Cena tries to mount some offense but Lesnar is just too much for Cena to handle. Lesnar hits the "F-5" and scores the pinfall. Brock Lesnar is the NEW World Heavyweight Champion. After the match the show closes out with Lesnar celebrating with Paul Heyman and WWE officials and medics working on Cena.

My Final Thoughts: Dolph Ziggler winning the I-C Title and Paige winning the Divas Title actually caught me by surprise. With The Miz promoting "Marine 4", I figured he'd stay the champ. A.J. just won the Divas Title a month and a half ago, wasn't expecting her to drop it yet. Bray Wyatt needed to beat Jericho, good to see it happened. Rusev/Swagger and Ambrose/Rollins I could've seen go either way. And Lesnar, we all knew he was leaving the champ unless WWE wanted to pull one over on us. But I was surprised at how easily Lesnar did it. Honestly it looked like we were watching Lesnar vs a rookie, Lesnar destroyed Cena tonight.

That about wraps up this year's SummerSlam. I will be back Tuesday afternoon for RAW recap. Till then, tap or snap.

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