Sunday, July 2, 2017

Weekend 3 Count 7/2/17

By Brandon Albright, @B_Rock1978

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** Theme Song Of The Week **
This week's theme goes to a man that deserves exactly what he got last weekend! Cody Rhodes the NEW ROH World Heavyweight Champion! This is "Kingdom" by the band Downstrait.

*** WWE ***

- The Ball Family Appearance: If you missed Monday Night RAW last week, the Ball Family made an appearance on RAW as guests on Miz TV with The Miz and Maryse. Recently drafted Laker, Lonzo Ball appeared with his little brother LaMelo Ball and their father LaVar Ball. LaVar pushed their Baller Brand attire and nearly got into an altercation with The Miz as both men were ready to fight until Dean Ambrose interrupted in a BBB t-shirt to back up The Ball Family.

- WWE Posts Apology for Miz TV Segment: WWE had to post an apology to the public on Tuesday morning after the Miz TV segment with the Ball Family. During the segment LaMelo Ball used racial slurs as LaVar Ball was about to battle The Miz. Whether an accident or on purpose, the WWE posted an apology for the segment to try to put out the flames of the incident. 

- More News On The Balls: According to WWE, LaVar Ball didn't want to play a heel character, but was told he was probably going to be booed anyway. Officials stated that LaVar was very difficult to work with behind the scenes and was very demanding. The Miz TV segment was actually cut short and Dean Ambrose was sent out to interrupt earlier than planned because Vince McMahon was furious with the way the segment was going. Vince ordered the producers to immediately cut to a commercial, but unfortunately it was too late as LaMelo Ball slipped out the racial slurs on the live microphone which enraged Vince even more.

- Carmella Becomes Ms. Money In The Bank: After having her briefcase stripped from her and put back on the line in a special Smackdown Live Money In The Bank Ladder Match, Carmella still came out victorious as this year's Ms. Money In The Bank.

- Lita To Announce On Mae Young Classic Tournament: WWE announced this week that Lita will join Jim Ross at the commentators table for this summer's Mae Young Classic Tournament that'll take place on the WWE Network.

- Mae Young Classic Tournament Updated Name List: As of now here is the official updated list of names that'll be in the Mae Young Classic Tournament this summer.

* Bianca BelAir
* Vanessa Borne
* Abbey Laith
* Tessa Blanchard
* Jazzy Gabert
* Taynara Conti
* Kavita Devi
* Toni Storm
* Lacey Evans
* Sarah Logan
* Princesa Sugehit (Sujei)

- WWE Making History: This past week, for the first time ever, RAW, Smackdown Live and NXT all had women's division matches for their main event matches.

** 205 Live Recap **
WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville sends a warning to the #1 Contender Akira Tozawa. Cedric Alexander, Jack Gallagher and Mustafa Ali were all in action during the show.

- Backstage, Jack Gallagher says his mind is clearer and tells his opponent tonight, Brian Kendrick, to come have a go chap.

- Jack Gallagher vs. Brian Kendrick: The match closes out with Kendrick landing a boot and mocks Gallagher. Kendrick hits a forearm and sends Gallagher into the turnbuckle. Kendrick grabs Gallagher's umbrella and blasts Gallagher with it getting himself DQ'ed. After the match, Kendrick continues to hit Gallagher with the umbrella before leaving.
Winner: Jack Gallagher, by DQ.

- Backstage, Drew Gulak says his loss to Mustafa Ali last week was a fluke. Ali interrupts and says he thinks that maybe Gulak can't attempt any high flying moves, so that's why Gulak is trying to ban high flying.

- Mustafa Ali vs. Drew Gulak: The match closes out with Ali hitting a rolling neck breaker on Gulak. Both men battle to the top rope where Gulak shoves Ali off the ropes. Gulak nervously climbs to the top rope and misses a splash off the ropes. Ali rolls up Gulak after the miss and scores the pinfall.
Winner: Mustafa Ali, by pinfall.

- Backstage, Noam Dar apologizes to Ariya Daivari for throwing his $15,000 bag in the river last week. Daivari says the money was peasant money so he didn't care. Daivari grabs Dar's phone and throws it at the wall after saying Dar still owes him.

