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Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, 2.23.16: #RAW Recap

By Brandon Albright, @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE, is back with the RAW Recap Edition. 

This week's RAW was live in Detroit, Michigan. We're one day removed from WWE Fastlane on the road to Wrestlemania 32 and we now know that Roman Reigns will face Triple H for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in the main event. Before RAW even went on the air, a video captured earlier in the day showed Brock Lesnar attacking Dean Ambrose in the parking lot and Ambrose being taken to the hospital. This week's RAW featured the return of a McMahon icon. More Wrestlemania matches announced. Chris Jericho and AJ Styles team up. Charlotte throws down an offer from The Authority, involving Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch. New #1 Contender, Roman Reigns battles Sheamus in the main event.

*** RAW ***

- RAW kicked off with a update on the Brock Lesnar attack on Dean Ambrose in the parking lot earlier.

- Vincent J. McMahon Legacy of Excellence Award Ceremony: Vince McMahon presents the very first award, named after his father, to Stephanie McMahon. Stephanie comes to the ring in tears as Vince praises his daughter. Stephanie goes to make a speech when suddenly.........HERE COMES THE MONNNEEEYYYY....HERE COMES THE MONEY! The prodigal son, Shane McMahon, returns and heads to the ring. Shane takes the microphone, calls the award a great idea, but giving it to Stephanie is a joke. Shane mentions all the faults that have taken down the WWE since Triple H and Stephanie took over and brings up an interesting secret that Stephanie didn't know. Shane left the WWE six years ago, but cut a deal with Vince and never lost his place in line, making him the next owner of the WWE when Vince steps down, not Stephanie. Stephanie asks if this is true, but Vince tries to avoid the subject.
Vince wants to have a word with Shane and tells Stephanie they'll talk about it later. Stephanie leaves telling Shane she'll never forgive him for this. Vince demands Shane to tell him what this is all about. Shane says he's disgusted with the WWE, mentions all the issues and how he wants it to be fixed so the 7th generation of McMahon's can enjoy it one day. Shane wants full control of the WWE. Vince laughs and says the WWE has changed and Shane just can't step right in. Vince agrees to give Shane a shot at what he wants, but he has to win the right to own the WWE. Shane McMahon will face The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 32 in a Hell In A Cell Match. Shane looks shocked, but accepts the challenge.

- "Six Man Tag Team Match": The New Day vs. The Lucha Dragons and Neville: The match closes out with, Neville getting tossed to the floor by Woods. Neville kicks Woods in the face, dodges a Big E charge and hits Big E with a 450 Splash off the apron to the floor. Kalisto leap frogs over Neville and hits a splash on Woods. Sin Cara and Kofi trade shots in the ring and Kofi tries to pull off Sin Cara's mask. Sin Cara adjusted his mask and catches Trouble In Paradise by Kofi, giving New Day the pinfall victory.
Winners: The New Day, by pinfall.

- Backstage, Roman Reigns has no update on Dean Ambrose, but guarantees they'll be no more Authority tricks at Wrestlemania when he finally faces Triple H.

- Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman Promo: Heyman talks about WWE Fastlane, Lesnar got his revenge on Dean Ambrose and feels Lesnar should be main eventing Wrestlemania. Heyman mocks Triple H and Roman Reigns and issues a warning to the next person that wants to step up to the beast, cause an F-5 is about to rip apart the locker room. An ambulance is suddenly spotted pulling into the arena and drives up to the RAW stage inside. Dean Ambrose gets out of the ambulance and stumbles and crawls to the ring. Ambrose crawls all the way up to Lesnar, as Lesnar and Heyman look down at the lunatic. Lesnar pushes Ambrose to the side with a boot to the face and leaves the ring. Lesnar and Heyman get to the RAW stage when Ambrose screams for Lesnar in a microphone. Ambrose tells Lesnar to kiss his ass and he wants a Street Fight against Lesnar at Wrestlemania. Lesnar heads back to the ring and drops Ambrose with an F-5. Heyman then accepts Ambrose's challenge.

- The Usos vs. The Ascension: The Dudley Boys arrive and eye The Usos from the RAW stage. The match closes out with, Jey hot tagging and unloading on Viktor. Jey hits a samoan drop and a Rikishi Splash on Viktor. Konnar comes in, but gets dropped by The Usos. The Usos hit double Uso Kicks on Viktor and Jey goes to the top rope. Jey stares down the Dudleys, hits the Uso Splash on Viktor and scores the pinfall. After the match, The Dudleys trash talk The Usos, but don't make a move.
Winners: The Usos, by pinfall.

- Jim Harbaugh, the evil coach from the Team Up North is spotted in the crowd.

