Monday, July 4, 2016

Tribe Talk 7.4.16: Dear Indians, This Is Your Moment #Indians

By Alex Hale, @ThatCLESportGuy

To the Cleveland Indians Roster,

I’m going to try to not be negative, but there’s something that bothers me about this team that I want to clear the air with.

First off, let me congratulate you over your amazing winning streak that set a new Franchise best.  You should be extremely proud of that.  While unfortunately it had to come to an end in the last two games against Toronto, this city is ready to once again get behind the Tribe.  You guys have only experienced this a few times and as a diehard Indians fan, I wish you could truly experience the atmosphere of Progressive Field when it’s always sold out like I remember back in the mid-late 1990s.  You’ve accomplished quite a few things here in Cleveland and have proven to be a team that is extremely talented, but obviously something is missing.  Over the past few years that you’ve been a part of this franchise, there is one thing that you guys have never been able to accomplish. 


Consistently over the past few years you find new ways to let the fans down who you got all hyped up in the success you had leading up to that game.  I’m not going to be afraid to call you or your manager out on this.  Nobody in this city realizes it, but tomorrow will tell me once and for all if I would even consider yourselves an actual contender.  Think about it, in 2013 you finished 1GB of the Tigers for the Division crown because every time the Tigers would come to Cleveland, you would play like crap and lose a crucial game.  Even think back to the 2013 Wild Card Game, in front of a jam packed Progressive Field you found a way to blow all the momentum from your 10 game winning streak.  In front of Home Opener crowds you’ve never found a way to win in front of them.  I must ask the question, “Are you scared of big crowds at home?”.  I don’t mean to sound like a jerk, but somebody in this city needs to have the balls to tell you what your manager won’t tell you.  Understand this Cleveland fan who wants to see you succeed loves his Cleveland Indians over every other Cleveland sports franchise in this city.  That’s quite the statement for a younger fan like myself.  You guys don’t understand how badly I want to see that stadium to be jam packed every night so that my friends, who ask me about those days could experience it.  I was there when Albert Belle hit the Grand Slam of Lee Smith on July 18th, 1995.  I was there later that year when Belle hit his 50th HR and then the Indians win their 100th game in 1995.  I was there in centerfield when Kenny Lofton robbed BJ Surhoff of a HR.  I was even there when Jim Thome hit that 511ft HR to center field that flew out of the entire stadium.  You guys cannot understand what Cleveland is like when the Indians are a contender.  With it being in the summer, Jacobs Field (I’m sorry I must refer to it with that name for this part) was the hottest ticket in this city.  Nobody really cared about what else was going on in this city, we just wanted to be at The Jake to watch the Indians.  But none of this will ever happen again until you show the fans you can win in front of them.  Fans are starting to figure it out and even some media people are adding the pieces together.

You want more people to come to your games?  Then I urge all of you to grow a set of balls, appreciate the fact the city of Cleveland, after winning an NBA Championship is now starting to turn to the Tribe as another potential Championship contender and WIN.  You want some fire for the game tomorrow?  Remember all those big time losses to the Tigers in years past?  It felt like you guys weren’t even the home team with all those Tigers fans cheering, didn’t it?  Well do myself and everyone in this city a favor…SHUT THEM UP.

I love my Indians, but I cannot idly stand by and not voice my biggest gripe with you guys for the past 3 years.  As much as I respect and appreciate everyone in the organization who is trying to tell people to come out to the ballpark, it doesn’t help them that every time the fans show up, you disappoint us.  You may not be the 1995-1999 Indians, but you have a great opportunity to make your own mark to this great city and its fans.  To Jason Kipnis and all the other Indians players who went to Cavs playoff games…if you can prove to the fans that you guys can win in front of us, can you imagine how rockin’ The Jake would be for you guys?  I can imagine it myself.  I’ve never been to an Indians playoff game, but its been on my bucket list as a sports fan.  I’d love to see this team surpass all expectations and win the division, maybe win the pennant and who knows…maybe a World Series might be in your future.

The time of losing in front of the Cleveland fans is OVER.  I can tell you that all you want, but its up to you guys to show the fans that it is over.  Today against Detroit…this is MUST WIN.  Turn Progressive Field back into The Jake and experience what you’ve only heard of.


A Diehard Cleveland Indians fan

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