- Cedric Alexander vs. Ariya Daivari: The match closes out with Alexander escaping a sleeper hold submission. Both men trade chops until Alexander hits a back elbow and a handstand spinning kick on Daivari. Noam Dar hits the ring and distracts Alexander. Alexander knocks Dar off the apron, but Daivari hits a hammerlock lariat on Alexander to score the pinfall. After the match, Dar beats down Alexander and yells out to Alicia Fox that their feud with Alexander is over and they can now focus on their love life.
Winner: Ariya Daivari, by pinfall.

- Neville Promo: Neville says that Akira Tozawa has been misguided and Tozawa doesn't stand a chance. Neville warns Tozawa to not show up at WWE Great Balls of Fire because Tozawa isn't on the Neville level. Tozawa hits the ring and takes down a charging Neville. Tozawa unloads and chases Neville from the ring to end the show.

*** NXT ***

- Hideo Itami News: WWE announced this past week that NXT superstar Hideo Itami will battle Chris Jericho on June 30th at WWE's live Japan show in a WWE vs. NXT Match.

*** Impact Wrestling ***

** Impact TV Recap **
Impact returned for another week in India, just 3 days away from Slammiversary. The main event of the show saw a huge eight man tag team match with GFW Global Champion Alberto El Patron, Eddie Edwards, James Storm and Mahabali Shera battling Impact World Champion Bobby Lashley, Davey Richards, Ethan Carter and Kongo Kong.

- Contract Signings: The show kicked off with 4 contract signings for Slammiversary. Rosemary and Sienna sign their contract. Davey Richards and Angelina Love sign their contract to face Eddie and Alisha Edwards. Richards tells Edwards that he better kill him or else he'll bury Edwards and his wife. Ethan Carter and James Storm sign their contract. EC3 says he's a Carter and must do his part to save Impact. Storm says he's not letting his family watch Slammiversary because he's beating EC3 bloody. Bobby Lashley and Alberto El Patron sign their contract. Lashley mocks El Patron forcing him to challenge Lashley. Bruce Prichard signs an 8 man tag team match for tonight with Bobby Lashley, Davey Richards, Ethan Carter and Kongo Kong battling Alberto El Patron, Eddie Edwards, James Storm and Mahabali Shera to end the segment.

- In The streets of India, Kongo Kong is shown scaring people. 

- Backstage, Rockstar Spud and Swoggle are shown getting ready for their match tonight.

- Low Ki and Trevor Lee vs. Sonjay Dutt and Matt Sydal: The match closes out with Low Ki and Dutt trading shots. Lee and Sydal tag in and trade shots next. Sydal goes for the Shooting Star Press, but Low Ki distracts Sydal. Dutt attacks Low Ki allowing Sydal to hit the Shooting Star Press on Lee for the pinfall.
Winners: Sonjay Dutt and Matt Sydal, by pinfall.

- A video shows the NFL's DeAngelo Williams training and stating that he has always been a wrestling fan.

- Eli Drake and Chris Adonis vs. The Mumbai Cats: The match closes out with Drake and Adonis dominating this squash match. Drake hits the Eli Bomb and scores the pinfall.
Winner: Eli Drake and Chris Adonis, by pinfall.

- "Mumbai Street Fight Match": Rockstar Spud vs. Swoggle: The match closes out with the referee backing Spud off of Swoggle and then shoves him down. Spud pulls down the referee's pants. The referee teams up with Swoggle and pulls down Spud's pants. Spud gets lifted into the air and Swoggle hits a Doomsday Device on him. Swoggle Samoan Drops Spud through a table and scores the pinfall.
Winner: Swoggle, by pinfall.

- A video of Joseph Park and Jeremy Borash training plays. JB gives Parks an Abyss doll and tells Parks to go find his inner monster.

- "Six Person Tag Team Match": Sienna, Laurel Van Ness and KM vs. Rosemary, Allie and Braxton Sutter: The match closes out with all six brawling. Sutter hits a suicide dive on KM. Laurel hits a Cutter on Rosemary and then Allie hits a DVD on Laurel. Sienna goes after Allie. Sienna dodges Rosemary spitting mist, but Laurel catches it in the eyes. Allie hits a Code Breaker on Sienna as Rosemary hits Red Wedding on Laurel to score the pinfall.
Winners: Allie, Rosemary and Braxton Sutter, by pinfall.

