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Ring Of Honor: Final Battle 2015 #ROH #FinalBattle

By @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE, brings you a very special Ring Of Honor pay per view recap. Ring Of Honor: Final Battle took place live at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. All three major ROH titles were on the line and we'd also find out the next #1 Contenders to the ROH World Tag Team Championship and the ROH World Championship. Let's get to the recap.

*** ROH Final Battle Pre-Show ***

- House of Truth Promo: Truth Martini, Donovan Dijack and J. Diesel are in the ring to kick off the show. Truth says he doesn't want to wait for Final Battle to start, he wants a team in the ring right now to face Dijack and Diesel. Two local wrestlers enter the ring. Truth tells A.J. Styles to watch closely and learn what happens when you face the House of Truth.

- Donavon Dijack and J. Diesel defeated the two local wrestlers. After the match, Truth Martini calls A.J. Styles out, but Styles no-shows.

- Cheeseburger defeated Bob Evans.

*** ROH Final Battle 2015 ***

- "#1 Contenders, Triple Threat Match": The Young Bucks vs. The All Night Xpress vs. The Briscoes: The match closes out with The Briscoes hitting a double neck breaker on Kenny King and get a near fall, after Titus breaks up the pinfall. The Briscoes go for the Doomsday Device, but The Young Bucks unload superkicks on everyone. The Bucks hit a super spike Tombstone on Jay Briscoe for a near fall, as Mark Briscoe broke up the pinfall. The Bucks set Mark up for More Bang For Your Buck, but Titus tags himself in and he and King unload on The Briscoes and The Bucks. Titus and King clear the ring and then hit a Super One Night Stand for the pinfall and become the new #1 Contenders to the ROH World Tag Team Championship.

Winners: The All Night Xpress, by pinfall, to become #1 Contenders to the ROH World Tag Team Championship

- Dalton Castle vs. Silas Young (w/The Boys): At the last ROH pay per view, The Boys were forced to be in Young's corner after Young defeated Castle. The match closes out with The Boys getting involved, Castle accidentally hits one of The Boys and Young hits Castle, after the distraction. Young hits Misery on Castle, covers and scores the pinfall. After the match, Young grabs a microphone and orders Castle to tell everyone that Young is the real man. Castle refuses, so Young unloads stomps on Castle. Young grabs a couple steel chairs and hands them to The Boys. Young tells Castle to call him a man or he'll order The Boys to attack him. Castle grabs the microphone and calls Young a man......but he's a foolish man because The Boys will always be Castle's. The Boys attack Young, beat Young down with steel chair shots and join back with Castle.

Winner: Silas Young, by pinfall

- "#1 Contenders Match": Moose (w/Stokely Hathaway) vs. Michael Elgin: The match closes out with Elgin hitting the Elgin Bomb, but Moose kicks out. Elgin looking frustrated, hits a Buckle Bomb on Moose, but Moose charges out of the corner and hits a spear on Elgin for a near fall. Both men lay on the mat, recouping, until Moose is up and climbs to the top rope. Elgin is up and shoves Moose off the top rope. Elgin lifts Moose and hits the Burning Hammer, covers and scores the pinfall, becoming the new #1 Contender to the ROH World Championship. After the match, Moose goes for a handshake, but Elgin pushes past Moose refusing. Elgin comes to his senses, grabs Moose's arm, raises it and then shakes Moose's hand.

Winner: Michael Elgin, by pinfall, to become #1 Contender to the ROH World Championship

- "Grudge Match": Kyle O’Reilly vs. Adam Cole: The match closes out with O'Reilly working on Cole's shoulder and unloading a series of kicks. O'Reilly locks on a shoulder submission on Cole, but Cole reaches the ropes to break the submission. Cole sends O'Reilly into the corner and then to the mat. Cole has O'Reilly covered and uses the ropes for leverage to score the pinfall. After the match, O'Reilly is furious that the referee missed Cole cheating. O'Reilly attacks Cole and locks him in a shoulder wrench submission. Cole is in serious pain and starts tapping out, but O'Reilly cinches the submission in tighter. ROH officials hit the ring and try to help Cole, but O'Reilly cinches the submission in even tighter. ROH officials finally pull O'Reilly off Cole and force him out of the ring.

