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Wrestling Lockup with Brandon 8.21.14: TNA Impact

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon is here with your TNA Impact recap, brought to you by Triple Threat Podcast. Before we get into the recap, there was some good news in the TNA camp announced today. Not only has TNA Impact officially moved to Wednesday nights but now it was announced that Spike TV is letting Impact finish out the rest of the year on their tv lineup. This should hopefully give TNA a little more time on getting a new deal done, whether with Spike TV or a new provider.

Alright on to Wednesday night's Impact. This week's TNA Impact served as Hardcore Justice, the made for TV pay per view. Hardcore Justice took place in TNA's apparent new home, New York City. Let's get the recap started.

- "Stairway To Janice Match": Bram vs Abyss: Abyss suplexes Bram on a ladder. Both men brawl on the floor where Bram gets some trash can shots in on Abyss. Abyss introduces barbed wire boards then tosses Bram into the ring steps, busting open the brit. Bram tries climbing the ladder but gets choke slammed off by Abyss. Abyss dumps out the thumbtacks and tosses Bram through a barbed wire board. Abyss climbs the ladder but gets dumped onto another barbed wire board. Bram climbs the ladder and has Janice. Abyss "blackhole slams" Bram on the thumbtacks and grabs Janice. Bram low blows Abyss, drives Janice into Abyss' gut and scores the pinfall.

- Backstage Segment: Ethan Carter III, Spud and Rhino are backstage. ECIII says being in jail gave him clarity and those responsible for his misery will be held accountable.

- Backstage Segment: Magnus and Bram are backstage. Magnus congratulates Bram and says that he will win the Steel Cage Match later and get back his TNA World Title.

- In Ring Segment: Ethan Carter III, Spud and Rhino come to the ring. ECIII says his Aunt Dixie going through a table was a vile act, rips on the New York fans for cheering it and says he has something to say to Kurt Angle who had them arrested last week. ECIII surprisingly thanks Kurt Angle and says it helped him see the light in the darkness. ECIII blaimes Rhino for Dixie going through the table. ECIII and Rhino begin to argue and Rhino tells ECIII to shove his money up his ass. ECIII attacks Rhino by slapping him in the face, throwing him into the guardrail a couple times then pounds on Rhino in the ring. Spud tries to step in but gets shoved away by ECIII. ECIII hits a running kneelift on Rhino before finally leaving.

- Backstage Segment: Samoa Joe cuts a promo. Joe says he and Low
Ki have a legacy written in blood and every wrestler that brought confidence to the ring still weren't able to beat Joe.

- Backstage Segment: The Hardy Boys cut a promo. The Hardy's say they're here to prove that they are the best team in the world and will lead the resurgence in the TNA tag team division.

- "TNA X Division Title Match": Samoa Joe (c) vs Low Ki: Another mat classic by these two as expected. Joe demonstrated his power and Low Ki demonstrated his quickness and kicks. Joe tried the "muscle buster" twice and Low Ki escaped both attempts. Joe blocks the "ki krusher" and plants Low Ki with a power bomb. Joe finally hits the "muscle buster" on the third attempt to score the pinfall. Joe retains the TNA X Division Title.

- Backstage Segment: The Hardys knock on Team 3D's door and are invited in after asking to talk.

- Backstage Segment: Mr. Anderson cuts a promo. Anderson blames Gunner for releasing Samuel Shaw from the Looney bin after he got rid of him. Anderson calls Gunner an idiot. Shaw arrives and starts brawling with Anderson.

- "I Quit Match": Mr. Anderson vs Samuel Shaw: Shaw tries choking Anderson with his belt but gets dumped on the ramp. Gunner comes out to watch as Shaw rams Anderson into the ring steps repeatedly. Shaw locks on a "camel clutch" but Anderson refuses to quit. Shaw crashes into the ring post shoulder first allowing Anderson to lock in an armbar. Shaw can't take the pain and quits the match. Anderson keeps the hold applied until Gunner gets in the ring and forces Anderson to release the hold.

- Backstage Segment: Team 3D announce that The Hardy's had a great idea and Team 3D are on their way to get the final piece in place.

- We see a video package played of James Storm torturing Sanada. Storm says he's weak and he will lead him to glory. Storm says that next week we will see the debut of The Great Sanada.

- "TNA Knockouts Title, Last Knockout Standing Match": Gail Kim (c) vs Angelina Love: Gail attacks Love on her way to the ring. Kim takes a cookie sheet to the head from Velvet Sky on the floor. Sky again interferes as Gail tried to DDT Love on the ring steps. Gail locks in the figure four around the ring post on Love and again Sky breaks it up. Love hits Gail with the "botox injection" that sent a chair into Gail's face. Love climbs the ropes, Gail shoves Sky into Love then dumps Sky to the floor. Gail samoan drops Love off the ropes and onto a chair. Love can't answer the 10 count. Gail Kim retains the TNA Knockouts Title.

- Backstage Segment: Kurt Angle announces that The Hardy's, Team 3D and The Wolves will have a three match series. First team that wins two matches wins the rivalry. The team that wind the first match will pick the stipulation for the next match.

- In Ring Segment: MVP, Bobby Lashley and Kenny King arrive. MVP brags about Lashley winning the World Title, Lashley beating Eric Young, Austin Aries and Jeff Hardy. MVP says they're not worried about who wins the cage match tonight.

- "Six Sides Of Steel, #1 Contender Match": Austin Aries vs James Storm vs Eric Young vs Bobby Roode vs Magnus vs Gunner: Magnus stops Storm from escaping. Gunner stops Aries from escaping. Roode ducks "eye of the storm" and locks Storm in a crossface. Aries locks Gunner in the "last chancery" and EY has Magnus in the "sharpshooter". Aries missile dropkicks Roode from the top of the cage but is planted with a spine buster. Storm hits "last call" on EY. Aries stops Gunner from escaping. The tower of doom spot comes into play leaving EY and Roode as the last two standing. Both men climb the cage and escape at the same time leaving an unclear winner and an unknown challenger for Lashley. Impact ends with confusion and referees arguing over who won the match.

And that does it for this week's special Hardcore Justice recap for TNA Impact. Until next week, tap or snap.

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