- A video of Joseph Park and Jeremy Borash training plays again. Park stares at the Abyss doll and tries to tap into his inner monster. Park has flashbacks of past Abyss matches, suddenly snaps and then crushes a Scott Steiner doll with "Janice".

- "Eight Man Tag Team Match": Alberto El Patron, Eddie Edwards, James Storm and Mahabali Shera vs. Bobby Lashley, Ethan Carter, Davey Richards and Kongo Kong: The match closes out with Edwards getting double teamed by EC3 and Richards. Edwards hits a hurricanrana and tags Shera. Shera with a double clothesline on Richards and EC3 and then lifts up Richards. Shera slams Lashley and then Kong. Lashley breaks up a pinfall attempt by Shera. Lashley goes to slam Shera, but Shera tags El Patron. Shera and El Patron brawl with Kong and Lashley. El Patron hits the double foot stomp on Kong and scores the pinfall.
Winners: Alberto El Patron, James Storm, Eddie Edwards and Mahabali Shera, by pinfall.

- Impact Wrestling Purchases Global Force Wrestling: Anthem Wrestling Exhibitions LLC, a subsidiary of Anthem Sports & Entertainment Corp. and parent company of Impact Wrestling, announced on Wednesday that it has acquired Global Force Entertainment. Jeff Jarrett, the founder of both Impact Wrestling and Global Force Entertainment, will join Anthem Wrestling Exhibitions as a member of its board of managers, equity owner and Chief Creative Officer.

- Mike Tenay Turns Down Announcing Spot At Slammiversary: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported this week that former Impact announcer Mike Tenay turned down the offer to commentate at tonight's Impact Slammiversary pay per view due to prior engagements.

- Bobby Lashley News: Impact announced this week that Impact World Champion Bobby Lashley will have MMA fighter Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal in his corner tonight in his Title For Title Match against GFW Global Champion Alberto El Patron.

- Impact Slammiversary: Just a reminder, tonight is Impact Slammiversary live on pay per view. If you miss the show, I'll have the full recap for you on next week's Weekend 3 Count.


** ROH TV Recap **
This week's show saw Bobby Fish's last ROH match before leaving for NXT. The main event of the show saw Jay White battle Punishment Martinez.

- Jonathan Gresham vs. Travis Gordon: The match closes out with Gresham hitting a german suplex on Gordon. Both men pull off reversals and counters on each other until Gresham finally traps Gordon in the Octopus submission and forces the tap out. After the match, Alex Shelley compliments both Gresham and Gordon. Shelley offers to help guide Gordon because he feels that Gordon is the future of ROH.
Winner: Jonathan Gresham, by submission.

- Josh Woods Promo: Woods brags about being the winner of the ROH Top Prospects Tournament, brags about his toughness and abilities and then calls out Jay Briscoe for a future fight so he can either knock him out or make him tap out.

- Silas Young vs. Bobby Fish: This was billed as Bobby Fish's last ROH TV taping as he has signed with NXT. The match closes out with both men brawling outside. Both men get on the apron where Fish traps Young in the ropes and then delivers martial arts style kicks. Young lands a series of knees and leg kicks. Young hits a knee lift and follows up with Misery to score the pinfall. After the match, Young taunts a handshake to Fish, but gets shoved away.
Winner: Silas Young, by pinfall.

- Jay White vs. Punishment Martinez: The match closes out with White hitting the Kiwi Crusher for a near fall. White goes for the Kiwi Crusher again, but Martinez counters into a torture rack and then hits a modified flapjack for a near fall. Both men trade strikes until Martinez takes control. Martinez signals that it's time for his finisher when White suddenly cradles Martinez out of nowhere and scores the pinfall. After the match, Martinez tries to attack White, but White hits a drop kick in return. Both men brawl outside where White gets tossed into the barricade. Martinez power bombs White through a table as the show closes out.
Winner: Jay White, by pinfall.

** Best In The World Recap **
ROH returned with this years Best In the World pay per view. The main event of the show saw ROH World Heavyweight Champion Christopher Daniels defend his title against "The American Nightmare" Cody Rhodes. The ROH Television Championship, ROH Tag Team Championship and ROH Six Man Tag Team Championship were all on the line as well.  