Winner: Adam Cole, by pinfall

- "Six Man Tag Team Match": ACH, Matt Sydal and Alex Shelley vs. The Addiction and Chris Sabin: The match closes out with Shelley getting the hot tag and unloads on Kaz and Daniels. ACH is back in, but gets hit with the Kaz Cutter and Au Revoir for a near fall. Matt Sydal goes to the top rope and goes for the Shooting Star Press, but catches knees on the landing. Sydal is back up and planted with a slingshot DDT. Shelley hits a reverse STO on Kaz, but Daniels is back in and hits Shelley with his own STO. ACH tosses Daniels to the floor and then hits suicide Air Jordan out to the floor onto Daniels and Sabin. ACH is back in the ring and hits Midnight Star. Sydal goes to the top rope, hits the Shooting Star Press and scores the pinfall.

Winners: ACH, Matt Sydal and Alex Shelley, by pinfall

- "ROH Television Championship Match": Roderick Strong (c) vs. Bobby Fish: The match closes out with Fish hitting Strong with a spinning wheel kick. Both men go to the top rope and trade blows. Fish hooks Strong and lands a Super Falcon Arrow off the top rope for a near fall. Strong is up and lands blows to Fish. Fish catches Strong in a knee bar and then locks in the Fish Lock submission. Strong can't fight the pain any longer and taps out, however, the referee somehow misses the tap out and doesn't call for the bell. Fish releases the submission, thinking he's won cause he seen and heard Strong tap out. The referee tries to tell Fish he never seen the tap out and the match is still in play. Strong is back up, charges, hits the running knee on Fish, covers and scores the pinfall. Strong retains the ROH Television Championship.

Winner: Roderick Strong, by pinfall, to retain the ROH Television Champion

- Veda Scott and Cedric Alexander Promo: Veda says they weren't invited to Final Battle, but didn't want to miss the show. Veda talked about litigation and working conditions, claimed to have negotiation skills and promises a lot of Cedric and Veda in 2016.

- "ROH World Tag Team Championship Match": The Kingdom (c) (w/Maria Kanellis) vs. War Machine: The announcers let it be known that Michael Bennett is wrestling with a cracked rib. The Kingdom try to get the upper hand quick and attack War Machine with the tag titles. The match closes out with, the fight going out to the floor. Rowe knocks Taven down and then power bombs Bennett into the barricade, aiming for the cracked rib. Bennett laid helpless with his rib injury as Rowe tossed Taven back into the ring. War Machine hits Fallout on Taven and score the pinfall, becoming the new ROH World Tag Team Champions.

Winners: War Machine, by pinfall, to win the ROH World Tag Team Championship

- "ROH World Heavyweight Championship Match": Jay Lethal (c) (w/Truth Martini and Taeler Hendrix) vs. A.J. Styles: Martini gets involved early by distracting Styles and allowing Lethal to take control of the match. The match closes out with, Lethal applying the Koji Clutch submission, but Styles escapes with a Calf Killer. Lethal hits the Lethal Injection, but Styles comes back with the Pele Kick. Styles hits Bloody Sunday on Lethal, but Lethal rebounds back and tosses Styles to the outside, where Styles goes through a table. Styles just beats the countout and gets back in the ring where Lethal hits the Lethal Injection. Lethal covers, but Styles kicks out. Lethal and Styles are up and Styles goes for the Styles Clash. Lethal counters out and hits a cradle piledriver on Styles. Lethal measures up Styles and hits one last Lethal Injection, covers and scores the pinfall, to retain the ROH World Heavyweight Championship, to close out the show.

Winner: Jay Lethal, by pinfall, to retain the ROH World Heavyweight Championship

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