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Wrestling Lockup with Brandon 8.19.14: WWE Raw


Wrestling Lockup with Brandon is here, brought to you by Triple Threat Podcast. Last night on RAW began the "Era of The Beast" as the newly crowned WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Brock Lesnar's, run as champ began. Lesnar destroyed John Cena at SummerSlam with his UFC style ground and pound, 16 german suplexes and 2 "F-5's". What are we in for with Lesnar as the face of the company now? Will John Cena be the same after taking probably the worst beating of his life? Let's get this week's RAW recap started live from Las Vegas, Nevada.

- In Ring Promo: RAW kicked off with Daniel Bryan's music playing, however, no Daniel Bryan. It is instead Stephanie McMahon mocking the "Yes" chants with "Steph" chants. Stephanie talks about SummerSlam's success, being more popular on social media then Wrestlemania, Brock Lesnar getting a new world title awarded to him later and talks about Lesnar's brutal beating on John Cena. Steph calls Chris Jericho, Dean Ambrose and Brie Bella losers and thanks her husband Triple H, who isn't a cheater like Daniel Bryan. Steph next calls out Nikki Bella. Nikki Bella comes out to the ring to "You Sold Out" chants. Nikki says Brie never turned out to be the sister that Nikki hoped she'd be and talks about Daniel Bryan cheating on Brie. Nikki pretends to get emotional, says she's stressed out and says she's free now without Brie. Brie Bella arrives to "Yes" chants. Brie tells Nikki she loves her and forgives her for what she did to their family. Nikki slaps Brie to the mat and says she'll never forgive her. Brie leaves crying.

- Big Show and Mark Henry vs Harper and Rowan: Harper and Rowan double-team Henry. Big Show enters the ring and lands the knockout punch on both Wyatt's. Henry follows up with "The World's Strongest Slam" for the pinfall.

- Backstage Segment: Dolph Ziggler and Ric Flair are talking when The Miz interrupts. Miz says he's winning back the WWE I-C Title tonight because he's a Hollywood A-Lister. Ziggler says he's not an A-Lister he's an A-Hole.

- Backstage Promo: Seth Rollins cuts a promo and says he did exactly what he said he would in not running away and beating Dean Ambrose. Rollins says he's not just the future World Champion but the future of the WWE. Dean Ambrose appears and dumps a bucket of ice water over Rollins head and said it was for charity then beats the hell out of Rollins before WWE officials pull them apart.

- Backstage Segment: Triple H and Kane are talking when Seth Rollins interrupts, wanting to get rid of Dean Ambrose once and for all. Triple H gives Rollins a match tonight against Ambrose with the fans voting on the stipulation. Triple H says when Rollins takes out Ambrose his blood will be on his hands.

- Nattie Neidhart vs Paige: Paige says she loves A.J. Lee and dedicates this match to her. Match ends with A.J. skipping down to the ring for the distraction. Neidhart rolls Paige up for the pinfall. After the match A.J. takes a mic to the sound of "CM Punk" chants and says she loves and respects Paige and dedicates her whole life to her. A.J. gets in the ring to shake Paige's hand but Paige leaves not trusting A.J.

- In Ring Promo: Triple H and Stephanie McMahon announce the new champ. Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman make their way to the ring for Lesnar's new world title presentation. The Authority present Lesnar with the new World Title and everyone poses for a photo-op. The fans chant "Thank You Lesnar" as Heyman takes the mic. Heyman says John Cena is not here tonight because he physically can not be here. Heyman says he respects Cena for the beating he took last night, says he'd love to make Cena a "Paul Heyman Guy" unfortunately in Brock's world, Cena is a nobody. Heyman continues to build up "The Beast" and calls it's basic Brock-a-nomics then repeats "Eat, Sleep, Suplex, Repeat a good 15 to 20 times.

- "WWE Intercontinental Championship Match": Dolph Ziggler (c) vs. The Miz: Ziggler hurts his knee during the match. Miz works on the leg and locks in the figure four. Ziggler escapes and rolls out to the floor in pain. Ziggler can't answer the 10 count as he's counted out. Miz, mad he won but didn't win back his title, attacks Ziggler after the match. Ziggler hits a "Zig Zag" out of nowhere and escapes still with a battered leg.