- The Kingdom (Matt Taven and Vinny Marseglia) vs. Ultimo Guerrero and El Terrible: The match closes out with Terrible getting sat on the top turnbuckle. Taven attempts an aerial move on Terrible, but gets dropped on the mat. Marseglia flies and hits a senton on Guerrero for a near fall. Marseglia gets distracted allowing Guerrero to sneak in a pinfall rollup for the win.
Winners: Ultimo Guerrero and El Terrible, by pinfall. 

- "Strap Match": Kazarian vs. Hangman Adam Page: This match is the old school strap match with straps tied to both men's wrists. Both men wasted no opportunities at all wailing on each other with the straps. One point in the match, Page grabs a hold of Kazarian's strap and tosses it into the crowd, leaving Kazarian with no defense. Page uses his noose in the match, ties Kazarian up and unloads whips with the strap. The match closes out with Page revealing a strap with nails and thumbtacks attached to it. Page hits the Rite of Passage, but Kazarian kicks out at two and a half. Page unloads on Kazarian with the nail/tack strap and Kazarian is bleeding from the back. Kazarian spits in Page's face, grabs the nail/tack strap and unloads it on Page. Kazarian uses the strap to hang Page from the bottom rope, forcing Page to tap out.
Winner: Kazarian, by submission.

- "Losing Faction Must Disband, Eight Man Tag Team Match": Search and Destroy (Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Jay White and Jonathan Gresham) vs. The Rebellion (Caprice Coleman, Kenny King, Rhett Titus and Shane Taylor): The match closes out with Shelley and Sabin unloading super kicks and a drop kick/DDT combo. White gets a near fall super kick/german suplex combo. Coleman and Titus attack White. White nearly gets put away with a chin checker/high leg drop combo, but Shelley and Sabin make the save. Taylor hits a top rope splash on White for another near fall. The action goes to the floor, where Search and Destroy hit the air and take out The Rebellion outside. Everyone is back in the ring where Search and Destroy all apply submissions on The Rebellion. We get four tap outs from The Rebellion, ending the match and forcing The Rebellion to now disband forever. After the match, Punishment Martinez comes out of nowhere and lays out Jay White with a sit down choke slam.
Winners: Search and Destroy, by submission.

- Jay Lethal vs. Silas Young: Beer City Bruiser comes out with Silas Young, but Jay Lethal destroys Bruiser with a steel chair, forcing Bruiser to be helped backstage. The match closes out with both men unloading on each other. Young counters a Lethal Injection, but eats a super kick from Lethal instead. Lethal goes for the Lethal Elbow Drop from the top rope, hits it and then applies a figure four leg lock submission on Young. Young escapes and gets a near fall cradle on Lethal. Young unloads a big boot, a suplex and a knee to the face on Lethal. Young gets angry cause he can't put Lethal away so he brings in the beer keg. The referee stops Young and argues with him. Young goes for a rollup on Lethal, but Lethal reversed it and scores the pinfall. After the match, Beer City Bruiser is back and attacks Lethal. Young hits Misery on Lethal right on top of the beer keg. Lethal is placed in the corner with the keg. Bruiser hits three straight splashes on Lethal, driving the keg into Lethal's ribs. Lethal is then placed on a table as Brusier hits a frog splash, putting Lethal through the table.
Winner: Jay Lethal, by pinfall.

- "ROH Six Man Tag Team Championship Match": Bully Ray and The Briscoes (c) vs. Dalton Castle and The Boys: The match closes out with Mark Briscoe destroying both Boys with chops to the chest. Mark hits a roll through Death Valley Driver on The Boys. Castle tries to make the save, but gets hit with a suplex for a near fall, as The Boys make the save. Bully Ray Gorilla Press Slams a Boy and then Jay Briscoe unloads on both Boys outside. Bully is in search of a table to use as Jay tosses a steel chair at a Boy. The Boys finally run for their lives leaving Castle alone to fend for himself. Castle somehow pulls off a rollup pinfall and steals away the titles.
Winners: Dalton Castle and The Boys, by pinfall, to win the ROH Six Man Tag Team Championship.

