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Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, 12.1.15: RAW Recap #RAW

By @B_Rock1978

What's up gang, welcome back to Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE. All my moving is complete, I'm back from a week off of recapping and I'm now officially residing in Newton, North Carolina. But that's not why you came here. You came here for last night's RAW recap.....right? That's right, so let's get the show on the road shall we? Last night's RAW took place live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, as WWE moved closer to WWE Tables, Ladders and Chairs in just a few short weeks.

What would The Authority and their new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Sheamus, throw at #1 contender, Roman Reigns, tonight? The Dudley Boys look to even things up with The Wyatt Family as they laid down a challenge. Rusev and Lana make their first public appearance together since announcing their engagement, on Miz TV. Is Charlotte turning into her father, by becoming the female version of the dirtiest player in the game?

- The New Day and Sheamus Promo: RAW kicks off with WWE World Tag Team Champions, The New Day. We get confetti falling from the rafters as New Day plan a celebration. Big E takes a minute to wipe his brow, blow his nose and threatens to shove a Steelers Terrible Towel down his pants. New Day next introduce WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Sheamus, who arrives in suit and tie attire. Sheamus gives props to New Day and thanks The Authority. Sheamus takes a moment to also thank Roman Reigns and mocks Reigns' 5 minute and 15 second title reign.
New Day and Sheamus dance and pose, with Sheamus stating we can forget Austin 3:16, cause Sheamus 5:15 just whooped your ass. Roman Reigns appears out of nowhere and knocks out Sheamus with a Superman Punch. Reigns takes the WWE World Title hostage and poses on the RAW stage with it.

- Backstage, Roman Reigns still has the WWE World Title and is hanging out with Dean Ambrose and The Usos. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon appear and order Reigns to hand it over. Reigns gives it to Stephanie, but promises he's winning it back in two weeks. Triple H announces that Sheamus will defend it against Reigns tonight, but Reigns has to beat Sheamus in 5:15 or less.

- Dolph Ziggler defeated Tyler Breeze, by pinfall: Breeze counters the Fameasser and plants a kick to Ziggler's head for a near fall. Breeze targets Ziggler's shoulder and gets another near fall, after dropping Ziggler on his shoulder. Ziggler counters the Kill Switch and gets a near fall back slide on Breeze. Both men pull off counters and near falls until Ziggler hits the super kick on Breeze and scores the pinfall. Summer Rae checks on Breeze as Ziggler celebrates on the RAW stage.

- Miz TV: With Special Guests Rusev and Lana: Miz mentions Rusev being injured and was unable to compete in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship tournament. The fans chant USA and chant for Lana, irritating Rusev. Rusev tells the fans to shut up and Lana is his. Rusev says no one sent him get well wishes, but Lana nursed him back to health. Lana finally arrives and says their engagement was the happiest day of her life, she and Rusev fought hard but loved each other harder, she never went all the way with Dolph Ziggler and her heart belongs to Rusev. Rusev states that he never went all the way with Summer Rae either. Rusev says he's going to break spirits and bodies in the ring, but his heart is Lana's outside the ring. Ryback interrupts as we get Ryback vs. Rusev next.

- Ryback defeated Rusev, by countout: Rusev and Ryback brawl on the floor, where Ryback sends Rusev into the barricade. Ryback next sends Rusev into the steel steps, which knocks Lana over. Rusev stops to check on Lana and ends up getting counted out. After the match, Rusev blames Ryback for what happened to Lana, as he helps her back to her feet.

- Backstage, Triple H congratulates Dean Ambrose on being the #1 contender to the WWE Intercontinental Championship. Triple H, however, states that if Roman Reigns doesn't beat Sheamus in 5:15 or less than Ambrose loses his I-C Title shot. 

- The Dudley Boys Promo: The Dudley Boys are in the ring and target the Wyatt Family. Bubba says the Wyatt Family failed to take out the Dudleys cause the Dudleys are still standing. The Dudleys reveal four tables all with the Wyatt's names on them. The Dudleys dare the Wyatts to come out. The lights go out and pop back on with the Wyatt Family on the RAW stage. Bray says the Dudleys should be careful inviting the devil out to their backyard. The lights go out and pop back on again and now Rowan, Harper and Strowman are at ringside. The Dudleys state that they have their own family here to help as ECW icon, Tommy Dreamer, arrives with a garbage can full of weapons. Dreamer and The Dudleys unload and chase off the Wyatts.

