Saturday, August 2, 2014

Leadoff with Lee 8.2.14

-During last night's USA Basketball intrasquad scrimmage game at UNLV, Indiana Pacers star forward Paul George suffered a VERY gruesome broken right leg. While getting back on defense, George went up in the air to defend a James Harden lay up and landed at the base of the basket stanchion. George's leg buckled and snapped, breaking the skin. Teammates reacted immediately, sickened and doubled over with great concern for their fallen friend, teammate and basketball brother. Medics rushed to the fallen George, stabilizing his leg in an air cast before taking him to a Las Vegas hospital where he was accompanied by his family. Needless to say, U.S. coach and Duke University coach Mike Krzyzewski announced that out of respect for Paul and his family, the game was over.

Almost two hours after the incident, Paul George tweeted this out:

USA Basketball chairman Jerry Colangelo would not speculate on the severity of the injury and asked the media to be patient and not to ask when Team USA roster cuts would be made. Along with all members of both scrimmage teams, players around the league reacted, sending out their well wishes and prayers to Paul and his family.

George, only 24, has emerged as the leader of the Pacers and one of the best players in the NBA and a two-time All-Star. George signed a 5 year $90M extension with the Pacers last season that was ready to kick in this season.

USA Basketball it announced that he had successful emergency surgery of a right leg open tibia-fibula with no ancillary damage and is expected to remain in a Las Vegas hospital for about 3 days. Recovery time could range anywhere from 6 to 12 months, at minimum. A very sad time for USA Basketball, the NBA, the Indiana Pacers and Paul George and his family.
-Chris Williams, The Raven Report


-Even though we all know Andrew Wiggins has been involved in the trade talks for Timberwolves big man Kevin Love, I have "may" have further proof of the trade details that were made in principal. After looking at jerseys, Andrew Wiggins' jersey has been labeled discontinued. Could this be a internet error? I for one, don't think so. Remember when LeBron was drafted? His jersey was labeled sold out and wasn't labeled discontinued until he signed with the Heat.

-Josh Gordon's appeal hearing appearantly went longer than I first reported. From the same source I talked to yesterday morning around 10:22 to be exact, called me at 5:45 and told me "That was just a recess at 10:30am. Gordon's appeal hearing will resume Monday afternoon. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will review all the details and I will still say we will hear something Wednesday or Thursday at the latest. In my opinion, sample A was positive and samble B was negative. 1 positive + 1 negative = 0. I was horrible at math but I'm sure that is correct. But according to the NFL CBA, Sample A is the main test and sample B is to confirm the drug was in the system. But I have heard and seen false positive tests.

-Who knew golfers get tested for drugs? Dustin Johnson tested positive for cocaine. He also failed tests for marijuana in 2009, and two more tests for coke in 2012. Johnson has been suspended for 6 months by the PGA. Friday he stated, he will seek treatment for his "personal challenges" I.E his drinking, drug and sex indiscretions.

-The Cleveland Indians romped the Texas Rangers 12-2 on Jim Thome statue day. Danny Salazar pitched 6 innings, giving up one run, 4 hits and 4 strike outs. "Dr. Smooth" Michael Brantley went 3-4 with 2 RBI. Right fielder David Murphy went 4-4, scoring 2 runs and 2 RBI. It was just an all out hit fest as the Indians scored 12 runs on 16 hits. Danny Salazar goes to 4-4 on the season. They will take the field again tonight at 7 PM, with TJ House on the bump.

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