- "ROH Television Championship Match": Kushida (c) vs. Marty Scurll: The match closes out with Scurll and Kushida trading a Chicken Wing submission and a Hoverboard Lock submission. Both men unload punches on each other and both go down. Kushida unloads stomps to the face of Scurll, but Scurll comes back with elbows to the face of Kushida. Scurll traps Kushida in the Chicken Wing submission and locks it in tight. Kushida starts fading, but somehow escapes. Scurll tries a finger snap on Kushida and then applies another shoulder submission. Kushida escapes with a foot on the ropes and then gets tangled in the ropes getting up. Scurll goes for the finger snap on Kushida, but Kushida counters and snaps Scurll's finger. Kushida hits two Back To The Futures on Scurll, scores the pinfall and retains his title.
Winner: Kushida, by pinfall, to retain the ROH Television Championship.

- "ROH World Tag Team Championship, Tornado Triple Threat Match": The Young Bucks (c) vs. War Machine vs. The Best Friends (Trent Baretta and Chuckie T): Originally it was just The Young Bucks vs. War Machine, but The Best Friends felt they deserved a title shot since they beat The Bucks a few weeks back. The match closes out with a super kick party beginning. War Machine hit a Pop Up Power Slam on Baretta for a near fall. War Machine hit Fallout on Baretta, but Chuckie T makes the save on the pinfall attempt. The Bucks hit double super kicks on War Machine and then Nick Jackson hits a moonsault onto War Machine outside. Chuckie T, meanwhile, gets a near fall, but Hanson pulls the referee out of the ring stopping the count. Rowe lands a knee on Chuckie T and then barely kicks out of a pinfall attempt on him. War Machine attempt double piledrivers on The Best Friends, but The Bucks break it up with super kicks. War Machine help The Bucks pull off a double Indy Taker on The Best Friends. The Bucks then plant double super kicks on War Machine and score the pinfall to retain their titles.
Winners: The Young Bucks, by pinfall, to retain the ROH World Tag Team Championship.

- "ROH World Heavyweight Championship Match": Christopher Daniels (c) vs. Cody Rhodes: Early in the match, Cody catches a stiff shot to the face, busting open his lip. The match closes out with the referee getting knocked out. Marty Scurll hits the ring with a steel chair and tosses it to Cody. Daniels stops it from making an impact and goes after Cody. Kazarian hits the ring and starts brawling with Scurll outside the ring. Cody grabs a table, but Daniels sends him into the apron. Daniels hits an STF on Cody and then attempts Angels Wings right through the table. Cody counters and sends Daniels into the ring. Cody hits a Rainmaker and then mocks IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kazuchika Okada. Cody lands the Disaster Kick on Daniels, but Daniels hits a Belly to Back on Cody, putting them both through the table. Daniels applies a Koji Clutch submission, but Cody escapes by spitting water in Daniels' face. Cody hits Cross Rhodes, but Daniels somehow kicks out at two and a half. Daniels attempts the Best Moonsault Ever, but Cody counters with an inverted atomic drop. Cody misses another Disaster Kick, but hits Cross Rhodes out of nowhere on Daniels and scores the pinfall to win the title. After the match, The Bullet Club join Cody as he celebrates his huge victory.
Winner: Cody Rhodes, by pinfall, to win the ROH World Heavyweight Championship.

- Cody Rhodes Stitched Up: After defeating Christopher Daniels to win his first World Championship, Cody was immediately taken to Lowell General Hospital Saints Campus after the show. Cody received six stitches in his lip after accidentally taking a head butt to the mouth from Christopher Daniels during the match.

- Cody Rhodes Making History: The Rhodes family is believed to be the second father son combination to ever win major U.S. World Heavyweight Championships. The first belongs to the Von Erich Family as Fritz Von Erich was the AWA World Champion and Kerry Von Erich was the NWA World Champion. Dusty Rhodes was a former NWA World Champion and now Cody is an ROH World Champion.

- Cody Rhodes Showered With Congratulations From The Wrestling World: Many wrestlers, actors and fans of Cody Rhodes took to Twitter to acknowledge Cody's first World Title win and have congratulated Cody on his career defining moment. Matt Hardy, Tye Dillinger, Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, Kofi Kingston, Cesaro, actor Stephen Amell and Cody's brother Dustin (Goldust) Rhodes have been just a few of the congratulations that he's received.

- War Machine Become Free Agents: As of this writing Hanson and Rowe, aka War Machine, have announced that they are finished with ROH and are becoming free agents. War Machine are still working within NJPW, but that may only last until they sign with a new promotion.

