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Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, 2.2.16: #RAW Recap

By @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE, is back with the RAW Recap Edition. 

This week's RAW was live in Birmingham, Alabama. "The Beast" Brock Lesnar makes a rare visit, as he prepares for his triple threat match against Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose at WWE Fastlane. Miz TV returns to RAW with special guest, WWE newcomer, AJ Styles. Big Show goes to war with The Wyatt Family. Kevin Owens battled Dolph Ziggler, one on one. Former NXT Alumni, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch went one on one. Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose teamed up to battle The New Day in the main event.

*** RAW ***

- Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman Promo: Heyman starts off by sending a warning to The Wyatt Family. After plotting to take Lesnar out at the Royal Rumble, Lesnar will invoke the 11th Commandment on The Wyatts..."Thou Shalt Not Provoke Brock Lesnar", when he's ready. Heyman says Stephanie McMahon did the smart thing and included Lesnar in the triple threat match. Lesnar will destroy Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose and then move on and take out the billion dollar trophy husband, Triple H at Wrestlemania 32. Dean Ambrose's music hits and out comes Ambrose with the interruption.
Ambrose says being in the ring with a "beast" feels cozy, he's not stupid and he's not scared of Lesnar, he does respect Lesnar and wants the WWE World Heavyweight Championship so bad that he is willing to say that to Lesnar's face and he's willing to fight his brother, Roman Reigns, for it. Ambrose says he's expecting beatings from Reigns and Lesnar, but quotes himself the WWE Iron Man and can take it. Ambrose says he will win, drag his broken body to Wrestlemania 32 and take out Triple H. Ambrose finishes by telling Heyman he came out just to see what all the Brock Lesnar fuss was about, drops the microphone and leaves the ring.

- Rusev vs. Kalisto: The match closes out with, Kalisto sending Rusev to the floor. Rusev catches a Kalisto cross body, but Kalisto counters out and kicks Rusev into the steel steps. Rusev tosses Kalisto over the announcers table, but Kalisto lands on his feet, leaps off the announcers table and hurricanranas Rusev to the floor. Kalisto rolls back into the ring, as Rusev loses by countout. After the match, Alberto Del Rio tries to attack Kalisto, but Kalisto escapes.
Winner: Kalisto, by countout.

- Backstage, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose confront Stephanie McMahon. Stephanie mocks Reigns for losing the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Reigns promises that either he or Ambrose will win at Fastlane and then take out Triple H. Stephanie tries to drive a wedge between Reigns and Ambrose, but her tricks aren't working. Stephanie announces Reigns and Ambrose vs. The New Day, tonight.

- Backstage, Brie Bella mentions her sister Nikki having neck surgery and now she's resting and recovering. Charlotte interrupts and takes credit for taking out Nikki, says she is a real champion while Nikki is at home online shopping.

- The Usos vs. Curtis Axel and Adam Rose: The match closes out with, Rose in control until Jey hot tags Jimmy in. Jimmy cleans house on the Social Outcasts and then both Usos hit double Uso Kicks on Rose. Jey with the Uso Splash and The Usos pick up the pinfall.
Winners: The Usos, by pinfall.

- Miz TV With Special Guest, AJ Styles: Miz mocks AJ and mentions how AJ was told he'd never make it in all of his life accomplishments, Miz talks about AJ's Royal Rumble debut, Miz talks about AJ's match against Chris Jericho last week and Miz takes credit for mentoring Daniel Bryan and being the real brains behind the "Yes Movement". Miz offers his mentor services to AJ so he can help AJ become superior in the WWE. Miz then changes his mind and mocks AJ again, says AJ will drown in the WWE, calls AJ a rookie redneck and would never make it without Miz. AJ finally heard enough as he unloads on Miz and sends Miz into the corner. AJ tosses Miz into a Miz TV chair and unloads some more on Miz until Miz finally escapes and runs for his life.

- WBC Boxing Heavyweight Champion, Deontay Wilder, is shown at ringside.

- Brie Bella vs. Charlotte: The match closes out with, Brie hitting a running knee on Charlotte. Brie goes to the top rope, but gets knocked off by Charlotte. Brie applies a sleeper as Ric Flair gets on the apron. Alicia Fox tries to get Flair off the apron as Charlotte finally escapes the sleeper. Charlotte goes for the Figure Eight submission, but Brie counters and rolls Charlotte up for the pinfall.
Winner: Brie Bella, by pinfall.

