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Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, 2.17.16: TNA Impact Wrestling

By Brandon Albright, @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE, has returned with your TNA Impact Recap Edition.

TNA Impact took place in the United Kingdom for their UK Tour. Eric Young defended the TNA King of the Mountain Championship against James Storm. Mike Bennett battled the United Kingdom's own Mandrews. The Wolves defended the TNA World Tag Team Championship against The Decay in a "Monster's Ball Match". The Dollhouse faced Madison Rayne and Gail Kim in tag team action. Odarg The Great debuts in TNA, but for some reason he looks like the fired Grado in a mask. Main event time saw Ethan Carter team up with Rockstar Spud and battle Matt Hardy and Tyrus.

*** TNA Impact ***

- Backstage, Ethan Carter tells Aunt Dixie that Matt Hardy is a manipulator, EC3 is on a mission to get back the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, will rid TNA of Matt Hardy and tonight he has something personal to take care of. Dixie tells EC3 he'll get a rematch for the title against Hardy next week in "Six Sides of Steel".

- Ethan Carter Promo: EC3 runs down his history in TNA, promises the only man he has his sights set on is Matt Hardy and promises fury and vengeance next week. EC3 tells Tyrus to stop breast feeding the Hardy baby and get his big ass to the ring. Tyrus arrives and tells EC3 he doesn't want any of this, EC3 is lonely now and he would end EC3. EC3 asks Tyrus if he's done talking now and punches Tyrus in the mouth. Tyrus smacks EC3 with the microphone and hits a heart punch. The brawl goes to the floor where EC3 lands a series of punches. Matt Hardy hits the ring and attacks EC3 from behind. Hardy and Tyrus beat down EC3 and Tyrus locks in a cross face submission. Hardy grabs a steel chair, but EC3 is back up and brawls with Hardy to the floor. Hardy and Tyrus escape and tell EC3 to go get a partner and they'll see him later.

- Eric Young and Bram Promo: EY brags about being the TNA King of the Mountain Champion, compares himself to God and challenges anyone in the crowd to fight him. Beer Money's music hits and out come Roode and Storm. Roode says if EY wants a fight, look no further than Beer Money. EY says Roode had his chance and got his ass beat. Storm brings up the fact EY never kicked Storm's ass and challenges EY.

- "TNA King of the Mountain Championship Match": Eric Young (c) vs. James Storm: The match closes out with, EY getting two near falls with a back elbow and a neck breaker. Storm comes back and hits a swinging neck breaker for a near fall of his own. Roode and Bram begin brawling at ringside which disrupts the match, forcing the referee to call for the bell. After the match, Beer Money, EY and Bram continue to brawl through the arena and into the crowd.
Winner: Double DQ, Eric Young retains the TNA King of the Mountain Championship.

- Backstage, Drew Galloway offers to be Ethan Carter's partner tonight even though they've never been the best of friends. EC3 says thanks, but he's doing this alone. Galloway respects EC3 for his decision.

- Mike and Maria Bennett Promo: Maria says she's the first lady of wrestling and intros a man that inspires her and will be the future TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Mike Bennett. Mike Bennett says Kurt Angle is afraid of Bennett's greatness, Drew Galloway has the TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match briefcase, but will fail because he's a failure. Bennett introduces the UK's own Mandrews as his opponent and says it'll take a miracle for Mandrews to win.

- Mike Bennett vs. Mandrews: The match closes out with, Mandrews hitting a tilt-a-whirl DDT, followed by a standing corkscrew splash for a near fall. Mandrews goes to the top rope, but Bennett catches him with the Photo Finish. Bennett hits Miracle In Progress on Mandrews and scores the pinfall. After the match, Bennett continues the beat down on Mandrews until Drew Galloway hits the ring and makes the save.

- The Decay Promo: Abyss says Rosemary will be the prettiest girl at the Monster's Ball tonight. A British man arrives and hits on Rosemary. The gentleman says this has nothing to do with Abyss or Crazy Steve, but he'll see Rosemary soon.

- Backstage, Drew Galloway says Mike Bennett's mouth is getting him in trouble by showing up and being an asshole. Bennett attacks Galloway from behind and tosses Galloway head first into the steel garage door.

- Backstage, Matt Hardy warns Rockstar Spud to stay out of his business and Tyrus won't attack him anymore. Hardy reminds Spud that EC3 isn't a good guy and if anything Spud should know that.

- "TNA World Tag Team Championship, Monster's Ball Match": The Wolves (c) vs. Abyss and Crazy Steve: The match closes out with, Edwards and Richards hitting suicide dives on Abyss, sending him into a barbed wire board on the floor. Steve takes control and goes for a con-chair-toe with steel chairs on Edwards. Rosemary gets in the ring, stops Steve from doing it and offers up Abyss' bag of thumbtacks instead. Steve dumps the thumbtacks over Edwards' head and then goes for the con-chair-toe. Edwards moves and uses "Janice" to shove the chairs away. Edwards blocks a mist spray by Rosemary, Richards kisses Rosemary and spits her mist back in her face. The Wolves hit Steve with Chasing The Dragon on the steel chair to score the pinfall.
Winners: The Wolves, by pinfall, to retain the TNA World Tag Team Championship.

- Backstage, Rockstar Spud says he and Ethan Carter have so much good and bad history together. EC3 tells Spud he looks out for others too much, but offers him the spot to be his tag team partner tonight.

- The Dollhouse vs. Gail Kim and Madison Rayne: The match closes out with, Madison hitting a drop kick on Marti as Rebel tries to attack Gail. Marti rolls up Madison for a near fall. Madison pulls off a roll up of her own on Marti and scores the pinfall. After the match, The Dollhouse attack and beat down Madison and Gail. Velvet Sky hits the ring and hits Stunners on Jade and Marti. The Dollhouse retreats as Velvet challenges them to a Lethal Lockdown Match next week.
Winners: Madison Rayne and Gail Kim, by pinfall.

- Backstage, Mahabali Shera introduces his new masked Indian friend Odarg The Great. Odarg says he'll punch all those that disrespect his people.

- Backstage, Beer Money, Eric Young and Bram are spotted brawling again. Beer Money challenges Eric Young and Bram to a match next week.
- Mahabali Shera and Odarg The Great vs. Eli Drake and Jessie Godderz: The match closes out with, Drake hitting an elbow, a power slam and an elbow drop on Shera for a near fall. Odarg tags in, hits a back body drop, a series of punches and a bionic elbow. Odarg hits a bionic elbow on Godderz and a cannonball on Drake for a near fall. Shera hits Sky High on Godderz, as Drake tries to rip off Odarg's mask. Odarg spits in Drake's face and rolls Drake up for the pinfall.
Winners: Mahabali Shera and Odarg The Great, by pinfall.

- TNA announces that next week's Impact will be the Lockdown pay per view.

- Matt Hardy and Tyrus vs. Ethan Carter and Rockstar Spud: The match closes out with, Tyrus missing a corner splash and Spud hits an Underdog. EC3 and Hardy are in. EC3 hits a jaw breaker, a splash and the TKO on Hardy. EC3 sets Hardy up for the One Percenter, but Tyrus clotheslines EC3. Tyrus and Hardy escape to the floor, but get taken out by a diving EC3. Back in the ring, Hardy hits the Side Effect on EC3 for a near fall. Tyrus is in, but gets low blowed by Spud. Hardy hits the Twist Of Fate on Spud. EC3 hits the One Percenter on Hardy and scores the pinfall.
Winners: Ethan Carter and Rockstar Spud, by pinfall.

- This closes out this weeks Impact.

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