*** Lucha Underground ***

** Lucha Underground TV Recap **
For the third week in a row, The Cueto Cup Tournament continued.

- Somewhere in a candle lit room, Catrina instructs Mil Muertes to destroy everyone in the tournament so he can be Lucha Underground World Champion again. Catrina kisses Muertes as a figure revealed to be Jeremiah Crane watches upset in the background.

- "The Cueto Cup Tournament Match": Mil Muertes vs. Veneno: The match closes out with Muertes making very quick work of Veneno with the Flatliner for the pinfall. After the match, Venemo gets the Kiss of Death from Catrina.
Winner: Mil Muertes, by pinfall.

- "The Cueto Cup Tournament Match": Paul London vs. Vibora: The match closes out with London hitting a Trust Fall on Vibora and both hit the floor. London slides back into the ring as The Rabbit Tribe suddenly appear under the ring, unnoticed to the referee. The Rabbit Tribe grab Vibora by the leg and stop him from beating the 10 count.
Winner: Paul London, by countout.

- "The Cueto Cup Tournament Match": Joey Ryan vs. Taya: The match closes out with Taya missing a corner splash allowing Ryan to grab and spank Taya. Ryan gets Taya on his shoulders, but she escapes and hits a northern lights suplex on Ryan. Taya hits a double foot stomp on Ryan and scores the pinfall.
Winner: Taya, by pinfall.

- Backstage, Mil Muertes gets attacked from behind by Jeremiah Crane with a steel chair. Crane beats down Muertes with the chair while screaming "She's Mine". Crane does a Con Chair To on Muertes neck while still screaming "She's Mine".

- "The Cueto Cup Tournament Match": Jeremiah Crane vs. Killshot: The match closes out with both men battling on the apron. Killshot lifts Crane and drops him on the apron. Killshot hits the Killstomp on Crane, but Crane somehow kicks out at two and a half. Dante Fox arrives in the rafters and yells out to Killshot. Crane hits the Cranial Contusion on Killshot while he's distracted and scores the pinfall. After the match, the lights go out, pop back on and Catrina is standing on the stairs. Crane smiles and blows Catrina a Kiss of Death.
Winner: Jeremiah Crane, by pinfall.

- In Dario Cueto's Office, Cueto is going over the last four matches in the first round of the tournament to someone off camera. Cueto is revealed to be talking to Son of Havoc. Havoc is listed as facing a mystery opponent in his tournament match. The camera zooms in closer on Havoc and it's not Havoc. It's Son of Madness, who is Havoc's arch enemy that dresses like Havoc. Cueto makes the match official in the tournament, Son of Havoc vs. Son of Madness to end the show.

*** EVOLVE ***

** EVOLVE 86 Recap **
EVOLVE Wrestling returned with the first of two shows this week. The main event of the show saw a Battle of the Champions Match as EVOLVE World Champion Zack Sabre Jr. battled WWN World Champion Matt Riddle in a non titles match.

- Austin Theory vs. Timothy Thatcher: Priscilla Kelly makes her presence felt as she arrives at ringside mid match. The match closes out with Theory planting elbows, but Thatcher lands a stiff knee. Theory counters a butterfly suplex and connects with a enziguri on Thatcher. Thatcher unloads strikes and Theory hits a bicycle kick. Thatcher hits an enziguri, nails the butterfly suplex and then puts Theory to sleep with a Sleeper Hold submission.
Winner: Timothy Thatcher, by submission.

- ACH vs. Chris Dickinson: Dickinson counters a superplex, but ACH hits a german suplex and a lariat for a near fall. ACH hits another lariat, but eats an enziguri from Dickison. Dickinson with a fireman's carry and a Michinoku Driver for a near fall. ACH counters a Pazuzu Bomb and hits a lariat on Dickinson. ACH goes to the top rope and hits a 450 Splash to score the pinfall.
Winner: ACH, by pinfall.

- Gatekeeper Blaster McMassive arrives and states that he is now Thomas Sharp, he's sick of being a Gatekeeper, he did bad things for Ethan Page and he refuses to do it anymore. As of now he's no one's bodyguard or hired muscle, he's his own man and if Page has a problem with that than he knows where to find him. Page interrupts and says he doesn't care what he calls himself because he'll always be a punk and Page doesn't care about him anymore. Page says that he'll always have a dummy that will follow his plan. Nick Comoroto suddenly attacks Sharp from behind and we get an impromptu match.

