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Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, 2.9.16: #RAW Recap

By @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE, is back with the RAW Recap Edition. 

This week's RAW was live in Seattle, Washington. The biggest story that broke for tonight's RAW was the Daniel Bryan retirement announcement. Daniel Bryan tweeted out on Monday morning that he was headed to RAW, to officially announce his retirement from the WWE. The Miz returned with Miz TV, with special guest, Chris Jericho. Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Brock Lesnar met face to face inside the ring tonight, as they all signed their contracts for the #1 Contenders, Triple Threat Match at WWE Fastlane. WWE World Heavyweight Champion and COO, Triple H, was present for the show and the contract signing.

*** RAW ***

- RAW opened with a highlight video dedicated to Daniel Bryan, who later tonight will announce his retirement.

- #1 Contenders, Triple Threat Match Contract Signing: Stephanie McMahon is in the ring with the contract and is immediately interrupted with an arena chant of "Daniel Bryan". Stephanie calls the Seattle fans confused, because the winner of the Triple Threat Match faces Triple H, not Daniel Bryan. Stephanie hypes up WWE Fastlane and then gets interrupted by Dean Ambrose. Ambrose wants to get the signing over with so he can whoop Brock Lesnar's big ass. Stephanie reminds us that she's the boss and there will be no physicality in this signing. Roman Reigns interrupts next and heads to the ring. Stephanie tells Ambrose that she notices how Reigns always tries to steal the spotlight. Brock Lesnar is introduced next and out comes The Beast. Stephanie cuts Paul Heyman off from his introduction and tells Ambrose to sign the contract. Ambrose, Reigns and Lesnar all sign, Stephanie says business is done and leaves the ring. The fans start the "Suplex City" chant as Lesnar smirks and looks at Reigns and Ambrose. Ambrose goes nose to nose with Lesnar and gets tossed over the contract signing table. Lesnar throws the table at Reigns and stalks Ambrose. Lesnar hits an F-5 on Ambrose and leaves with Heyman. WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Triple H, arrives and stands on the RAW stage with Stephanie. Lesnar and Triple H have a stare down to end the segment.

- Twitter is lit up tonight with various stars tweeting about Daniel Bryan's retirement.

- Backstage, Dean Ambrose promises revenge on Brock Lesnar before the night's over.

- Kevin Owens vs. Dolph Ziggler: The match closes out with, Ziggler hitting a DDT and a Fameasser on Owens, from the apron down to the floor. Both men make it back in by a 9 count and Owens misses an attempted cannonball. Ziggler rolls Owens up, cheats by using the ropes for leverage and scores the pinfall. After the match, Owens throws a fit, tears up the announcers table and tosses the steel steps.
Winner: Dolph Ziggler, by pinfall.

- Backstage, The Dudley Boys confront The Usos and state that if anyone is facing The New Day in a Tables Match tonight, it should be them. The Usos tell the Dudleys to get a triple threat match approved and they can join them.

- Charlotte vs. Alicia Fox: More "Daniel Bryan" chants as Alicia Fox's partner in crime and DB's wife, Brie Bella, isn't with her tonight. Charlotte laughs and mocks the fans. The match closes out with, Charlotte in control with a slam and a head scissors take down on Alicia. Alicia fights back and lands a back breaker on the Divas Champion and a near fall roll up. Charlotte regains control, hits the spear on Alicia and picks up the Figure Eight tap out victory.
Winner: Charlotte, by submission.

- Backstage, The Miz prepares for Miz TV.

- Its announced that tonight's Table Match will now be an Eight Man Table Match. The Dudleys and The Usos vs. The New Day and a mystery partner.

- Miz TV With Special Guest, Chris Jericho: Miz says he's not happy with how AJ Styles attacked him last week, Miz could've done huge things for Styles like he did for Daniel Bryan, but Styles attacked him. Chris Jericho's music hits and he interrupts Miz. Jericho says the fans don't want to see Miz TV they want the Highlight Reel. Miz TV starts getting disassembled and the Highlight Reel gets set up as Miz can't do a thing about it. Miz says this is his show and Jericho can't do this. Jericho mocks Miz and his loss to Styles on Smackdown. Miz demands respect cause he's a moneymaker and had a deal with Steven Spielberg that fell through. Jericho switches back to AJ Styles and wonders if AJ could beat him again. AJ's music hits and out comes the phenomenal one. Miz attacks Jericho from behind as AJ hits the ring and helps Jericho. AJ and Jericho toss Miz to the floor and go face to face. Jericho slaps AJ's finger out of his face and begins brawling with AJ. Jericho escapes the ring and stares down AJ from the ramp to end the segment.

- Backstage, Dean Ambrose is still pacing and pissed off at Brock Lesnar.

- Bray Wyatt vs. Ryback: The match closes out with, Ryback dodging a Bray charge, forcing Bray to hit the turn buckle. Ryback hits a series of running knee lifts, a series of shoulder thrusts and hits a cross body on Bray. Ryback hits Bray with a spine buster for a near fall. Ryback goes for the Meat Hook, but Bray counters, hits Sister Abigail and scores the pinfall. After the match, Ryback takes a beat down from The Wyatt Family. Rowan lands a full nelson bomb, then shoves Ryback into a Harper Lariat. Braun kicks Ryback to the floor, as Bray gives orders to punish Ryback. Braun sends Ryback into the apron, then the steel steps. Bray takes Ryback and hits Sister Abigail on the floor. The Wyatts pose and Bray promises that the violence has just begun.
Winner: Bray Wyatt, by pinfall.