- The Dudley Boys and Tommy Dreamer vs. The Wyatt Family Went To A No Contest: The Authority announced this match right after the promo broke down into a fight. Bubba hot tags in and unloads on Harper. Rowan stops a pinfall attempt, which causes a six man brawl to errupt and forcing the referee to end the match. After the match, The Dudleys get laid out and Dreamer gets choked out by Strowman. Bray gives orders to his family to bring in the tables. The Dudleys are back up and send Bray off the apron and through a table at ringside. The Dudleys and Dreamer escape as The Wyatts throw a fit at ringside.

- Alberto Del Rio defeated Goldust, by pinfall: Goldust hits a power slam and a spine buster on Del Rio for two near falls. Goldust gets trapped in the corner and kicked in the back by Del Rio. Goldust is in the tree of woe and gets hit with the Del Rio top rope stomp. Del Rio covers and scores the pinfall. After the match, Jack Swagger hits the ring, chases off Del Rio and has a stare down with the WWE United States Champion. 

- Backstage, Becky Lynch asks Charlotte for a fun one on one non-title match, to show the world that there's more then just Paige. Charlotte agrees and mentions her dad, Ric Flair, being in town. Flair appears and lets out a wooooooooo to end the segment.

- The Lucha Dragons vs. The Usos Went To A No Contest: The Dragons and Usos all take turns hitting suicide dives on each other, until taking the action back into the ring. The New Day hit the ring and attack both teams causing the referee to throw out the match. The New Day escape out to the RAW stage and brag that no one won the match so they have no #1 contenders to the WWE World Tag Team Championship, so they're taking WWE Tables Ladders and Chairs off.

- Backstage, Stephanie McMahon announces a triple threat match for the WWE World Tag Team Championship at WWE Tables Ladders and Chairs with The Lucha Dragons vs. The Usos vs. The New Day. Roman Reigns, however, has to defeat Sheamus in 5:15 or less in order for The Usos to be allowed in the match.

- Sasha Banks defeated Brie Bella, by submission: Brie Bella unloads Yes Kicks on Sasha, as Naomi jumps up on the apron. Tamina jumps up on the opposite apron and distracts Brie. Sasha takes advantage of the distraction and locks Brie in the Bank Statement for the tap out victory.

- Backstage, The Usos and Dean Ambrose hype up Roman Reigns with a pep talk, so Reigns can win and allow the Usos and Ambrose to keep their matches.

- Roman Reigns defeated Sheamus, by DQ, in under 5:15. Sheamus retains the WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Reigns sends Sheamus into the outside ringpost and finally gets Sheamus back into the ring, with under a minute to go. Reigns goes for the spear, but Rusev pulls Reigns to the floor, causing the DQ. After the match, King Barrett and Alberto Del Rio help Sheamus escape as Sheamus announces he, Barrett, Del Rio and Rusev are all now a faction called the League of Nations. The Usos and Dean Ambrose hit the ring to back Reigns up, as Reigns knocks Sheamus off the apron.

- Charlotte defeated Becky Lynch, by pinfall: Paige was on commentary for this match. Team BAD was backstage watching this match. Charlotte comes down on her ankle and it appeared that she rolled it. Becky stops as Charlotte appears to be badly injured. Ric Flair jumps up on the apron and starts talking to Becky. Charlotte pops up, playing opossum, rolls Becky up and scores the pinfall. After the match, Charlotte and Ric Flair celebrate on the RAW stage as Becky looks on shocked at what Charlotte just did to her.

- Backstage, Becky Lynch accuses Charlotte of cheating. Charlotte says she didn't cheat, that was her way of forcing Becky to step up her game and called it tough love. Charlotte walks off as Paige appears and tells Becky she's sorry for her loss.

- Backstage, Adam Rose has a segment called the Rosebush. Rose talks about Summer Rae, Dolph Ziggler, Rusev and Lana.

- Backstage, Stardust asks The Ascension to rise, but Titus O'Neil appears instead in a Santa hat. Titus chases off Stardust and barks.

- Sheamus, King Barrett, Alberto Del Rio, Rusev and The New Day defeated Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and The Usos, by pinfall, In A 7-On-4 Match: Ambrose lands an elbow drop on Sheamus for a near fall. Jimmy hits a super kick on Rusev. Del Rio hits a super kick on Jimmy. Reigns hits the Superman Punch on Del Rio and follows with another Superman Punch to Big E. Sheamus nails the Brogue Kick on Ambrose, covers and scores the pinfall. After the match, Rusev attacks Ambrose, but Reigns makes the save. Reigns gets attacked and dropped with a Sheamus Brogue Kick. The New Day pose and Sheamus is lifted up onto the League of Nations shoulders to celebrate to close out RAW.

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