- Nick Comoroto vs. Thomas Sharp: Comoroto takes control, dropping Sharp with a back suplex on the apron. Comoroto attempts a slingshot, but gets destroyed with a big boot from Sharp. Sharp hits a Black Hole Slam and scores the quick pinfall.
Winner: Thomas Sharp, by pinfall.

- Fred Yehi vs. Jaka: The match closes out with Jaka getting a near fall victory roll on Yehi. Yehi lands some elbows, ducks a kick and then gets a near fall dragon suplex. Jaka unloads chops, forearms, a back fist and a spinning heel kick. Jaka goes for a chokebomb, but Yehi counters and hits a Frankensteiner. Yehi with an STO on Jaka and then gets the tap out win with the Koji Clutch submission.
Winner: Fred Yehi, by submission.

- Jason Kincaid vs. "Hot Sauce" Tracy Williams: The match closes out with Williams hitting a brainbuster for a near fall. Kincaid hits a slingshot Falcon Arrow for a near fall. Williams comes back and hits the Air Raid Crash for a near fall. Kincaid hits a Stunner on Williams and then climbs the ropes. Kincaid misses a double foot stomp and ends up tapping out to Williams in a crossface submission. After the match, Kincaid is a little upset that he lost, but shakes Williams' hand.
Winner: "Hot Sauce" Tracy Williams, by submission.

- "All Ego" Ethan Page vs. Keith Lee: The match closes out with Lee blocking the RKEgo and the Spinning Dwayne. Lee hits a spinebuster on Page for a near fall. Lee goes for the Doomsault, but Page cuts him off on the ropes. Page hits a jack knife power bomb on Lee and gets a near fall. Page delivers the RKEgo, but Lee again kicks out. Page yells at the referee and then mocks Lee as he's down. Lee hits Ground Zero on Page and scores the pinfall.
Winner: Keith Lee, by pinfall.

- "Battle of the Champions Match": WWN World Champion Matt Riddle vs. EVOLVE World Champion Zack Sabre Jr.: Keith Lee stays at ringside for this match as he has interest in both of the World Champions. The match closes out with Riddle hitting a Bro 2 Sleep and then a bridging german suplex on Sabre for a near fall. Riddle unloads forearms, but eats a Sabre uppercut in return. Sabre hits a Penalty Kick on Riddle and goes for a flying armbar submission. Riddle counters it and hits a deadlift power bomb on Sabre for a near fall. Riddle dodges a knee, applies an octopus submission and then turns it into a Tombstone Piledriver for a near fall. Riddle unloads some elbows and then goes for the Bromission submission. Sabre counters, rolls through and traps Riddle in a leg trap neck scissors armbar submission. Riddle tries to escape, but taps out. After the match, Stokely Hathaway congratulates Sabre, but promises him he'll be losing his title soon to either Jaka or Timothy Thatcher. Darby Allin interrupts and says he deserves the title more than anyone. Riddle interrupts and says he'll make things easy, he'll defend his title against anyone, anytime, anyplace. Tracy Williams attacks Riddle from behind and beats him down. Allin makes the save by hitting the Coffin Drop on both Stokely and Williams. Riddle and Allin stand tall to end the show.
Winner: Zack Sabre Jr., by submission.

** EVOLVE 87 Recap **
EVOLVE Wrestling was back with their second show this week. The double main event of the show saw WWN World Champion Matt Riddle defend his title against Keith Lee. Also EVOLVE World Champion Zack Sabre Jr. defended his title against EVOLVE World Tag Team Champion Jaka. 

- ACH vs. "Hot Sauce" Tracy Williams: The match closes out with Williams unloading boots on ACH. ACH counters a pile driver and hits a german suplex followed by a lariat for a near fall. ACH hits a super kick and goes for a brain buster. Williams counters, locks ACH in a crossface and makes ACH tap out. After the match, ACH leaves upset and says he's better than this.
Winner: "Hot Sauce" Tracy Williams, by submission.

