Friday, August 8, 2014

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon 8.8.14: TNA Impact

Welcome back to another Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat Podcast. This edition is serving you the TNA Impact recap for the week! This week on Impact, we had two big main event matches. Team 3D and Tommy Dreamer got a shot at Team Dixie in an eight man hardcore war and we find out a new TNA X Division Champion as we had the finals of the TNA X Division Triple Threat Tournament. Let's get things started!

- Impact kicked off this week from New York City with Tommy Dreamer, Bully Ray and Devon arriving. The ECW icons talked about going to war tonight with Team Dixie and promising that Dixie was going through a table.

- "Monster's Ball Match": Abyss vs Bram: Abyss and Bram tear into each other as soon as the bell sounds. Bram brings in the barbed wire board and both men try not to get hit with it. Bram grabs a wrench as Abyss grabs a cheese grater. Abyss grates Bram with the cheese grater. Abyss sends Bram face first into a chair. Abyss then grabs "Janice" and swings at Bram. Bram ducks and "Janice" is stuck in the turnbuckle. Abyss grabs his bag of thumb tacks but takes kendo stick shots from Bram. Bram grabs "Janice" but gets choke slammed onto the bed of tacks by Abyss. Abyss goes to use "Janice" but Magnus hits the ring for the distraction. Bram spears Abyss into the barbed wire board then hits Abyss in the gut with "Janice" to score the pinfall.

- ECIII and Team Dixie cut a promo. ECIII and company were ready for tonight and said Dixie would not be going through a table tonight.

- Bobby Lashley, MVP and Kenny King arrive with ladies at their sides.
MVP talks about Lashley beating Austin Aries last week, dealing with crybaby wrestlers as the boss and as long as Lashley holds the TNA World Title they have the power and no one can stop them. Bobby Roode arrives. Roode says that he was one of the longest reigning TNA Champions, he knows what it takes to be champion, MVP wanted to be champion but blew out his knee so he's basically riding Lashley's coat tails. Roode asks for a title shot but gets attacked by King and MVP. Austin Aries and Eric Young hit the ring and make the save. MVP says that they are not fighting tonight.

- Samuel Shaw, Mr. Anderson and Gunner vs. Robbie E, Jessie Godderz and DJ Z: Anderson, still not trusting Shaw begins yelling at him. Anderson gets rolled up and pinned in the process. Anderson gets in Shaw's face after the match but Gunner plays peace keeper.

- "Hardcore Weapons of War, Eight Man Street Fight": Team 3D, Tommy Dreamer and a Mystery Partner vs Ethan Carter III, Rhino, Snitsky and Zeke Jackson: This match was designed as a war games type of a match without the cage. Two wrestlers start in the ring then every two minutes one guy from each team comes out with a weapon of their choice. Dixie Carter and her bodyguard, MMA Fighter, King Mo, watched from the balcony.

Tommy Dreamer and ECIII start off the match. Devon and Rhino after that, Bully Ray and Snitsky third and finally Zeke Jackson and the mystery man. The mystery man was Al Snow, which started the "We want head" chants from the crowd. A lot of weapons and violence in this match. The ECW alumni score the pinfall as Team 3D hit Rhino with the "3D". After the match Bully is on the hunt for Dixie Carter. Dixie still says she won't go through a table because she has MMA fighter King Mo watching her back. Dixie promises Mo will knock out Bully tonight.

- Angelina Love cuts a promo. Angelina makes fun of Taryn Terrell and demands a TNA Knockout Title Match right now. Tarrell arrives and
calls Love a ho. Love disagrees as Gail Kim arrives. Kim says Tarrell will get a shot at Love and asks Velvet Sky how she likes being Angelina's second fiddle. We'll have a match between the four next week.

- Sanada vs. Low Ki vs. Samoa Joe for the vacant X Division Title. Before the match Sanada again bows to his new mentor, James Storm. Joe makes Sanada tap out to the choke hold. Samoa Joe is the NEW TNA X Division Champion. Many near falls broken up in this match.

- Team Dixie comes to the ring to cut a promo. Dixie fires everyone on Team Dixie for losing their match earlier. Her temper tantrum is interrupted by Bully Ray, Devon and Tommy Dreamer, with table in hand. King Mo hits Dreamer and we have a brawl. Bully steps in and knocks Mo out. Rockstar Spud saved Dixie and they escaped from the ring. The TNA locker room arrive and block Dixie from escaping any further. Dreamer grabs Dixie and tosses her back into the ring. The table is set, Devon hands Bully Dixie as he's perched on the ropes and FINALLY "Bully Bombs" Dixie right through the table. The fans erupt and we have a huge celebration in the ring with Team 3D and Dreamer as Impact closes out.

And that wraps up this week's edition of TNA Impact recap. I will get back next Friday afternoon for another edition. Until then, tap or snap.

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