- WWE send get well wishes to WWE Hall of Famer, Bret "The Hitman" Hart, as he announced on Twitter that he's battling prostate cancer.

- Big Show vs. Erick Rowan: The match closes out with, Show hitting a corner splash and a shoulder on Rowan. Show knocks Harper and Strowman both off the apron, after they try to distract Show. Show grabs Rowan, hits the choke slam and scores the pinfall. After the match, Show and Strowman go face to face and Strowman beats Show down. Show fights back, but gets attacked by Rowan and Harper. The Wyatts send Show into the steel steps, Harper plants a super kick on Show and then Strowman and Rowan double slam Show on the steel steps.
Winner: Big Show, by pinfall.

- Titus O'Neil vs. Tyler Breeze: The match closes out with, Breeze applying a half crab on Titus. Titus escapes and hits a clothesline on Breeze. Titus unloads on Breeze and then hits Clash Of The Titus for the pinfall.
Winner: Titus O'Neil, by pinfall.

- Backstage, Triple H talks to Brock Lesnar in private. Triple H asks if Suplex City has gone soft for letting Dean Ambrose get away with what he said earlier. Lesnar laughs and says Triple H will find out at Wrestlemania 32. They agree to see each other there.

- Kevin Owens vs. Dolph Ziggler: The match closes out with, Owens hitting a super kick on Ziggler and getting a near fall. Owens stomps on Ziggler and goes to the top rope. Ziggler meets Owens there, but gets head butted off by Owens. Ziggler meets Owens up top a second time, but gets put in a tree of woe. Owens hits the cannonball on Ziggler while in the tree of woe. Owens goes for the pop up power bomb, but Ziggler counters with the Zig Zag and scores the pinfall.
Winner: Dolph Ziggler, by pinfall.

- Mark Henry is honored by WWE for Black History Month.

- Sasha Banks Promo: Sasha says she's back and there'll be no more watching other Divas take her spotlight. That's why she dumped Naomi and Tamina and went solo. She addresses Charlotte and reminds us why Sasha is "The Boss". Naomi and Tamina interrupt and surprisingly are proud of Sasha and offer their friendship and blessings. Becky Lynch breaks up the reunion and is ready to go for her match with Sasha.

- Sasha Banks vs. Becky Lynch: The match closes out with, Becky getting grabbed by Naomi and Tamina on the outside. Sasha says she doesn't need their help and shoves them both off Becky. Naomi and Tamina have words with Sasha and finally beat Sasha down, DQ'ing Becky. After the match, Becky makes the save and helps Sasha clear the ring. Sasha and Becky stand tall to a huge NXT chant from the crowd.
Winner: Sasha Banks, by DQ.

- Backstage, Chris Jericho says all everyone is talking about is AJ Styles, he thinks AJ is here for the long haul and will be watching when AJ faces The Miz on Smackdown.

- Backstage, Goldust continues to try to get R-Truth to tag team with him. Truth says no cause Goldust is a weirdo. Goldust mentions Little Jimmy being imaginary and hurts Truth's feelings.

- The New Day Promo: New Day again take shots at The Rock and promise to beat up another cousin of The Rock, in Roman Reigns, and Reigns' best friend too. New Day dances until Reigns and Ambrose arrive.

- Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose vs. The New Day: The match closes out with, Ambrose getting a near fall elbow, as Kofi stops the pinfall. Ambrose gets tossed to the floor and attacked by Woods. Ambrose hits a clothesline on Woods and Reigns hits a punch from off the steel steps on Kofi. Big E slams Reigns on the announcers table and the match goes back into the ring. Big E clotheslines Ambrose, but Reigns is back in and nails a Superman Punch. Ambrose hits Dirty Deeds and scores the pinfall. After the match, Brock Lesnar's music hits and out comes the beast. The New Day attack and beat down Reigns and Ambrose as Lesnar stops and laughs. Reigns tosses Kofi to the floor, as Lesnar hits the ring and F-5's Ambrose. The New Day lay out Reigns on the floor as Lesnar laughs over Ambrose's body before leaving with Paul Heyman to close out the show.
Winners: Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose, by pinfall.

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