- Timothy Thatcher vs. Jason Kincaid: The match closes out with Thatcher hitting an enziguri. Kincaid lands a throat shot and then sunset flips Thatcher into the corner. Kincaid hits a coast to coast drop kick and then goes for a submission. Thatcher counters with a slam and then ground and pounds Kincaid. Thatcher applies a arm bar submission and makes Kincaid tap out.
Winner: Timothy Thatcher, by submission.

- "Battle Of The Former Catch Point Members": Chris Dickinson vs. Fred Yehi: The match closes out with Yehi hitting a backstabber for a near fall. Dickinson hits a suplex and then a running kick for a near fall. Yehi counters a suplex, but Dickinson hits a wheelbarrow suplex on the next attempt. Yehi hits a dragon suplex and then locks in a Koji Clutch submission on Dickinson for the tap out win.
Winner: Fred Yehi, by submission.

- "EVOLVE World Championship Match": Zack Sabre Jr. (c) vs. Jaka: Chris Dickinson and Stokely Hathaway are at ringside. The match closes out with Sabre hitting the PK for a near fall. Sabre and Jaka trade shots on each other. Sabre locks in a modified figure four leg lock submission on Jaka. Jaka escapes by landing shots and then both men trade slaps. Jaka lands a head butt and then both men trade more kicks. Jaka hits a rolling kick and goes for the Choke Bomb. Sabre counters and locks in a European Clutch submission for the tap out win to retain his title.
Winner: Zack Sabre Jr., by submission, to retain the EVOLVE World Championship.

- Stokely Hathaway asks Zack Sabre Jr. to give Timothy Thatcher a shot at the title. Darby Allin interrupts and says he deserves the next title shot. Thatcher calls Allin a disgrace and tells him to get out of the ring. Thatcher says he respects Sabre, but he wants a No Holds Barred Match for the title. Thatcher suddenly attacks Sabre and lays him out. Thatcher then attacks Allin and rips Allin's cast off his arm. Thatcher beats down Allin and then traps him in an arm bar submission as Hathaway yells for Thatcher to break his arm again.

- Ethan Page vs. Thomas Sharpe: The match closes out with Sharpe countering the Spinning Dwayne with a sit down choke slam for a near fall. Sharpe misses the Grog Splash allowing Page to hit the RKEgo. Sharpe is back up and hits a Bossman Slam for a near fall. Both men trade shots until Page hits a super kick. Page hits the Spinning Dwayne and scores the pinfall.
Winner: Ethan Page, by pinfall.

- Trent Baretta vs. Austin Theory: The match closes out with both men trading chops, slaps and forearms. Baretta hits an enziguri, but Theory comes back with a forearm shot. Theory goes to the top rope, but Baretta cuts him off and hits a superplex. Baretta with a running knee and gets a near fall. Baretta hits the Dude Buster on Theory and scores the pinfall. After the match, Priscilla Kelly arrives and distracts Beretta. Theory hits a low blow on Baretta and then the TKO.
Winner: Trent Baretta, by pinfall.

- "WWN World Championship Match": Matt Riddle (c) vs. Keith Lee: The match closes out with Riddle getting a near fall PK. Lee comes back with a Spirit Bomb and gets a near fall. Riddle unloads, but Lee returns with forearms. Riddle hits Bro 2 Sleep, but Lee comes back with more forearms. Lee hits a rolling elbow, but Riddle comes back and both men unload on each other some more. Riddle connects with a knee on Lee. Lee lands a huge head butt and both men hit the mat. Riddle falls on top of Lee during the collapse and gets the pinfall to retain his title.
Winner: Matt Riddle, by pinfall, to retain the WWN World Championship.

- Ethan Page arrives and calls this title match a joke and then attacks Riddle and Lee while they're down. Stokely Hathaway and Tracy Williams arrive and congratulate Riddle on his title defense. Williams informs Riddle that he's the new #1 Contender to the title and then holds Riddle up so Hathaway can slap him. The 3 on 2 attack continues until Riddle and Page finally get back to their feet and chase everyone off to end the show.

- Matt Riddle Possibly Leaving EVOLVE Wrestling: WWN and EVOLVE announced this past week that Matt Riddle will not be appearing at EVOLVE 88 or EVOLVE 89 in July. WWN have agreed to let Riddle out of his future bookings so he can pursue another opportunity. Rumors have begun circulating that Riddle might be signing with the WWE. No official announcement has yet to be made by Riddle or the WWE at this time.

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