-Backstage Promo: Jack Swagger cuts a promo. Swagger says he loves America and how everyone unites when things are rough. Swagger says he's going to dust off his loss from last night and come back stronger because that is "We The People".

- Jack Swagger vs. Cesaro: Cesaro works on Swagger's ribs throughout the match. Swagger hits the "Swagger Bomb" but Cesaro kicks out. Swagger locks in the "Patriot Lock" however he's on the apron so he eventually has to break the hold. Cesaro hits "The Neutralizer" on Swagger and gets the pinfall. After the match Bo Dallas comes down with a mic. Dallas says Swagger let down American, lost his manager, lost his self respect and dignity but he can get it all back as long as he "Bo-Lieves".

- Backstage Promo: Chris Jericho cuts a promo. Says he's never faced anyone like Bray Wyatt, the WWE fans have Jericho's back and that is something Bray will never take away from Jericho.

- "Six Man Tag Match": Randy Orton, Curtis Axel and Ryback vs Roman Reigns, Sheamus and Rob Van Dam: Sheamus "Brogue Kicks" Ryback, Randy Orton "RKO's" Sheamus, RVD hits an enzuigiri on Orton which is followed up with a spear by Reigns. Axel sends Reigns into the ring post. Axel catches a heel kick then the "five star frog splash" from RVD for the pinfall.

- Backstage Segment: Ric Flair tries to talk to Randy Orton about Roman Reigns. Orton tells Flair to back off or he'll find out why he was called the legend killer.

- Backstage Promo: Bray Wyatt appears on the titantron. Says a pair of horses came for Chris Jericho last night at SummerSlam and the rider was Bray. He told Jericho it would happen cause he's a man of his word. Bray is the new face of salvation.

- The Usos vs Goldust and Stardust: Stardust scores the pinfall with a sunset flip.

- In Ring Promo: Rusev and Lana arrive. Lana says President Putin is proud of Rusev and having the Russian Flag raised in victory. Mark Henry interrupts and makes his way to the ring. Henry says he competed in the U.S. Olympics twice which were proud moments and never had a problem with people representing their home countries except for you two jackasses. Henry threatens to take Rusev to the Hall of Pain. Rusev and Henry go nose to nose. Rusev and Henry trade punches, Henry blocks Rusev's super kick and plants Rusev with the "World's Strongest Slam".

- Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins: The WWE fans vote for a "Falls Count Anywhere Match". Rollins and Ambrose rip into each other at the bell and trade back and forth blows. Both men end up in the crowd and brawl up to the stage. Ambrose counters a power bomb and suplexes Rollins on the stage. We're back in the ring where Ambrose slams Rollins on a chair and drives an elbow on Rollins off the ropes. Ambrose gets tossed into a chair wedged in the corner. Rollins unloads with kendo stick shots. Ambrose returns the favor with the kendo stick. Both men beat the hell out of each other with weapons and aerial moves and avoid each others finishers as Corporate Kane arrives. Ambrose suplexes Rollins through a table as Rollins was looking for the "Curb Stomp". Ambrose knocks Kane off the apron, tosses Rollins on the floor, then suicide dives onto both men. Ambrose hits "Dirty Deeds" but Kane pulls Ambrose out of the ring. Kane and Ambrose trade shots with the steps and announcers table playing parts in the chaos. Rollins ends up in the crowd where Ambrose hits a running splash off the announcers table on Rollins. Ambrose goes for "Dirty Deeds" on Rollins on the announcers table but gets choke slammed on the table by Kane. Rollins hits the "Curb Stomp" on Ambrose as Kane has a cinder block. Kane holds Ambrose as Rollins "Curb Stomp's" the cinder block on Ambrose's head. Ambrose is unconscious as the referee stops the match. RAW closes out with the medical staff working on Ambrose with Rollins standing on the announcers table celebrating.

And that closes out the RAW recap. Till next time, tap or snap.

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