- Chris Jericho Promo: Jericho talks about AJ Styles and how he hated him at first for calling himself phenomenal. Jericho calls out AJ cause he has something to say. AJ arrives and meets with Jericho. Jericho gives props to AJ, congratulates AJ for proving Jericho wrong, AJ proved he could be a WWE World Heavyweight Champion one day and proved that he is phenomenal. Jericho and AJ shake hands as the Social Outcasts interrupt. Curtis Axel says Jericho is only being nice cause AJ made him tap out. Heath Slater calls AJ a coward and demands Jericho and AJ to leave the ring. Jericho calls Slater a ginger jackass and offers a Jericho and AJ team up against the Outcasts.

- Chris Jericho and AJ Styles vs. Heath Slater and Curtis Axel: The match closes out with, Jericho unloading on Axel, hits a springboard dropkick on Slater and a running bulldog on Axel. Axel avoids a Lionsault and takes control. Jericho fights back and applies the Walls of Jericho submission on Axel. Styles springboards in and takes Slater out, as Slater tries to interfere. Styles then springboards to the floor and takes out Slater, Dallas and Rose. Axel, meanwhile, taps out, giving Jericho and AJ the victory.
Winners: AJ Styles and Chris Jericho, by submission.

- Backstage, Stephanie McMahon is still mad about what happened earlier. Triple H says Shane McMahon is a failure so she shouldn't worry. She decides to go tell Roman Reigns the news that they have planned for him.

- Backstage, Stephanie McMahon tells Roman Reigns that he's fighting Sheamus tonight and there might be a possibility that the League of Nations get involved and injure Reigns. Which of course would mean no Wrestlemania 32 match with Triple H.

- Backstage, Goldust apologizes to R-Truth and brings him an "I'm Sorry" cake. Truth wants none of it. Goldust tries to get Truth to team with him again and ends up getting the cake in his face.

- "Six Man Tag Team Match": The Wyatt Family vs. Ryback, Kane and Big Show: The match closes out with, Show going for the choke slam on Harper. Harper counters and applies a sleeper hold on Show. Show breaks free and Kane drops Harper. Kane hits a clothesline, a corner splash, a side slam and a drop kick. Kane knocks Bray and Rowan off the apron and then DDT's Harper. Ryback for some reason jumps off the apron and walks out as Kane watches. Bray blind tags Harper before Kane choke slams Harper. Bray hits Kane from behind and hits Sister Abigail for the pinfall.
Winners: The Wyatt Family, by pinfall.

- Backstage, Ryback says he's done with six man tags, he has nothing left to prove, it's time to grab the brass ring and do what's best for himself.

- Sasha Banks vs. Naomi: The match closes out with, Tamina distracting Sasha, forcing Becky Lynch to hit the ring and takes out Tamina. Sasha locks Naomi in the Banks Statement and forces Naomi to tap out. After the match, WWE Divas Champion, Charlotte arrives with Ric Flair. Charlotte mocks Sasha and Becky's new friendship and announces The Authority has made a Sasha vs. Becky match with the winner facing Charlotte at Wrestlemania 32.
Winner: Sasha Banks, by submission.

- Backstage, Stephanie McMahon tells Vince McMahon that the WWE will go to hell in a hand basket if Stephanie and Triple H have to answer to Shane McMahon. Vince says the odds of Shane beating The Undertaker are astronomical.

- The Godfather is announced as the next inductee into the 2016 WWE Hall of Fame.

- Roman Reigns vs. Sheamus: The League of Nations ends up getting tossed from ringside for their interference in the match. The match closes out with, Sheamus hitting the Irish Curse, but misses the Brogue Kick. Reigns hits the Superman Punch, sending Sheamus to the floor. Reigns goes outside and spears Sheamus on the floor. Reigns wins by countout. After the match, Triple H arrives in street clothes and brawls with Reigns. Triple H lands a knee, Reigns returns by sending Triple H into the barricade. Triple H lands a punch and rolls Reigns into the ring. Reigns hits a Superman Punch on Triple H dropping the champ back to the floor. Reigns charges and clotheslines Triple H into the timekeepers area.
Triple H hits Reigns in the throat with the ring bell, slams Reigns face first into the announcers table repeatedly, busting Reigns open and lands closed fists on the wound repeatedly. WWE Medical check on Reigns as WWE officials pull Triple H away. Triple H talks trash and is able to get back to Reigns. Triple H hits a Pedigree on Reigns right on top of the steel steps. Triple H gives a busted and bloody Reigns a crotch chop and raises the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in the air to end the show.
Winner: Roman Reigns, by countout.

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