Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Leadoff with Lee 8.13.14

-Tuesday's Indians/Diamondbacks game was postponed and will continue the game today at 4:05 PM in a traditional double header. The second game will be at it's regularly scheduled time of 7:05 PM.

-The sale of the Los Angeles Clippers to former Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, was completed Tuesday. The sale was reportedly worth $2 billion dollars. Donald Sterling, who was found mentally incapacitated, will appeal the sale of the team. Sterling was banned from the NBA for life after audio recordings were heard of him making racist remarks which promoted the sale of the team. Doc Rivers threatened to resign as head coach if ownership did not change. Also, the Clippers would be hard pressed to sign any free agents, regardless of race, which would have hurt the team and league.

-As I reported on Monday, reports surfaced yesterday that the Cleveland Cavaliers will play in Miami on Christmas Day. The time isn't yet known, but the NBA schedules will be released at 6pm today. The NBA and ABC are pushing for a 5pm start time, which is the prime slot for the NBA's biggest game on Christmas Day. It will probably happen.

-The Browns signed QB Rex Grossman and waived QB Tyler Thigpen yesterday. Grossman played for offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan in Washington and with the Houston Texans. I have heard a few rumblings coming from some of my peers in Houston, but I think they are speaking from the "if I was the owner" point of view.

-Josh Gordon was back on the bike as we wait to hear if he won his appeal. Just remember, Gordon and his lawyers may sue the NFL and request a temporary restraining order against the league. If granted, he will be eligible to play. Keep your eyes and ears open folks, this is just the beginning.

-Mike Pettine says he plans to have his starting QB set prior to game 3 of the preseason. So that means Johnny Manziel has to really woo the coaches if he wants to be the opening day starter. The Monday night game with the Redskins will determine who's going too be the man, as both QBs will see time with the other starters.

-I don't talk high school sports at all on here, but this needed to be discussed. The Steubenville school system and football coach have agreed to let convicted rapist Ma'lik Richmond back into school and back on the team. Now my thoughts or writings may not express everyone who represents the Triple Threat Podcast or @triple3xthreat on Twitter. And I understand and respect that. But this kid did his time in jail or juvie jail and was released. Everyone deserves a second chance. For one, you can't deny the kid his education. Secondly, if he was accepted as a student of the school, he is eligible to partake in all school activities. If he was to be denied, I'm sure his parents would have sued the district. And did the district want to face a lawsuit and pay lawyers? Nahh... they did the right thing. But if you would like to hear what Tim Stried, a representative from the Ohio High School Athletic Association, had to say here you go: Tim Stried Says OHSAA Is “Appalled” By Steubenville’s Actions, Decision To Allow Student Back on Team

-I guess Dallas Cowboys CB Orlando Scandrick was on vacation popping Molly. I wonder if he was sweating, whoooo!

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