- Backstage, The New Day are polishing a table and give no clue on who their mystery partner is.

- Backstage, Dean Ambrose is still fuming to Roman Reigns about Brock Lesnar. Ambrose doesn't care how many F-5's he gets, he's getting a piece of Lesnar tonight. Ambrose says he doesn't need Reigns help tonight and Reigns asks Ambrose if he's still mad about his "accidents" on Smackdown. Ambrose says tonight it's about him and Lesnar. Reigns finally agrees and tells Ambrose to at least save him some of Lesnar.

- Titus O'Neil vs. Adam Rose: The match closes out with, Titus hitting a couple back breakers on Rose and tosses Rose across the ring. The Social Outcasts pull Rose out to the floor, but Titus plows them over and throws Rose back in the ring. Titus knocks Slater off the apron, which allows Rose to roll Titus up for the pinfall. After the match, Rose catches a big Titus clothesline.
Winner: Adam Rose, by pinfall.

- Dean Ambrose Promo: Ambrose comes out to the ring and begins taunting Brock Lesnar, calling the F-5 a weak move. Ambrose says Lesnar can't kill him, keep him down or get the job done. Ambrose dares Lesnar to come out and says maybe Triple H was right, "Suplex City" is going soft. Ambrose continues to taunt Lesnar, stating that Paul Heyman holds Lesnar's balls. Lesnar's music hits and out comes the beast. Ambrose goes right at Lesnar and the brawl begins. Lesnar unloads a fury of knees, tosses Ambrose into the barricade and hits a series of clotheslines on Ambrose. Ambrose crawls over to Lesnar, gets scooped up and dropped with an F-5. Lesnar leaves, but Ambrose is back up and taunting Lesnar to bring more. Lesnar heads to the ring, but Roman Reigns' music hits and Reigns stares down Lesnar. Ambrose low blows Lesnar during the distraction and limps out to Reigns before collapsing on the RAW stage.

- The Lucha Dragons vs. Rusev and Alberto Del Rio: Sin Cara makes his return from his shoulder injury. The match closes out with, Sin Cara drop kicking Rusev and takes Rusev to the floor. Del Rio counters Salida Del Sol from Kalisto and puts Kalisto on the turnbuckles. King Barrett distracts Kalisto, allowing Del Rio to hit an enziguri. Del Rio hits the tree of woe double foot stomp on Kalisto and scores the pinfall.
Winners: Alberto Del Rio and Rusev, by pinfall.

- Earlier in the day, Goldust follows R-Truth to the EMP Museum in Seattle, dressed like Jimi Hendrix. Goldust tries to get Truth's attention, but ends up getting escorted out by security for breaking a guitar.

- Becky Lynch vs. Tamina: Sasha Banks was on commentary. The match closes out with, Tamina taunting Sasha. Sasha gets in Tamina's face, but gets hit from behind by Naomi. Naomi throws Sasha into the steel steps, as Becky makes the save for Sasha. Becky gets back in the ring and eats a Tamina super kick. Tamina covers and scores the pinfall.
Winner: Tamina, by pinfall.

- Backstage, The New Day are talking up Mark Henry about how great he is. Henry puts on a unicorn horn and plays on Woods trombone. Big E and Henry then have a dance off and it appears Henry is the mystery partner.

- "Eight Man Tables Match": The Usos and The Dudley Boys vs. The New Day and Mark Henry: The match closes out with, Devon and an Uso hitting Whazz Up. Kofi misses Trouble In Paradise, dodges a fall through a table, but gets hit with a double Uso Kick. Woods gets in the ring, but also eats a double Uso Kick. Woods gets laid on a table, but Big E stops Jimmy from splashing Woods through it. Big E gets a Uso Kick by Jey and then 3D'ed through a table by The Dudley Boys, for the victory. After the match, The Dudley Boys turn on The Usos. The Dudleys 3D Jimmy through a table and Bubba power bombs Jey through another table. The Dudleys yelled at the knocked out Usos, reminding them they're the baddest tag team in wrestling.
Winners: The Usos and The Dudley Boys.

- Daniel Bryan's Retirement Speech: Bryan takes a moment to take in all the "Yes" chants. Bryan says he'll never forget how the "Yes" chants made him feel. Bryan announces that he suffered three concussions within a six month time frame and has actually had quite a lot in his 16 year career. Bryan says that he was told he could come back, was ready and began training, but he took a test a week ago and learned that maybe his brain isn't quite healed after all. Bryan says he has a family to think about, wants to have kids with his wife, Brie Bella someday and sadly, officially announces his retirement from wrestling. Bryan says he loved his hometown of Seattle, he loved the feeling he got when his intro music hit, he loved flying to the floor like superman, he loved that he started wrestling in a gas station and made it all the way to winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, in the main event at a Wrestlemania, he loved all the great superstars and mentors he's met over the years, he loved the less unfortunate kids like Connor The Crusher and has been grateful each and everyday. Bryan wrestled cause he loved it. Bryan was always grateful to the fans for getting behind him the way they did and made him a star in front of guys like Randy Orton and John Cena. Bryan is grateful that his dad got to see him wrestle one last time before he passed, the night the "Yes Movement" took over the ring. Bryan is grateful for meeting Brie Bella, is grateful to retire in his hometown of Seattle and is grateful that his whole family is at ringside. Bryan says tomorrow begins his new life that doesn't involve wrestling. Bryan asks for one more "Yes" chant. The crowd erupts in "Yes" chants as Bryan kisses Brie and hugs his mom and sister at ringside to end the show.

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